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Ultimate Conspiracy (from ATSNN)

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 10:05 PM
There is a lot of conspiracy related banter these days on ATS and around the globe. Where does this come from? Is any of it true? Why does it exist? Who really runs things? Can this be changed? The answer is simple. This is a call to action.

What is a (illegal) conspiracy? It is people working together to defraud or deny others something of value. It is also 'unwitting accomplices.' This is where most people are.

The answers are there. They are all there. Each reader could find the answers. Here is the hanger- it will take physical effort. Yes, away from the computer screen. Away from the club, bar or club. The answers are hidden in plain sight* at each and every local government office. Little bits and pieces of what fits together somewhere to make something work are publicly available.

Surprising isn't it? The local garbage contract that was awarded with no bid! The new job given to Sally Jo without advertising. (She happens to be the City Manager's daughter but no one complains.) A street contract awarded that ends up paving a street outside the city- $436,000 gone. (The street just happens to lead to the local, private golf course.)

My tax money- my rights gone and you focused on Washington! I could be really mad at you for helping them rob me.

*Think of the times some bureaucrat or elected official said:”we published a notice of it.”

Assignments for being a REAL American:

    Register to vote.**

    There is a fund (look it up yourself) that almost every locality has. This is an 'off-balance-sheet' fund. Think of that. This fund is not secret, it just is not announced. See if you can locate the fund and amount in your locality.***

    Go to at least three (3) local government public meetings,

    Write at least two (2) letters to the editor of the local paper relating to local issues only. This doesn't count unless they are published.

    Go to at least one (1) public construction project. Spend a minimum of one hour. Get the names, license numbers and phone numbers for the contractors. Discover how licenses are given in your are.

    On the construction project (above), find out the awarded cost. Find out the winning contractor and the sub-contractors.

    On the construction project (above), find any other contracts the contractor and major subs (sub-contractor) are involved in together.

**Whether you vote or not, NO ONE in elected or appointed office is going to give you a real ear unless you are on the voter roles. Voting raises your standing even more. If you are not registered you have proven to the world you are insincere.

***When I inquired relating to the fund in my locality the city comptroller had no idea what I was talking about. I went to the local newspaper and the editor called the comptroller (I write letters to the editor- they know me). No luck. I found out who the cities auditor was and had the comptroller call him to announce I would be calling. The auditor was evasive, then downright hostile. I called him back three different times to finally get a bit of information.
        Eventually I ended up with the state. Seems like the funds were managed by a firm the auditor is linked to- say duh!

I called the auditor back and laid out what I had so far. 'Could he - - - hello, hello.' His phone did not answer after that. Back to the city comptroller.
The auditor quit and the city was awaiting the files.

There wasn't much in the fund. Just a little over $1million. The city council was shocked to say the least. A local move for a sales tax increase died shortly thereafter.

Sally Jo (way up top), she is back in school. Seems a state ethics complaint was filed and the commission ruled either dad or Sally had to leave.

By following the above list, or something similar you have earned the RIGHT to do two things:
    salute the flag and call yourself, an American (or spit on it if you want- you have EARNED the right!(chances are you won't, you will have a renewed faith in your country and be prouder of your flag than ever before)

The only link in this post is to an ATS thread that set me off on this. I disagreed with the initial post in that thread so vehemently I realized that I too needed to re-order my list.

I am always dismayed at the citizenry. People in some countries have risked death just for the opportunity to complain- Tiananmen Square, etc.

I think that the ATS political forum should have a requirement: proof of voter registration before you can enter. Put up or shut up!

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 12:25 AM
I have to give you props JoeDoaks. I tell the people I work with all the time to get involved and register and then get educated on issues and vote. I don't care if they agree or disagree with me on stuff, but I sure get tired of them bellyaching about things. Get involved or be quiet!

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 12:44 AM
I serve in your military that guarantees the rights for you to do the above. Does that count?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by FALLOUT SHELTER
I serve in your military that guarantees the rights for you to do the above. Does that count?


Those that bemoan the American military forget one simple fact of reality- there are folks in this world that would destroy the opportunity to complain about anything BUT FOR force.

The American military has been such a force. Often misused but nonetheless vigilant to protect the 'we' that gets to complain.

Thanks to the military

Thanks Shark and good luck with the complainers.


posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 10:07 AM
in canada it seems to be our right to whine, b--ch, and complain, most do it. you are right though we do need to try to be involved. one interesting thing here is when asked what party they vote for you hear something about the lesser evil, i know thats how i vote. as for the states i can't legaly vote there. but i do know of a few that vote in both countries, apparently leagaly too as they have adresses they live at in both countries. my favorite though is a friend who lives here but votes there.

as far as i'm concerned if you don't vote you shouldn't whine about what goes on. after all what did you do to change things.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by drogo
as far as i'm concerned if you don't vote you shouldn't whine about what goes on. after all what did you do to change things.

Philosophically I agree. However, to vote or not to vote is a choice-

Registering is as well. If someone wants to be nothing more than a complainer then when things go really sour their voice won't matter any more than it does now.

It is pretty 'arrogant' for someone to go to an elected or appointed official and ask for something without supporting the system that 'grants the boon.'

Registering puts your name on the list of supervisors, the concerned citizenry. Voting gives that voice power.

I can remember a time in America when young adults rampaged demanding change. Elections came and went and THEY still didn't vote!

Elected and appointed officials look at registration lists when appointments are made. They see if the 'visitor' is anyone to be concerned about. If someone is not on the list then whatever the person says has zero weight. Same with voter roles. Good or bad, fair or unfair this is how things work in the real world.

Change occurs in small steps at the bottom of society unless a catastrophe intervenes. The wailing on ATS and other places about the 'world this and America that' accomplishes no change. If there are forces manipulating us they keep these rants going.

People cry that they want change- prove it!

I would love to see a few posts somewhere that said something like:
'I went to a city meeting last night and those people are nuts. They think . . . .'

'I spoke up and gave my reasons for . . . , they tabled their motion and asked me to stay and talk to the City Works Director.'


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