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Rice Goes to Church in China

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 11:04 PM
I'm going to take pictures of some churches for everyone here at ATS.

Rice went to Church in Beijing today. She wasn't the first. Bill Clinton and Albright went too. These churches are state sponsored. Is something wrong with that? Aren't all Churches in the USA state sponsored: Answer = No. They can exist but the State doesn't recognize them as Churches.

Most of these non-state sanctioned Churches here are underground...or just what you might say, Bible study groups. Without the liscense from the state the cannot construct their own Church. The same in the USA. My father built his own Church in Washington State, it was in the ELCA synod. It's just like a franchise business, get accepted into the Synod and you get to have the Name...then build your own Church. You must first have state liscenses or "State Backing". Without this backing your are just a group as in China.

Nothing bad happens to these people for doing this, they do keep it secret but their friends know they do this and are invited. These people wear around crosses and spread the gospel.

What else do you want Chinese people to have in the sense of Religious Freedom?

An non-state sanctioned Church built illegal without liscenses and permits? That isn't done in USA nor China.

In America, you like to have Mosques that preach things that say things you disagree with, like Infitada and Jihad against American Infidels? Do you think it's ok for these people to preach this in USA? Religious Freedom?

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