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A Drastic Measure?

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by Born
I just find it strange that multiple people are saying that Bob Hope

Bob Hope?

This is what you want to teach people? That bob hope is a mind control agent who makes sex slaves for the illuminati-nwo conspirators?

I mean why would multiple people be claiming something that sounds so absolutely absurd if it weren't true?

Bob Hope is a well known guy. Why should it be surprising at all that people say stuff about him? Paranoid people know all about conspiracies. One starts it, then others follow thru and repeat it. Thats the 'epidemiology' of most of these 'odd' events. Sightings/reports start with one or a few people, and then escalate to large numbers.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:56 PM

I'm glad this person changed their tune. Violence and killing are never the answer to anything, and in fact that's exactly what Satan wants.

He never even mentioned that. People just made an assumption based on the topic title.

Well what do we know for sure about the NWO. I think a few things are for certain about the NWO IF THERE IS ONE and they are:

For someone who doesn't even believe in the NWO you seem to have quite strong beliefs about them. I think the last tow are the only ones we can be certain of and so it's what we should be focusing on when educating the young.

The world would not be bickering about the stupidest things like religion, their countries boundaries, or genocide if there was a world order.

Yes and I think there wouldn't be people worrying about watching some award show or which celecbrity is marrying who if there really were terrorist conspiring to destroy government buildings.
Wake up and realise that people care about unimportant things not because that's as big as it gets but because we are very petty people. There is a plan for a New World Order, I believe it is forming and sure it is no conspiracy theory.

People wouldn't be claiming to have been given multiple personalities by elitists who have a globalist agenda if there wasn't an NWO. How do you explain that?

Because those elitists are very sick. It doesn't prove the existence of the NWO, only the existence of sick, twisted people. Though if they back the NWO then it does show how it isn't a good agenda at all.

Whats wrong with globalism?

I have nothing wrong with it as long as it's done by people who have our best interest at heart, which I doubt. Good or bad, people need to be made aware the globalist agenda of the NWO.

So why not forget the older ones that have already been brainwashed and focus on opening the eyes of the youthful from a very young age? What do you think?

If you're serious about making them more aware I suggest you slowly reveal the truth on youth oriented websites. You could allow them to build a facination for it like aliens or ghosts. It may cause them to want to research it more.

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