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My Beliefs - Obviously You Arent Listening

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:00 AM
I have a few issues with what people have started to assume about me. It is an indication once again, that their is a fundamental lack of intellegence and interpretation skills among a certain group of people. It is an indication, of blatant disregard to facts, and written opinion. Funny, how people claim to know a book of thousands of pages so well, when they can't even comprehend someone who is as blunt and straightforward as I am.

First and foremost. Time and time again, I have taken the time to point out to the members of this forum that science cannot answer everything. I have time and time again stressed that it is impossible at this time for humans to understand infinity, and the consequences of infinity. The idea of infinity can be understood, however a full understanding will never be least in the forseeable future. Thats the fundamental flaw of the human mind. Our inability to either rule it out completely, or understand it. Infinity.

This concept stretches far into science, as I have pointed out many times before. I admit that science cannot presently answer all there is to answer. This is what leaves room for the idea of a god and creator. Science leads you to the inevitable conclusion that yes, there might actually be something out there. I have never once denied this. Look at every single thread I have ever posted, and find one instance where I have said that god doesn't exist, or that science rules god out. You will only find me saying that science leaves room for a god, and cannot rule one out.

However, anything that does not include infinity in its fundamental equasions can be understood by humans. This includes many, many things. These basic understandings include some high end mathematical principals. So yes, some things may be difficult to understand, but that does not by any means make them impossible to understand.

The real issue here is, (and the overall point I am always trying to make), that THERE ARE things that can be understood. Mathematics, on a fundamental level is impossible to fail. 5+5 = 10. You can change the names, or the objects, but if you take five of anything, and lay them next to five more, that ALWAYS equals 10. There is nothing that anyone could do about that. It is a fundamental law, that not even a god could change.

Many more things that we understand are challenged in the bible. Walking on water for instance. Something that according to all laws of physics and BASIC MATHEMATICAL principals cannot change. It is just impossible. Instantly changing water into wine. Rising from the dead. These are a few things that simply are not possible.

However, about half of the world continues to believe these things can and have occured. And here comes my true standpoint. This half of the world, takes a book, full of obvious and horrible errors. They take that book, and "interpret" certain passages however they see fit, as to elimate these errors. Then, when they are told by other smarter people, that things in the bible must not be taken literally, they react by saying it is the word of god.

Not one person alive today has seen a man walk on water as described in the bible. To the contrary, nearly everyone has seen someone sink into water. Yet, foolish people blindly accept that issues such as these did occur before, even though everything they KNOW says it couldn't have. They base their foolish ideas on a book. A book, that contradicts not only itself, but half of all known sciences. In the name of their god and this book. They disregard science, and impede on human progress. They are the weak minded. They are the foolish who blindly follow.

For anyone who has a brain. The bible is a book written by people who had no secientific means of describing their world, thus enabling them to believe in fantasy, if not requiring them too. Don't kid yourself into believing when the bible says one thing, it doesn't mean it. Not unless you are willing to accept that it is likely that the rest of the bible is flawed in the same way as well. Can anyone see the face of god? Well, the bible says yes, and no. Christians have to make a choice. They made a choice, (no). Well, their leaders did. Most (99%) of christians probably do not know such an error exists in their infallible book. They just go on, believing in its words without question. But, when pressed, everyone would have to make a decision. To believe that the occurances that the bible states man saw god, were only metaphorical in some way. That is the way it is. However, these same people will criticise those who interpret other portions of the bible that they agree with. Even though, they must interpret on their own.

You see, the error here is clear to me. These people do not see themselves as interpreting. This is due to the fact that they are blind followers. The believe what they are told without question, which includes OTHER PEOPLES INTERPRETATIONS. They don't misinterpret, because others do it for them.

You want to find your god? Pick up a physics book. Pick up a math book. Read, study. Do something for your brain for once in your life. Stop hindering my progress, as well as your own because of stupidity. All the answers needed to find your god are in those science books. The difference? The science books don't lie and create fantasy to explain our world. They use facts and knowledge.

[edit on 3/22/2005 by Seapeople]

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