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kindness needed, kindness given

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 11:44 PM
This is a true story about a woman I got to know when her family had no hope for Christmas. I am still friends with her till this day.

It was 1997, and Christmas was only a month away when Jake received a phone call saying he was laid off. With bills to pay, 3 children to feed he was so let down, and discouraged, and sat down and sobbed, thinking how he was going to put gifts under the tree on Christmas morning, since all 3 of their kids still believed in Santa.He said he felt like a failure, that he let his family down, and no longer felt like a man.Dreading to tell his wife and parents the news, he did, crying as he talked.He wanted to crawl under the biggest rock and hide he said.
His wife, would not have none of it, she would not see her husband like this, so devastated, and said she would find a way, somehow....that somehow there would be a way.
The next day she called her local newspaper and put an ad in the paper, .It read......" Is there anybody out ther who can help our three chldren for Christmas, my husband was just laid off, and Christmas is coming fast, if any of you can find it in your hearts to help them I would greatly appreciate it. Beause as far as my children are concerned I have no pride, and do this with dignity.I cannot bear to see them wake up on Christams morning with nothing under the tree...Thank You for reading this..sincerely..............(name)
She put her phone number in the ad and her address.After three days had gone bywith no response she did the only thing she knew , she prayed, every night and asked God to find someone with kindness in their hearts to help them.
Two more days passed when the phone rang and the voice on the other end asked her kids ages sizes, and what they wanted, she was stunned, and told him, it was only necessary to get one thing each for them if he could, thanked him and hung up, crying with relief.
Over the next few weeks, people started coming to her house with money in envelopes, gifts, clothing, food, the entire neighborhood and surrounding cities had read the ad and were showing up with hundreds and hundreds of gifts...she was in shock, and told each peson "I have enough", but they would only insist she take their help.
The entire basement was full with every toy availanle, and clothing , boots, food, and she knew she couldn't keep it all ..not for her kids, it was too much, so she went around a neighborhood one that she knew was hard pressed at Christmas and told them all to come to her house and to take whatever they needed. They did and thanks her, but she told them it isn't me who gave this to you, it was strangers..
On Christmas Eve night she put all the gifts out and they were spread out from the tree the living room and went into the many.she thought.....and cried that total strangers had ddone this for a family they never even knew.
She decided to put another ad read."To each and every one of you who have taken the time to drive to my home, to go shopping, and to spend your hard earned money on my children..........we were a family who had lost hope, and all of you have made this hopeless family smile know that their are people out their who are giving and kind. I can never repay you for what you have given my three kids, their smiles are worth more than any amount of money, and please know that you noy helped just three children.....but 22 other needy children, If there is anything I can do for any of you please call me, and I will come. You have shown that love and kindess still exist, and I will never forget any of you.I call you all my special angels. You made the magic of Christmas a reality for us, and we thank you all from the bottom of our soul."

I am still friends with this woman, her husband got hired back on 4 months later, and now she does volunteer work, and works to help needy children. Because of her ad, people became aware of how needy families were at Christmas time, and I think that makes her a special woman and friend.


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