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The Government Tightening it's grip on us

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 12:00 AM
Well First off the FDA approved the use of the verichip in humans late last year. For those of you who don't know the verichip is being touted as a way to securely transmit medical information to doctors but it can also be used to track humans.

This opens the door for the government to force every man woman and child to have the verichip for the protection of America, all in the name of preventing terrorism.

Next the government has teamed up with Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express to ban the purchase of Cigarettes online in an attempt to prevent people from not paying taxes on Cigarettes. Next will probably be Alchohol, then drugs, then questionable material. But what is questionable? Oh our benevelont government will be happy to let us know that I am sure of.

Congress is up late tonight making a controversal decision on Terry Schiavo that one way or another will infringe on someones rights.

So in the end what you must understand is that government will soon control much more of you life than they do today. Beware.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 10:37 PM
yes i completly agree with u. but there are a few things u left out.

1) the satlite raido: congress has allready passed a bill to censer raido and tv. and now its trying to pass one that will censer satlite raido. freedom of speech as been taken away enough as it is.

2)the republican control: first off it was a repeblican who got us in the fires great depression.and noe they could have all power in the goverment . they belive that the ppl of the united states should fend for them selves. that means cuts in goverment aid. and cuts in production.

3)the more recently de-classified projects that the goverment did in the 60-70. that only leaves me to wonder what they are working on now.

4)our goverment is becoming more controlling like a communist goverment(and i am not saying we are comminusts. its just something i have noticed)

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 12:26 AM
Pretty soon they'll require us to have identification cards to drive automobiles or collect social security. People may one day get things sent to their house according to an address that the government has a record of! If you are a sexual predator you may be required to alert neighbors to your presence, and if you want a firearm the evil government won't let you because you have committed a felony! All of this is just too much an outrage to endure!

As for the censorship of radio and television - broadcast radio and television are controlled by government agencies to ensure decency. FREE SPEECH is NOT infringed upon if you willingly pay for it (Sirius, Spice Channel for example.) Things that make people uncomfortable in broadcast media are considered "air pollution" by legal standards. Complain to the EPA

As for the gov't making us fend for ourselves... umm, no, but they should. "The land of the free" doesn't mean everything is free. You take care of you, I'll take care of me.

Gov't projects are classified at times because we don't want potential enemies to know our capabilities (it is fair to assume, as it has been claimed, that the US technological capability is 75+ years past what the public is aware of.) If the Soviets didn't have the Rosenbergs, et al. it would have taken them much, much longer to get "the bomb," Imagine if we would have simply given them the schematics as soon as it was deemed feasible.

The verichip is a good thing, imo. However, as the original poster notes, it could open some unpleasant doors potentially. However, from what I've read it does not transmit and atm only stores medical information (if I pass out and happened to have diabetes or something, it could save my life if doctors knew this immediately.) Since it is voluntary for the time being it is an excellent device, I am certain nobody will question that, but then again... those darn future doors...

I have no comment on the internet tax on online cigarettes concerning credit cards... You opt to use a Visa, etc. no gov't problem there imo, they can do what they want and the government has always tried different ways to collect on taxes (come on, you know you owe 'em!)

About the Shiavo case... it is special and strange - as it has been noted on this site it's a good lesson in creating a living will. I think the congress and President are justified in their actions because no one knows for certain what Mrs. Shiavo wants, and if you must err you must err on the side of life.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 02:23 AM
On how this Schiavo issue is splintering GOP over Federalism & tight government controls.

Social Conservatives versus Process Conservatives

GOP Splintering Over Schiavo

"This is a clash between the social conservatives and the process conservatives, and I would count myself a process conservative," said David Davenport of the Hoover Institute, a conservative research organization. "When a case like this has been heard by 19 judges in six courts and it's been appealed to the Supreme Court three times, the process has worked - even if it hasn't given the result that the social conservatives want. For Congress to step in really is a violation of federalism."

Stephen Moore, a conservative advocate who is president of the Free Enterprise Fund, said: "I don't normally like to see the federal government intervening in a situation like this, which I think should be resolved ultimately by the family: I think states' rights should take precedence over federal intervention. A lot of conservatives are really struggling with this case."

Some more moderate Republicans are also uneasy. Senator John W. Warner of Virginia, the sole Republican to oppose the Schiavo bill in a voice vote in the Senate, said: "This senator has learned from many years you've got to separate your own emotions from the duty to support the Constitution of this country. These are fundamental principles of federalism."

"It looks as if it's a wholly Republican exercise," Mr. Warner said, "but in the ranks of the Republican Party, there is not a unanimous view that Congress should be taking this step."

In interviews over the past two days, conservatives who expressed concern about the turn of events in Congress stopped short of condemning the vote in which overwhelming majorities supported the Schiavo bill, and they generally applauded the goal of trying to keep Ms. Schiavo alive. But they said they were concerned about what precedent had been set and said the vote went against Republicans who were libertarian, advocates of states' rights or supporters of individual rights.

"My party is demonstrating that they are for states' rights unless they don't like what states are doing," said Representative Christopher Shays of Connecticut, one of five House Republicans who voted against the bill. "This couldn't be a more classic case of a state responsibility."

"This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy," Mr. Shays said. "There are going to be repercussions from this vote. There are a number of people who feel that the government is getting involved in their personal lives in a way that scares them."

Go go process conservatives!

"This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy."

Too bad their bark has no bite. The theocrats are in charge. These Republican Representatives should switch to LP over this.

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 08:18 PM
u relize that most of the good things about our goverment were put in place by a dem (FDR). and every sence them rep's have been trying to take them away from us.

(oh ya i have post that says bush is running theForth Reich. but its under the New World Order form)

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by RANT
Too bad their bark has no bite. The theocrats are in charge. These Republican Representatives should switch to LP over this.

More and more Republicans are starting to see this.

The Republicans pay, at best, lip service to what is supposed to be their core values. At least the Democrats don't try to hide the fact they are little Socialists....LOL

It amazes me to see the so-called conservatives BEGGING for bigger government and more control of our private lives.

Reminds me of the scene in "1984" where the government changes the people they are at war with in mid-rally and everyone just starts chanting for the death of, what was seconds before, their Ally.

If this was a Democratic President and Congress they would be screaming for their heads, and rightly so.

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 10:58 AM
More right-wing Alex Jones style propaganda.

I don't feel any less free than I did many years ago before 9-11 and all that.

Nobody is going to force you to shove a microchip in your arm or whatever... relax.

For decades the right-wing were talking about a massive gun confiscation that was going to happen "any day now" Or a massive citizen relocation to FEMA camps, once again "any day now" '

And democrats are far from socialists, they are run by the same elite group which runs the republicans.. come on folks are we that brain dead?

[edit on 31-3-2005 by RedOctober90]

[edit on 31-3-2005 by RedOctober90]

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by RedOctober90
And democrats are far from socialists, they are run by the same elite group which runs the republicans.. come on folks are we that brain dead?

Can you show me ONE post of mine where I have claimed different?

The two party system is just a horse and pony show.

As for you not feeling any less free, how old are you? I turn 55 this month and our freedom has been in a steady decline for years.

Whither it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy or not the Government has no right to know what I do in my private life, what kind of books I read, how many guns I own, what I do with my money, etc. I don't care if they are using the information to know how many concentration camps to build or just wanting to know what I would like for Christmas this year, its still NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.

Most of the worst HAS been avoided, but its not because those would happily trade all freedom to be protected from the bogeyman of the week. Its because of those that have fought them EVERY STEP of the way. Its because of those who, instead of howling in glee every time another law was passed to protect us from the big bad terrorists, drug dealers, commies, Nazis, gun owners, UFOs, Gang Bangers, Grandma, Bigfoot, estranged husbands/wives, ourselves, etc; have asked....How can this law be abused by those in power?

Because guess what? They WILL abuse it. I dont care if they are Republicans or Democrats, Libertarians, etc, Hell I dont trust MYSELF with the power these people want.

How has it effected me? Not much if any, I live in the backwoods of Arkansas under the radar and pretty much ignored. But slavery didnt effect me either but it is still wrong.

Maybe its just me but I was raised in the mountains where just a couple generations back government agents were shot on sight and feed to the pigs. (I am NOT joking)

I think Grandpa had the right idea.....LOL

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