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Iran is indeed not Iraq - And arrogance has always led to the fall of the greatest empires...

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by WestPoint23
Part of the objective in Iraq was to save lives, the 120.000 figure you have is false and inflated. Also most of the killing of the Iraqi civilians are done by your government sending in Insurgents with car bombs and blowing them up in form of Mosques. And If the Insurgents will be cowards and fight from schools and mosques then we have no choice but to attack back.
Also Iran is being over flown by U.S. drones and Fighters all the time, do you remember a while back when all of those “U.F.O.” sighting were occurring in Iran. You really think they were little green men? I guarantee you they were U.S. UAV’s and you government couldn't even shoot those down

Oh I forgot to address your last line: Are you serious? Do you really think that your drones are a challenge for Iran to shoot down
That's ridiculous. Iran is smart enough not to do anything since the U.S. is trying to test its air defenses and radar. This way Iran is not serving any such information to the U.S. which the U.S. could in turn hand their zionist masters who would then use it against Iran.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:31 PM

Originally posted by CGBSpender
Siroos, you a brit or an astralian?, anyway point #1 USA is far from 'imperialist' this sounds like that ward churchill crap, "hey, little eichmans"
the 'oil' from Iraq america actually pays for. how is that 'imperialist'. Anyway you dont know what your talking about have you ever step foot in the U.S. little eichman? we are definately better off than brits who have banned guns and whored themselves to criminals. now who's government is ran by criminals? The fact is you don't like bush,and you dont like americans because they put him back into office. As i recall was it not the 'imperialist' brits that had colonies all over the world.hypocrites.
Why are you so worried about what america is doing your safe and sound and get to lay around and have faggy little tea parties. I hope the IRA finally takes care of you brit bastards.

And the point behind that idiotic post was.....

"we are definately better off than brits who have banned guns" - So your better off because guns are legal. And how may I ask are you better off? Because you can walk down the street in fear of being shot?

"Why are you so worried about what america is doing your safe" We're safe? What about the hundred of thousand of innocent Iraqi citizens? Are they safe? No because this power hungry country wants to dry them of everything they are worth (excuse the pun).

I think you need to think before you speak CGBSpender or better off just don't speak at all.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:38 PM
No need to get hysterical, but the truth is that your scumbags of leaders who send you guys out to fight their wars are lying to you when they tell you that you're "fighting for freedom" - You're fighting for Israel and for the zionist rulers of the U.S. so that they shall gain more and more control over the world and become wealthier and more powerful - That's what you've been fighting for!

Hysterical, looks to me like you are the hysterical one. I think you have been spending to much time reading Muslem propaganda. You need to put down the Websters dictionary and quit trying to impress everyone with your command of all the nice radical islamic code words,(Zionist, Imperialist,
Christian Crusader). You probably don't even know what they mean. If you do know then you have just shown everyone here what you really are. Honestly though I don't care if my leaders are lying to me about fighting for freedom. Yes I do go blindly where the clown bush tells me to go. And I happen to like Israel and Jews very much. Some of my best friends are Jews. I am a Christian Crusader. The fact is I am absolutely the last person on earth you want to meet. You wouldn't like me very much, bad things happen when I meet islamic radicals. I like my fat, lazy brainwashed existence. I don't care if the Zionist take over the world, better them than radical muslems. I can deal with Zionist, I cannot on the other hand deal with radical islamist. In fact I don't deal with them because the clown bush pays me to kill them. To be perfectly honest with you I would kill them even if he doesn't pay me. I've seen first hand what they are willing and capable of doing. As a professional soldier one learns to study his enemy. You learn to try to get in their mind so you can think like they do. In essence you become like them so you can better defeat them in battle. You can preach your onesided propaganda to the people on ATS all you wish. I don't care what you think. I don't care what you believe. I have no interest in you, your religion, country or your family. It is very simple, when reasonable people cannot sit down and reach an acceptable compromise, then those reasonable people call on bastards like me. I will dust off my uniform, clean my rifle and crawl out from under the rock that I have been hiding. It doesn't matter to me that you may even believe what you are saying. I don't care. I will go forth and defeat my countries enemy where ever they are, this I will do with extreme prejudice. I will not falter, I will not hesitate for a second. If I survive then I will return home to my fat, lazy comfortable rock. I'd rather die an Amercian slave to the clown bush and his Zionist
buddies than to be you or anyone who thinks like you.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by Minion
I cant believe I am still hearing this .
1) We are probably NOT GOING TO ATTACK IRAN.
2) Why are people like you still posting incredibly false predictions....for example

1) 1988 ....." oh no! dont attack Manuel, he will kill all of our troops, anyway, the US government wants his $1,000,000 dollars of drug money".
2) 1990 " oh no!, dont attack iraq, they will kill all of our troops, IT WILL BE A DISASTER!"............. so to prepare, we will order 50,000 body bags.
3) 1994-1998 ....." dont attack Yuegoslavia, they never did anything to us, besides we will definatley loose a war with them."
4) 2001 " Mr. President , i beg of you, do not attack afghanistan. - Micheal Moore
5) 2002-3 ............... no comment


Doomsdayers - 0
Rational Thinkers ( for whom there are very little of on this BB) - 5

Innocent Victims Killed by the direct or indirect action of the American Military - Too many to count.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:49 PM

but boy will those pathetic zionist scumbags be sorry!

Well......This about sums it up. Siroos, Your only point in this thread is to cause trouble. And you label Americans as such terrible demons and are the world's devil........geeeezzzz! Once again "Hypocrite"

You are led by nothing but hate. ....The point of a thread is to share thoughts on a topic. However anytime anyone posts shrug it off and call Americans, Israelis and others zionist scumbags. Alot of respect for you

This thread is nothing but a simple mockery of yourself!!!

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 01:53 PM
This thread would not be made if America wern't in such a threatening stance to Iran. It takes two to tango.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by phixion
This thread would not be made if America wern't in such a threatening stance to Iran. It takes two to tango.

Sure it does
and i respect that.
But it also takes an adult to understand that this is a site of discussing topics. *Not labelling people of being scumbags, devils, and zionists*

And, I would hardly say the British or Iran are angels and anymore innocent in nature than that of the United States. So there is more than two tango partners here.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by Siroos
Nobody is being burned to death in Iran. Stoning to death is a primitive punishment from the Old Testament, and the Iranian government has ceased performing such penalties since three years ago.

Wow. For three years now you have`nt stoned anyone. Sounds like that is so far in the past, or still fresh in the minds?

The only reason you have so much information about the US is because we are a free nation. Contrary to what you say and think, our media is not controlled by the government and they is very little the government can withhold from us. While there are some very beautiful cities in Iran, the country is still dveeloping to a more modern standard. There are a lot of people there who are underprivelaged and do live in the past. You said it yourself, 3 years, c`mon 3 years its been since a public stoning, thats just mad. There is still more needed to be done there, much more.

Your arrogant and almost violent ranting and raving is completely disgusting. You are the most arrogant individual I have ever personally encountered. You spew remarks of hatred to incite riot like behavior and all the while the truth is lost. Have you ever thought about looking at things from the American perspective? I have from the Iranian standpoint and that is why I refuse to bash your country as a whole. Most of the people there are just like me. However that country just like mine or any other is far from totally perfect.

You refuse to believe the truth that the American government is trying to prevent another 9/11. That is the main goal here. You can rant and scream and kick all you want but the facts are facts. In the end there will be no Iran US war and that is why I wont get into the specifics of any particular outcome to such a war, but the facts are facts and the answer need not be debated as it is as clear as light who would win such a conflict.

Furthermore you may be doing your research, but its all being done from a one sided standpoint. You accuse an entire nation who has been attacked and provoked many times before of being a bully. We are not the agressors, we are the defenders. You have yet to make a proclamation in which your standpoint respects the views of the American people. It is quite obvious that this is because you are so fundamentally flawed. You can call me all the names you want and then you sit there and think that only your values are important. Do you think because your people are all religious in one aspect or another that only you are right? Wasn`t that the Arab views of the jews?

In my country there are a vast amount of religious peoples. We all have the freedom to choose our God and that is a very important freedom and liberty of itself. There are atheists here too, I dont understand them, but I respect them and their rights. The bottom line is we have to tolerate one another, but we will not tolerate being attacked, whether it be by terrorists, whole countries or whatever have you.

So go on and rant and rave all you like, because there is no flawless nation that can`t have dirt dug up on it. This world is in much turmoil and feeding the fire of frenzy only makes the situation that much worse. Can you think of any other reasons why we are a nation where we are? Is it possible it isn`t exactly how you claim?

As I sit here on Good Friday I think of my savior, Jesus Christ, who died for me and decended into hell to save all of mankind. He did it for all of mankind, not just the christians or the jews or the muslims, he did it for all. That is my Saviour. What can you do for your fellow man besides trying to divide us so ever more?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:37 PM
Nice post csulli456
You said it much more elegantly than i did


posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:54 PM
First of all If all the American haters come to the U.S. they will see that all this BS about us being controlled by Israel is so false. No one is controlling anything over here. And out media being controlled by the government?
That is so false Iran is the one with the sate run media not us.

I can go out in front of the White House and protest for as long as I want and nothing will happen to me. I would like to see what happens to Iranians that protest their govern? I bet you don't see that on Iranian TV do you?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:58 PM
Excellent post csulli

You have voted csulli456 for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:12 PM

You have voted csulli456 for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Spot on

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by csulli456
First of all I`d like to say I really dont think that there will be a war between Iran and the USA. It just doesnt make sense, could the Iranian government be so arrogant? They are just playing the game and ultimately will give in to the rest of the world, not just the USA, and will not make any nuclear weapons. They can have as much nuclear power as they want so long as they dont make bombs. And there are offers by the other nations involved with negotiations. Ultimately I think Iran will take one of these offers and go on with a nuclear plant and forget about thee weapons.

Iran has nothing to fear so long as they dont make nukes. We dont want to or need to invade Iran for any reason. Sirros, are you serious? Do you really think we want your oil or something? We dont. What we want is a better peace of mind that terrorists wont get their hands on nukes. We dont think Iran is a threat to us at all. Its just that the terrorists are in the region and they do have supporters who may be in Iran and the potential is quite real.

The U.S. does not want Iran to be independent, largely self-sufficient, industrialized and technologically advanced. The U.S. wants an Iran that is a puppet of the U.S. and largely dependent on the U.S. Iran has since the revolution of 1979 managed against all odds - including a long and bloody war with Iraq and U.S. imposed sanctions - to embark on a path of great advancements in technology, science, industry and infrastructure. Iran's aim is to reach the highest possible level of self-sufficiency. Iran already lends its expertise to many third world countries in Asia and Africa and also recently now in Latin America. The U.S. does not like the development of what some experts have branded "The New Silkroad Powers" to which China, India and Iran belong. The U.S. sees this ecomic and industrial and possibly future military axis as a threat to its selfish and greedy interests in the world. Rather than to have a super-rich competitior in Iran (Iran has the world's 2nd largest oil and natural gas resources) they would love to have an economically and industrially rather weak country which would be largely dependent on the U.S. and which the U.S. could turn into a giant shopping mall where it could sell all its products at a high cost. Prior to the revolution of 1979 the U.S. pressured the Shah of Iran to aquire nuclear reactors and they insisted on selling them to him. They felt double-crossed by the Shah when he instead cut a deal with the French since they gave him a much more favorable and reasonable price. This angered the U.S. tremendously and was one of the reasons why they decided that the Shah must go. This has nothing to do with that the U.S. or Israel feel threatened by Iranian nukes. Not at all! Do you think the Iranians would be so stupid to attack Israel when they know that Israel has more than 200 nuclear war-heads? And there are no terrorists in any kind of safe haven in Iran - That's just U.S. and Israeli propaganda. Fanatic and backwarded groups like the Taliba and Al Qaida are and have always been the arch-enemies of Iran. Pakistan on the other hand which supported and still secretly supports the Taliban, and which has extremely disturbing stone-age-like backwarded and fanatic Muslim fundamentalist elements breeding in its society should instead be a real concern for the U.S. since Pakistan also has the bomb!

The real reason that the U.S. doesn't want Iran to have nukes is because 1) They don't want competition in selling nuclear energy, as Iran has declared that it with its highly advanced expertise in the field aims to rank up among the three most greatest exporters.

2) A nuclear power Iran would mean the end of U.S. interference in Iran, and would severly threaten U.S. control of the oil rich Middle East and the oil rich Caspian Sea on one hand, and of Central Asia which is rich in natural resources such as natural gas and also of strategic importance to the U.S. This is the real reason why the U.S. is so determined not to allow Iran any kind of nuclear engagement.

Iran on the other hand has since many years back launched a most ambitious agenda which entails Iran's rightful position as a super power in the region which for thousands of years was the influential sphere of Iran. Iran has for a long time fought the colonialist and imperialist hawks which have tried their outmost to diminish and outright eliminate Iran natural influence in the region, and today as U.S. imperialism occupies most of the territory of the region, Iran is more determined than ever to assert itself and its influence in its own backyard. Not at all in an imperialistic manner as Iran has no ambitions of expansionism, but rather for the purpose of safeguarding the region against neo-colonialism and U.S. imperialism as well as againt the zionist agenda.

The reason Israel so fiercely opposes Iran's nuclear engagement is simply because the artificially created zionist state does not want a rival in the Middle East. It irritates the Israelis a great deal that Iran has built its own sophisticated and very elegant metro system in Tehran and is under the process of building three more metro systems for the cities of Isfahan, Mashad and Tabriz, while Israel has not beeb able to build the Tel Aviv metro system which was planned to be ready by 1996. While Iran built its metro system using Iranian engineering and expertise (They only bought the railway cars from China and some of the industrial equipment necessary for the project) Israel was in a position of considering a Chinese managed project due to the lack of its own expertise in this area. Israel wants to project an image of itself as a highly advanced and democratic society, and it doesn't take any pleasure at all seeing its arch foe, Islamic Iran beating it in any field.

On another note its so immature to try and pick a fight. If we thought of Iran as a threat and all of your information of superiority was correct, dont you think we`d be smart enough just to drop loads of nukes on you so that your proposed outcome would be denied?

No, because it wouldn't be smart to drop loads of nukes on a country in such a situation unless you are willing to admit to the world that you are fascists, and have the entire world turn against you. Do you seriously think that you're so powerful now that you could just nuke a country like that without having the world turn on you? That would be the action of a fool. The smart way is to do what the U.S. is so good at, which is to picture the targeted country as "evil" and as either hiding WMD as they did with Iraq or to claim that it is in the process of creating WMD and will possibly use them against Israel or in a terrorist attack against the U.S. And that's precisely what the U.S. is doing.

C`mon man, you are an American hater and have a right to your views and opinions, but you are seriously wasting your time. There will be no Iran USA war period. It ain`t gonna happen. The core ideals and fundamentals of the American people are shared by most of the world. We dont set out to invade countries and take them over. Thats not what we are about. We went to Iraq and Afghanistan because of 9/11. Contrary to what you may think we are taking a pre-emptive stance to deny the terrorists of another 9/11.

Not at all - You got me wrong if you believe that! I greatly admire the values and ideas of the founding fathers of the U.S.A. and I'm 100% certain that they would be disgusted by the actions of Georgie the evil clown, and the other crazies ruling the U.S. today, and they would be ashamed to see what has become of the U.S. - They would be saddened to see how the hard working masses of the U.S. have been turned into slaves that are drowning in debt while living from paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet, while a handful of greedy, selfish, arrogant and corrupt people are becoming disgustingly wealthier by each second at their cost and the cost of wars around the world which they encourage and/or create so that cities will lay in ruin while they can sell more weapons and land more contracts for the reconstruction of what the ruins they have caused.

Why would I hate Americans or America because of what a few people are doing in the name of the U.S.? Do I hate Islam because of what the Taliban has done in the name of Islam? No, ofcourse I don't! I strongly dislike the Taliban, but I know the differences between the Taliban and Islam. Just like the current elite in the U.S. violates the values of the founding fathers of the U.S., the Taliban and Al Qaida are violating the noble teachings of the Qoran. Let's not forget that almost half the American population rejected the criminals who are in power in the U.S. today in the last election. America is deeply divided today, and this just shows that there are plenty of decent Americans. We just have to make sure that these decent Americans will defeat those ignorant and/or arrogant ones so that Iran and the world may live in peace with our American sisters and brothers! There is enough resources for the entire world to live in bliss today. The reason we do not live in bliss but instead in constant conflict and with poverty and misery is because of people like those ruling the U.S. today. They have so much, and yet they will never be content. They will kill and cause destruction again and again to become even more powerful and wealthy. What they have forgotten is that it is God who gives and takes....

Iran is not a threat to us, we have no need to invade. If they have nukes then that is a real danger to our society and many others. There is no need for Iran to possess nukes, what because they are afraid we will invade them or something. It ain`t gonna happen, period. The Iranian as well as all the other governments involved will come to an agreement eventually. Iran is and will be an even better ally to the US in the future.

No, Iran would be no threat to you even with nuclear weapons. The reason Iran would want nuclear weapons is not so much because it feels intimidated by the U.S. or the zionist state as it is because it feels a potential future threat from some of its neighbors. Take the guy on this board who uses the user name "Asia Minor" - The one who makes rude and childish remarks. His post describes the kind of sentiments some of Iran's neighbors have towards Iran and the Iranians. You see Iran is the only real natural national state in this whole region except for Egypt. Iran has experienced numerous periods when it was one of the top dominant super powers and empires in the world, and as such it has ruled over many of the countries in the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia and there is a very strong Persian influence in these countries. It falls natural that many of these countries resent the Iranians because Iran has always been the most powerful and dominant power in the entire region throughout most of the history. On the other hands we have the Turks, descendants of Mongol tribes who migrated from the Central Asian steppes into Anatolia only some 600-700 years ago (Today's Turkey) The warrior Turks became the rivals of the Iranians, and it has remained that way ever since pretty much. Some pretty powerful Turkish elements have such ambitions as to annex Iranian territory to create a "Greater Turkey". Pakistan has also a very hostile attitude towards Iran and Iranians for the same reason. Pakistan directly aided the Taliban and participated in the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Persians or Persian-speaking Afghans. Pakistan is the last country I would trust in that area. They are very deceitful and hypocritical. They can smile you in the face one second and stab you in the back the next. While Iran has no quarrel with any of its neighbors and wishes to live in peace with them and cooperate with them to work towards the advancement of the entire region, the reality is that there are a lot of hostilities boiling under the surface - hostilities which could very well erupt into something very unpleasant anytime in the future. So when you say that Iran has no reason to have nukes, you are dead wrong! Iran has every reason to feel threatened. Actually few countries in the world are as peaceful as Iran is, and equally as few countries has as many enemies as she has. And to fully understand this you would need an indepth understanding and knowledge of Iran its culture, civilization and history as well as the history of its neighbors. And it doesn't matter if its a theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran or an imperial Iran ruled by a Shah, or a secular republic - The enemies will always be there.

Stop trying to incite riots, the people who are getting so worked up about your claims have the same patriotism that I carry in my veins. I love my country, and while it sure in hell ain`t perfect, its my home and I love it.

Just because you love your country does not mean that I should have to shut up about any criticism against the government and establishment in your country and the crimes they have and are committing around the world. I have nothing against America as a country or people. I oppose your government, current establishment and ruling elite. You should love your country. It's a beautiful country and has a lot of good as well, and it sure has contributed to the world in many major ways, but we love our countries too and wish to be able to live in peace in our countries without having our relatives and friends killed by American bullets and bombs and our cities devastated. We want to be able to determine who should rule our country wihtout having the U.S and its CIA arranging coups or revolutions to replace it with one which suits its own selfish immoral ambitions.

You really need a better picture of it all, you need to see all angles, we are not what you proclaim. But in your own words, I dont blame you for it. You are a product of your enviroment and if you believe everything you hear then you are no more educated then I. Look at the whole picture, thats all.

What I hear is what is trumpeted out from CNN, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, etc.... But I have seen the reality so I know that what they trumpet out is not even half of the time anything close to the truth. I have been in the midst of the Iranian revolution 1979, and I have been haunted by revolutionary guards during the era of Khomeini when there were almost no pragmatists in power positions in Iran, and I have lived through the Iraqi bombardment of Tehran with bombs supplied by the U.S. I have seen reality, but I wonder if you have....?

Dont be ignorant and just rant and rave. Thats what is wrong with this world. We are too divided, we all need to come together on a common ground. Its the only way for the human race to advance in whole. We will never advance in part. Its not about American or Iranian, get that out of your head. If the world continues on this path it will lead to its ultimate destruction and then, guess what, we all lose.

Well, I don't agree with you about me being ignorant and that I rant and rave..... But I couldn't agree more with you about that we need to come together on common ground for the common good of our planet and mankind, but where we seem to differ from one another is our opinion about the sources causing this division between us. Iran's days of revolutionary hostility against the U.S. because of past American transgressions in Iran passed a long time ago and Iran's establishment were seriously discussing opening a dialogue with the U.S. which would lead to the re-establishment of full relations on all levels between our two countries, but then George W. Bush came along and branded Iran as the "Axis of evil"..... And the U.S. has ever since harassed Iran in any way it could. By the way as much as you resent my criticism of your regime, what do you think we Iranians think of being branded as part of the "Axis of evil"? If you study our ancient civilization and culture you will see that the last thing we Iranians regard ourselves as would be "evil". We take great pride in our civilization which rests on the noble values of tolerance and good will towards all humans. Study our literature and poetry and you will see what we are about.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Siroos, you can make your post as long as you want but your still not getting my vote for way above

And oh yeah... it still a bunch of BS

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:51 PM
keep talkin about the Zionist Masters... man i love being Jewish, we get sooo much media!!

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by Siroos

Iran on the other hand has since many years back launched a most ambitious agenda which entails Iran's rightful position as a super power in the region which for thousands of years was the influential sphere of Iran.

Seems to me like someone is just angry at the fact that Iran was a major world player two thousand years ago. That ended with the Persians. Time to move on, and accept the fact the the U.S., soon to be China, and soon after that India, will be the major players in the present, and the not too distant future.

Or is all this rambling more about pride in an empire that died two millenia ago?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:27 PM

Originally posted by Siroos

Originally posted by American Mad Man

Originally posted by Siroos

You should add "mentally disturbed" to trigger happy american cowboy!

Oh - I am mentally disturbed because I state the truth? The US took afghanistan with less then 30,000 troops. You can't argue that. It is a FACT.

It's a fact only in your head, and since nothing else in it seems to be of much value I doubt that a "fact" would be too.... The fact is that the ground war in Afghanistan was mainly fought by the Northern Alliance. The U.S. resorted to bunker buster bombs. Besides there was no resistance from the population since they were happy to get rid of the Pakistan-backed Taliban brutes. Quite a different scenario than that with the Soviet invasion.

No, you're mentally disturbed because you're a trigger happy cowboy who takes great delight at bloodshed. And I don't think youd know a fact even if it would introduce itself to you as one.

You also can't argue that Iran has a chance against the US. It doesn't. That is a fact. The US has a better and bigger army navy and airforce. You can't argue that. It's a FACT.

Again, it's another of those worthless "facts" in your head... Iran will smack the U.S. in the face so badly that you won't want to hear the name George for the rest of your life! Civilian Iranians will tare apart every American soldier who dares to set his foot on the sacred soil of the Iranian nation. You don't know what we Iranians go for boy! You'll be in for a big surprise!

As I said, you don't know what the meaning of fact is. The U.S. may have a better equipped army than Iran has, but it certainly does not have a bigger army. Iran's total active armed forces number 7million hardcore basiij forces, fiercely loyal to the Islamic Republic and the revolution, and an 800,000 man strong regular armed forces. It has nuclear submarines, and the ability to mass produce its own tanks, fighter jets and missiles among other goodies. But more than anything, Iranians are fiercely patriotic and will go totally insane when their country is attacked. Besides, do you think that the U.S. would be so stupid to deliver its entire military force to Iran? DO you know what that would cost the U.S.? Iran also has the ability to close the strait of Hormuz and to set the American fleet in the Persian Gulf ablaze. I don't think the U.S. would be so stupid to get involved in such a mess, but then again who knows? Georgie the evil clown rules your country, so anything is possible.

You're no freaking elite!

Ohhh please, tell me who the elite military in the world is?


Everyone agrees, the US military is the worlds ELITE military.

Your army is the elite of cowards since all they dare to do is to attack small and weak and defenseless countries with "precise strikes" or whatever you call it.... Come to Iran if you dare to and we'll show you just how much of an "elite" you are....

Sure you might be the elite of spitting out trash all around the world with your sick culture of violence and vulgarity.

Our culture of violence? Let's take a look at the middle east, Africa, and Asia. That's what I thought.

Isn't it in your country where you have those bizarre and tasteless "wrestling" shows that even small kids watch where the "wrestlers" behave like the worst savages and brutes and are cheered by a bizarre and blood-thirsty crowd? Isn't it in your country where people walk into fastfood joints, offices and schools and fire their guns at innocent people, including children? Isn't it in your country where you have TV shows like Jerry Springer where the guests behave like the most uncivilized bunch of savages, beating the hell of each other and throwing furniture around the place? Isn't it in your country where you have some of the highest crime rates in the world?

A country where slaves would exist only a little more than a hundred years ago

As opposed to all the women that are slaves in the middle east THIS DAY. We had our problems, as you pointed out OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

Where in the Middle East? Saudi Arabia and the Arab sheikhdoms along the Persian Gulf - That's where! And all of them are U.S. sponsored tyrannies! We have no female slaves in Iran, that I can assure you of!

and where apartheid existed only some 45-50 years ago

you ignorant child, the US had nothing to do with it - it was Europe! And apartheid was in Africa, NOT the US

Wow! No wonder folks like you vote for Bush with that kind of IQ.... There was never apartheid in Europe.... What the hell are you talking about??? Apartheid in Europe....Lol!!! I'm talking about the damned segregation where black people and people of color had to sit in the back of the bus, and go to their own public restrooms...... Get it? Or do we suffer from an acute form of amnesia suddenly, or could it be plain ignorance?

is the elite of hypocrisy when it beats its chest trumpeting out that its going to deliver democracy to the world.

We have a democracy and have delivered one to Iraq and Afghanistan. Lebenon is going that way too it seems, since our troop presence in the ME gives them a bit of a chance.

Ha!!! You have delivered democracy to Iraq and Aghanistan?? We'll just see how far those democracies will go.... You can't implant democracy like you can implant a tree! What you have done in Iraq is to prepare the country for a possible very bloody civil war. And as for your democracy.... are you referring to the one where you only have two political parties to choose between and where the candidate who gets some 700,000 less votes wins? Lol!

You don't even have a real democracy in your own country (which once belonged to the native Indian tribes) and you're going to deliver it to others?

Your right, we have a Democratic Republic, to account for states rights as well. It has proven to be the most succesfull government in the history of the planet.

Says who? Or is that one of your infamous "facts" again? I'm sure it's successful for criminals like Georgie the evil clown.

You're the elite of freaks, of serial murderers, of obesity, of junk food, of corruption and greed, of violence and crime, of trigger happy cowboys.

Hate hate hate. So much hate. Jelousy too. Pathetic. BTW - the title is a joke for idiots like you who hate the US, hate our culture, hate us in general.

They really need to invest much more into the educational system of your country instead of waging wars all around the globe - The correct spelling is jealousy. This is the second time you spell it "jelousy". No I don't hate, and I'm certainly not jealous. My beloved country Iran is so incredibly beautiful, vast, incredibly rich and with such a tremendously rich culture and heritage.... why should I be jealous of a 200 year old country which lacks a rich culture? The U.S. has many good things but I do not envy the U.S. and would never ever in my wildest dreams exchange my Iran with it! Never!

America is about to collapse and it doesn't matter how freaking trigger happy you are cowboy - you better replace your cowboy hat with a helmet because when the U.S. will crumble it will it will hit you hard.

Keep wishing buddy.

The US makes up about 20% of the world economy, has the worlds best military, and has the best research and science, higher educational system - hell, pretty much everything.

No, I don't wish for the U.S. to collapse, but collapse it will the way things are going and with so many ignorant and arrogant people like you in it. I will be sorry the day it does though, because it didn't need to happen had its leaders and people like you been so ignorant, greedy and arrogant.

Your society is infested with incompetence, and its all because of greed and selfishness and decadence. Incompetense on every level from the bottom to the top, and it will only get worse! In some 20 years from now the majority of Americans will be non-whites - How are you going to deal with that?

Oh yeah - we are so incompetent that we dominate EVERYTHING. Tell me exactly how a coutry so incompetent has the best military, the best economy, the biggest companies, the most money, the best, the most oof everything really.

You don't have the best economy in the world. Your economy is near collapse. The biggest and strongest economy in the world is the Chinese and the the second fastest growing one is the Indian. The U.S. is heavily in debt, and it suffers from a huge trade deficit as well. No other people in the world are even anything close to as heavily indebted as are ordinary Americans. When the interest rates will be raised a few more times because of inflation - and they will - these people will no longer be able to pay off their debt, and what do you think will happen then? The Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans own huge dollar reserves. The way the dollar has lost its value it will be very likely that they will change their reserve currency to Euro, and if that happens the dollar will collapse and the depression that your parents perhaps remember will be like a tropical paradise in comparison to what will happen this time.... As for your military, you know what I think.... paper tiger.

Yes, every other country is so competent that they are ahead of us. Get a clue - the US is THE most competent country in the world.

The U.S. is the only industrialized country which doesn't have a national health insurance! Your social security is on the way to disappear, your schools are suffering from such a poor quality of education that it's tragic. The cost of medication is by far the highest in the world and that in a country which lacks national health insurance.

Your projections are off about the demographics of our country, but honestly I don't care if my nieghbors are black white asian or hispanic. I have plenty of friends of each race - thats the great thing about this country, we take the BEST from everything and put it all in one.

Well, if that's true that you don't care about races then that's good - at least something good about you.

Now run along American hating yet secretly jelous troll. Go strap a bomb to your chest and do your part in bringing down the big bad USA.

Lol! What a big goofball you are! Do you belong to hte same circus as Georgie the evil clown by any chance?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by Siroos
I have seen reality, but I wonder if you have....?

We take great pride in our civilization which rests on the noble values of tolerance and good will towards all humans. Study our literature and poetry and you will see what we are about.

First off my friend, Yes I have seen reality too. As you may know I live in one of the five buroughs of NYC. September 11th has touched me as much as anyone else.

I can see the ever changed skyline from my home. I was in manhattan two days after the destruction and smelled the burnt flesh in the air as I watches a fire dept. crew driving by with their lights flashing and truck full of ash. I will never forget the looks on those men`s faces. I had family who worked in the area of the WTC attack and thank God they survived. I have an aunt who works at the Pentagon and again am thankful she survived. I knew people who died on that day and I will never forget how close to home it is. So many heroes lost, innocent slaughtered, and destruction for all. Yes my friend, I have seen reality too.

Secondly I do not doubt the goodness of your people. I`m not sure exactly why Bush branded the country of Iran as part of the axis of evil, but I am most certain it was not directed at the citizens. Our beef is not with the people of Iran, it never was. But until you can fully understand what everyday people like me truly are concerned about , then your view will always be one sided and thus flawed.

We did not expect September 11th, it was such a shock and sent the nation into mourning. We, for the most part, had never experienced such an attack. We all came together, and while we may be a nation divided on the terms of our current administration, it is important to never let such attacks happen again. We are deeply concerned with the state of the world and we are not just facist imperialistic people who want to take over the world for our own prosperity. You coudn`t be more wrong.

Many changes are needed in areas such as healthcare and social security, but our number one priority right now is our own safety and deterence of another deadly attack.

To say that all those who voted for Bush are evil and all those who didn`t are the good people is an attempt to further instill a divide within our borders. I`m not sure of your exact agenda, but I know it is not peace. You are sounding more and more like those fanatical terrorists with each post.You will not deter the American people with your hypocritical and arrogant remarks.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:39 PM

The USA is a dying nation.

And the funny thing is, it's citizens are soo dumb due to 5o years of horrible public education, that they can't even see this fact. Hell we think columbus discovered America,we think we won WWII, and we are so stupid we actually think we can control the world.

And the sad thing is we deserve every last bit of it.

All nations rise.......all nations fall.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:42 PM
link want to invade iran to stop another 9/11?

Bush was briefed by the CIA about terrorists going to use planes as missiles before hand...weeks before infact I believe.

You relise brazil a country far closer to you than iran is makeing its own nuke? Right?

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