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Just because you don't believe it, don't mean it isn't true.

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 05:32 AM
Here is another "Exclusive Video" from Information Clearing House;
"Without a doubt the pentagon is lying everyday"

‘Democracy under Occupation’

The policy, which called ‘extraordinary rendition’, is the practice by which innocent prisoners and detainees in US custody are sent for interrogation in foreign countries that practice torture, such as Egypt Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Is this how America of the new millenium will be remembered, for CIA interrogation planes, and lies about reasons for war. Among many other far worse things. Has the USA fallen from it's once heroic place, because the people of the nation refuse to see, even though their eyes are open?
It is looking more and more like a possibility each day that goes by. The government is no longer "Of the People by the People for the People", it is controlled by private groups.

Just as our elections are for show, Iraq’s Parliament: New Farce , we are not the only ones with wool being pulled....

The propaganda is getting worse, on all sides, soon the truth won't be able to be hidden within all the lies. Maybe if enough of us can convince the others to really see, truely see what they refuse to look at, the seed of change can grow.

Another disturbing article it may be a bit of interest if you recall the "polarization" topic. I'm not entirely sure politics is the leading cause, but it is looking like it.

Well, let us say that the old American republic is well and truly dead.

In my personal opinion, the reality behind the "polarization", is more than just "us" vs "them". It may have more to due with the rich controlling the poorer, shackeling them into submissive slavery through inevitable means.

Perhaps the following is very much true, it is the only reason I can find for the inaction.
"They are afraid of the old for their memory,
They are afraid of the young for their innocence
They afraid of the graves of their victims in faraway places
They are afraid of history. They are afraid of freedom.
They are afraid of truth. They are afraid of democracy.
So why the hell are we afraid of them? ... For they are afraid of us."
- They are afraid of you

Well that's enough for now. I've been going over alot of the info at the site linked on this thread, it sure isn't the every day propaganda that's for sure.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 04:32 AM
Hi i think your post was good i belive that if a country goes into war they should tell you the real reason becasue if it all goes wrong we will have to suffer if they come after the country that attacked them!Does any one agree?


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