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Abductions details: true or false?

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 05:56 AM
Last night, at a rather late hour, a UFO-related documentary was shown on an Italian TV channel. The entire program was packed-full of videos of sightings (whether inconfutably true or fake I cannot say and nor did they), and a few Italian experts of Ufology were interviewed. One, in particular, strongly stated that most sightings were easily discerned from possible military secret experimental aircraft appearances as the military KNOW where the trial flights take place, and they certainly don't plan them where civilians can spot or photograph them. Said that, he stated that if a sighting was elsewhere, or on a different day in respect to any eventual military enterprise, the sighting could be listed as 'temporarily acceptable', and was then closely investigated upon for further certainties.

But the main topic was the news that as from the 1st of January 2005, the British gov't has 'opened' the archives concerning UFO sightings (mainly) to the public, as a specific law has passed successfully. The narrator explained that perhaps this was/is another step towards global disclosure, and the various mentioned experts underlined that yes, of course, any such enterprise was to be acknowledged as useful towards that goal.

Part of the program was focused on abductions and presumed abductions. Another expert kept underlining that ALL abductees have a very particular mark upon them which is otherwise unexplainable: he stated that when a person gets abducted, it is common practise to 'scoop' a tiny part of the human fibres by means of their removal in a particular zone in the human body: this zone, apparently, seems always to be the human heels/ankle zone.

The expert (an italian doctor and ufologist whose name I cannot recall, I'm sorry) stated that instead of ordinary human fibres, from skin to bone included, there have been found healing matter in its place. Human healing matter, yet with hardly a recognizable sign of any 'operating' having took place. He kept enphasizing that this particular aspect concerns every abductee, whether the person in question remembers his/her ordeal or has removed the whole thing out of fear.

Is there anyone who has heard anything about this curious detail elsewhere? The man didn't sound or look like he was making anything up - yet, he did not demonstrate his beliefs with any objective proof DURING the program.


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