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WOT interesting articles

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 01:01 PM
Here are a few WOT news articles that are not making the main stream news.

I don't say all of these articles are Factual, just real interesting.

Russia Helped Al-Qaida, Still Arming Iranians.

Intelligence sources show Moscow, Baghdad supported bin Laden before
9-11 attacks

How South African Sasol Firm Sold WMD Chemicals to Iran.

A Sasol group company, African Amines, has illegally exported chemicals to Iran that could be used in the manufacture of chemical weapons

Is Egypt Ready to go Nuclear?

Experts worry about Cairo's superweapons program

New Jihadis, New Threats.

Syria, Hezbollah 'Looking to Attack Israel'

Jordan's king warns of plans to distract mounting international pressure.

US Secret Police Forces (SSB) Bomb Biochemical Plant Near Harvard University, ‘Murdered’ Scientist Dr. Don C. Wiley’s Pioneering Work Destroyed.

Ukraine Admits Selling Strategic Nuclear Missiles to China and Iran


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