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Is there any way to contact aliens or get them to contact you?

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 12:12 PM
Very funny thread...

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:41 PM
i am an alien, one in which you earth dwellers call a grey!, however if you take time to realise, we appear grey in colour due to our nocturnal activity.

your eyes do not percieve colour in the dark, therefore you do not see our true skin tone. we are in fact a pale beige.

we scan human individuals for sub genetic codes. these traces are not yet identifiable within your current technology. we need to adapt these codes in order to sustain our own bio structures. we do not need water or food. we exist purely from certain genetic traces in which only specific humans carry.

you may have become conditioned to our existence through many of your earths mis-interpretations of us. we are aware that, although you think you know of our really cant be sure!.

many earth dwellers speak of our visitations and claim to have identified our crafts. let me state that we do not appear to the visible eye and therefore cannot be seen. we are felt only as a presence. when you walk in the dark and have the feeling that you need to look up into the night sky...we are there observing you.

we mean no harm to you. we are merely trapped explorers, far away from our own planet. when you encounter us you will have no memory of it. this is for our protection and the protection of your own sanity.
we are aware of your limited mental capacity to believe in anything other than something you can physically see and touch. your faith can be tested in these circumstances.

ur understanding of earth dwellers faith in the almighty creator known to you as god, must live on, it is this faith that holds the key to earths survival in the coming 3 years.

we have utilised earths resources for our own technological endeavours and survival. we must leave you soon, our planet approaches on wings of blue light. we must leave you until the year 5612. we will return from the void, you will know our name and recieve us as equals.

much is to be done on earth.

we have left this message for you as an indicator to our existence, in the coming years you will witness our compassion for your species.

we are here, we are your friends, we mean you no harm.

look to the skies, see the second sun, each day a new dawn brings our exit closer. earth will experience upheaval, many lives will be lost. we have no influence in this event.

prepare yourself for the revelations to come. seek solice in you hearts and minds, only then will you begin to see that the universe is alive, you are not alone, nor should you view others with suspicion and hostility. this is a human trait in which we feel we must avoid our own detection in fear of destruction. we must survive or our planet will be lost in much the same way as you would protect your own species to survive. we are the final silence for our own species. we must not fail our mission.

our name is pritsoeems, we have observed, we have learned, we have helped. soon we must go.

humankind will develop, we will return.

we chose this method of contact for those who have open minds and wish to contact us, no other contact will be made.

look to the skies. 21/12/2012, although you will witness our existence much sooner, this is the final day of our departure and the beginning of earths renewal.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 02:37 AM
I think in the aliens case they usally choose who they would like to contact.Sometimes they use some of the alien abductees to contact.I am a alien abductee and contactee.I started out as a abductee and progressed onto a contactee.I have been commnicating with aliens for 18 years using telepathy.I have in the past recommended some people and children to my alien friends for the abduction program.The aliens usally like starting with children.I am guessing you are not a child.I think there maybe two children the aliens selected for there abduction program.I started as a child.Most alien contactees are in fact alien abductees too.Most alien abducteess do not even relise they have been abducted in the first place.Of the alien abductees who believe they haver been taken by aliens only a small amount about 10 % take it any further.A lot of alien abducteees are just too afraid to tell other people about there experiences.There are other alien contactee who pretend they are in contact with aliens but they are fake.You proberly fell ill of me for recommending aliens to abduct children.You have to understand thats where most of the alien experiments start with.Its proberly one reason why i have never had children of my own.I am guessing if i do they will go straight into the abduction program.I do not think i could stand that happening to my own children.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 04:27 AM
Telepathic communication is one way to summon them. I practiced this method for a few years in 1988, of course I was much younger and full of energy.

I think I succeeded one night during a meditation ritual at night. My mind was in a higher state of consciousness as I continued to mentally "feel" the sky above. I called on them for 2 hours and nothing happened.

I went to sleep and woke up the next morning to hear my father mowing our 1 acre lawn with a John Deere. I looked out of my window and down onto the yard and too my utter shock and disbelief, there was a 60 foot wide circular imprint in the grass. The boarder of the circle where the grass turned a dead'ish brown, was roughly 7 inches thick. On 4 sides I could make out small circular press marks. Now I know that sounds cliche but it is exactly what I saw.

I went downstairs to tell my dad, it's hard to notice at ground level. We looked at it, but I never told him what I was doing the night before.

The grass never grew back in that area. As I look at Google photo's of the house now, there is a huge Planter where the impression used to be.

Now, was this alien? No way to tell. But strangely suspicious, since there was no other reason why such an unnatural shape to appear over night.

So my opinion is, yes. Yes, it is possible to communicate or summon an extraterrestrial.

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