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A new line of enquiry

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 11:04 PM
Well, I don't have any Earth-shattering info, but I've got a rather tenuous deduction that might be worth following up.

If we assume that Icewolf on ID is in on the game (seems pretty clear), this post is worth paying attention to. The main plot device in the film he refers to is known as the "All Seeing Eye", which seems like a link to the icon at the center of the Black Labyrinth.

Second, there seems to be some indication that Tablet on ID is also in on at least part of the proceedings (although this link is somewhat tenuous). Anyway, assuming that this is the case, Icewolf's mention of, "have you cjecked out the new brainteaser in brainteaser?" in his/her poetry thread on ID could (given the relative dates on the posts) be meant to point to Tablet's post about Steganography in the "Brain Teasers & Games" forum on ID, especially as this thread has been locked to the top of the thread index in a forum where it's really kind of off-topic.

Third, Icewolf's "Day 7" poem contains the lines:
Look back for unto the ground,
The answers lie behind the dark,
The two made clues, put apart,
The riddle now you may solve,

which seems to me to indicate that a clue is hidden in the background of the Black Labyrinth page, "message.jpg", which is revealed in the presence of a second part. Going by repeated references in Icewolf's and Lupis Copy's poems, this pair should be formed of a "lock" and a "key".

I think that there is a clue hidden in message.jpg by means of Steganogrophy, and the decoding key is somehow related to the phrase, "All Seeing Eye". Problem is, I don't have a computer at home ATM, and my work computer is tightly locked down by admins, which makes doing any serious work on this very difficult for me.


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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 05:01 PM
I've been waiting for someone else to post atleast an idea, it's been getting ghostly silent around here...

Edit: Nevermind, I see there's a new post on Steganogrophy... I'll download it and give it a go, report back ASAP.


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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 07:25 PM
Tablet has a link for some steganography soft ware, but I could not get it to work.....check his post in the ID brainteasers to find it.

I have been thinking about the possibility of something hidden in the 'message' behind the labyrinth......I opened it in notepad and found that it shows the word 'adobe' among the code. Perhaps this indicates you would need photoshop to see any hidden clues.....(I was informed during the Dr.Jim game that I had the wrong software for hidden clue finding).

I did try several things with my soft, anyway.....and when I tried the hue saturation and brightness settings....I get a change on the green channel and on the magenta channel.....showing a bunch of dots and dashes, but also a bunch of other 'noise'. Maybe photoshop would do a better job, or maybe the sten. software would show something.

may mean's all I could get

(If you can get the message high lighted, something might show up that way, but all I can 'select' is the labyrinth and the una... foreground copy...)

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 08:54 PM
Okay, I downloaded the thing that Tablet said to, but i can't seem to install it, after I unzip the file. There's a lot of files in it, and it's actually not the same file that the webpage gives you (the US mirror) so, I'm going to eventually give that a look tommarrow, but this is still all a mystery to me.


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:06 PM
Good for you guys!! I suggested that someone do the steno on some of lupus copy's pics, too. I even asked tablet. I can't (mac).

Darkflame, your mention of a "US mirror" reminds me of a question, "why is the url in English, but everything else is in Latin?" Could you elaborate on the US mirror?

Great observations !!

P.S. Tablet also thinks that there may be clues in the lyrics of certain songs

P.P.S. I picked Louisville over Washington.

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:09 PM
DarkFlame, what were you refering to in the lupus copy poems about the background? You said you wanted to wait and see, is it anything now?

I am not so certain that Ice Wolf or Tablet have anything to do with it. Lupus Copy seems more relevant. Heck, he did name a website for everyone to go to .

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:46 PM
Nygdan- You mean the other day when I said you equalize the levels? I found dots appear in a specific order, but I don't know why or what they mean

poonchang- The US mirror can be found at the site that Tablet gave, but I'm not sure why the mirror that is chosen for the download is only 207Kb versus the 370 of the US mirror. Now, I'm not positive, but this may be why the file does not work.

Also, I downloaded some JPG seek programs, but they cannot find anything within the "message.jpg" without a key... so thats an issue right there, what is the key, if there is one? I'm also working in Image Ready to see if there is anything frame-by-frame for the spinning bl image. So far, not anything, and I also saved the webpage, and started tinkering around with it in a publishing program, where you can move the things on the page, ect. I was kind of hoping that when you moved the image for the bl spinning thing that there would be a "key" under it for the message.jpg, but, again, nothing.

My very close friend might be able to help though, he's a wiz at computers, and very possibly will know a thing or two about hiding/extracting hidden files. I might be able to get in touch with him sometime in the next 20 minuets, we'll see if he picks up the phone

Keep the work up though!


Edit: numbers and awlful spelling

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:52 PM

I can't help but think that this is relevant. Perhaps the images can be seperated and spell out something? Or possibly all shown superimposed?

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 10:05 PM
GRAHHH! now that defentaly looks familiar! Only I wish I knew how I did it the first time...

Darn it... Give me awhile to mess around with it


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 10:16 PM
I wasn't too sure about ice wold before. however, this line of his

The two made clues, put apart

Seems to settle it for me. Ice Wolf on ig, lupus copy on ats. Still not sure about tablet.

What program are you using to muck with pics?

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 10:24 PM
Nygdan- Photoshop and ImageReady
oh, here's all the levels on one frame, have fun with it


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 10:55 PM

Perhaps the images can be seperated and spell out something?

Here they are seperated, but I dont get it.

Are you sure that is the right key?

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