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U2's Bono.. and the World Bank/NWO? Bush admin. issue...

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 05:42 AM
i hope im posting this in the right place...

ok, this has been bothering me for a long while now.

i have been a huge U2 fan for.. damn, must be about 12 years now.
their music's always meant a lot to me, and there is something SO different about them and a feeling i get when listening to their music. i think many will agree. at least about some point of their career.
ive always been a big fan of the band itself, not just the music. always looked up to Bono and The Edge (amazing guitarist, man) and have thought they are great people. they're human, and im sure they are not perfect little angels, but they are human, and seem like good humans at that.

but, i missed out on a lot of the whole period, and in betweens as when Bono started getting involved in this whole Africa/AIDS thing. and honestly... i dont get it, and i am growing a bit questionable to it and his intentions.
when did this all start? was he like that with the whole issue before Live Aid and the whole thing with Bob Geldof?
has he ever clearly stated HOW and what spurred him to get SO intensely active in this? i know he and his wife were involved in some volunteer things before live aid, but i guess its my own stupidity for not really doing much research on it.

i am only 23 years old and was very young during those times, and quite honestly.. even after researching and trying to learn about the whole africa thing, i still dont get it. OK, i know about the whole debt issue, and the oppressive governments and other such political holds on those nations.

but, are the things that bono is doing purely NON-selfish and for a genuine good cause? or is he out on this for something more than that, and something that most people arent seeing?

what good else can ge be getting out of this whole African thing? i dont know how this all works.. but his "buddying up" with all these politicians and famous people (anyone at all) seems to disturb me a bit, to be honest.

here he is working alongside.. BILL GATES of all #ing people, and now the BUSH ADMINISTRATION of all things actually WANTS Bono (whom i thought was an anti-war, anti-everything thats going on now, kind of a person) to work for the World Bank. i thought they were leery of him? what the hell?
meanwhile, here is is praising the # out of bush (maybe hes just trying to get cozy with them to get to the real good cause of this? or not? who knows...)
and what bugs me just as much, is his friendship with Bill Clinton.
Ok, whats up with that anyway? Clinton is just as a sleeze bag SOB as Bush and all of them, if not.. possibly worse.
Clinton is here showing up to all these "Bono Honor Awards" events, and even mentions Bono, in very friendly ways in his book.. praising the man to death.
then, bush and his people like Tony Snow, etc... say how much they want Bono in for the World Bank thing.

so, i ask myself these few questions:

is bono kissing up to these people (even though maybe he doesnt want to..) and getting into all hes getting into.. to in the result... gain some control and position and then.. take over in a sense? and get things cleaned up for once?

(i hope its this.. and not my next theory.)

OR... is he really one of them?
have they gotten to him too? he wasnt at all, like this before.
i know how these freaks brainwash people.. but after a few years there, before 911.. bono changed.
its this odd seriousness there... and something doesnt seem right.

what do you all think?

is there anything, at all, that bono could be getting out of this, or for something sinister in the end instead of what hes saying hes out for?

what good can getting involved and giving money to the african nations really give to him? he dedicates SO much of his life to this.. and its a bit unnerving. its also like kicking a dead horse kind of a cause.

****so, why is he really in it?
does he maybe know something NWO-ish that may be coming out of this whole african thing in the end?? and wants to get his place in there before it does??

and, im not sure about this, but does anyone else know of the rumours that he may be on some sort of a drug?
or does he seem like it?

just curious on what you all think on all these issues... and if he's seriously in this for the right things or if hes trying to get involved with the NWO-ites.

[edit on 23-3-2005 by greenblob]

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