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US invasion of Iran -using current events for prediction-

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 08:28 PM
I was doing some of the proverbial 'deep thinking' the other day, and it dawned on me: Maybe the reason the US military is in the middle east is so insane that it is truely unbelievable. I began to first ponder about how we first approached the scene, and my knowledge of history tells me Israel has been a good allie since the days of Aytolla Khomenei. Then we (CIA) dabble in the affairs of a new regime established in Iraq, and back this regime's decision (or propogate at worst) to attack Iran. Retaliation for a hostage situation, maybe. But here me out, this is all taking place conveniently while USSR has lost Afghanistan and is begining to lose further states in around the area. How convenient it is that we are there.
Then we end up in Suadi Arabia of all places, how? Iraq. Why? Kuwait. We don't kick the mad dicatator out, maybe because he is not mad. We then keep a 'watchful' eye on him, meaning we are keeping thousands of troops in Saudi Arabia. Then comes 9/11, and before you know it over the past 22 years we have accumulated troops within Israel, SA, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and a fleet of US warships in the Arab penninsula.

We now are occupying a former USSR territory that we helped liberate with a large concentration of US troops elsewhere in the vicinity. What I was thinking about was did US intellegence somehow grab ahold of information concerning the demise of the USSR in the 1970's and use the above mentioned events to gain the lost territories, or set up a base camp for a possible secret Russian reprisal into these southern territories? Was the fall of the USSR planned and did the US act upon it? 9/11 an event to gain a foot in a future world war battleground? Why I say this is in regard to the attention we have been exerting over SK acquiring nuclear weapons abd the massive amount of intelligence devoted towards Iran, which would make a perfect stronghold if a Russian invasion were to ever occur.

Me thinks within the next 5-10 years China will invade Tawain (then possibly Japan), Russia will back China by invading its former territories thus spreading out the conflict that must be resolved. If the US is going to aide the defense of Tawain, it would be imperitive to impede her effort with a counterstike, say by the Russians in either Kyzakastan or Uzbikistan. We also know the tension mounting between Pakistan and India, which could mean an even greater 'diversion'.

So, anyone think this is possible or plausible?

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:12 AM
You made some pretty good points Frosty.

Personally, I think that Hussein needed to be removed from power for the overall stability for the region, but I also think that Iran is our ultimate goal.

Why then would we invade Iraq? I have a few plausible theories:

1. Invade Iraq to eliminate the possiblity of Iraqi collaboration with Iran if and when Iran was attacked.

2. Secure oil resources and staging areas in Iraq should other Arab states object to US attack on Iran cutting off use of their airspace, bases, oil. etc.

Whatever the case may be, I only hope that in the final analysis, the US can prove that it had knowledge of Iran's hostile intentions with nukes.


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