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the truth about greys and saucers maybe?

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 09:16 PM
Through all my research and through all of the different theories, ideas, and conclusions I've come across and ones I've made myself, I think I've finally come to the best one...

it is that

alien greys are not actually aliens, but rather beings of another dimension/plane of existance. They live here and they live now but merely on different freqeuncy and energy lengths, for isn't that what the multiverse means? Well, let me explain...the whole thing on "parallel universes" and such, well, what quantum science means, in the field of Einstein and Tesla, is that there is nothingness, and within this nothingness is either a growing or dying universe that within itself makes up a multiverse. This doesn't mean that in the sense of Hollywood or the show Sliders that there are parallel universes, but it does mean something similar. It means that all realities/universes exist in the same space of this infinite nothingness as well as the same time, but scientifically speaking the chaotically random levels of frequency ranges puts all universes out of sync with each other, ergo, we can't see certain realities and beings merely because their frequecy(wave lengths or vibrations) are out of our own frequency's range. The universe/multiverse is infinite, for example, take the most powerful microscope in the world designed to magnify space, not outer space, but say the space that sits between you and the monitor you're reading this on. If you continued to magnify that space, trying to find the smallest matter that makes it up, you never would; it would conintue, forever, just as a telescope would continue to look further and further through the stars into a vast nothingness that would go on forever in itself.

Well anyway, I went off on something most of you have probably already thought of, but I don't see a thread on it and it fascinates me, yet fails to surprise me.

Yes, so, greys by nature are VERY scientific beings who are not like us in that they dunnot have choice. Greys have evolved in such a way that when they are born, like animals, it is their nature to know nothing more than science, and obviously a part of that is manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum. They can come in and out of different realities and even times. I dunnot believe, however, that greys have mastered time travel, for there is a theory that states greys to be our evolved form, that after the end of the world in biblical prophecies, those whom inherit the Earth evolve into the grey race.

So in the infinite possibility of everything, anything, and nothing, there our future time randomly exists within this time on a different plane, and our evolved form unknowlngly travels to the past to study a race magnificantly amazing to Us and of course animals, plants, and all life about our planet and orbit, maybe beyond. Greys are intriged by our cultural diversity and obvious ability to break the nature of things in our ecosystems and such. They obviously see that we have choice, or to us a soul, and this is what they find so mysterious, and is the ultimate scientific pinnacle to them.

Now for flying saucers...Easy, for they are the craft used by the Nefilim/Elohim(or in the New King James version "God"), a race of Gods/aliens/beings that contributed to our present humanoid state, in their own image/liking. We were slaves and than later accepted as an actually living entity in the universe, and than taught to live by their way. Later, the more superior humans, the favored ones, were also allowed the knowledge of the technology of the craft and weapons of these ancient beings thatfrequented our planet.

Our government has known greatly of all of the above. Sacred orders such as the Illuminati, and specifically the Illuminati, are made up of the same kind of people that the Nefilim would've deemed "upper class" and privileged to use these ancient knowledges and crafts. It is kept from us that in our past we were actually more intelligent and very in touch with the universe and even multiverse and even the most sacred, yet most simplistic bit of knowledge of all, The Divine. The Illuminati have choice over what we on Earth know and how we unfold as segregated races of one species, and while they are a good thing in the universe, they've gone too far with keeping us from such sacred knowledge as The Divine, which as the most simplisitc yet eminant knwoledge of the universe is also the privilge not to a select few, but a knowledge that belongs to ALL and has always for inifinity...but hey, the way things are are the way things should be according to the very Divine, so why do I bring that up?

So we've found bits of this ancient advanced technology, but most of it left the Earth along with the Nefilim, or was lost in the sands of time. We've learned mostly from sacred orders who have always carried the knowledge through kinships, but we also have gathered scientific data from finding bits of this technology through archeology, and through ancient scriptures, texts, and glyphs.

In the early 1900s governments world over started to mess with various kinds of this ancient technology, quite prominantly saucers, although they did not use the same knowledge sacred orders and kinships have. Most of the tech the govs and scientists were using was from bits and pieces of artifacts found here and there. NASA, the U.S. military, and the rest, all thought they were so clever in there inate ability to keep all this top secret that they developed an ego of "eliteism", however they know little and deny what they do know of the Illuminati and their intent on all of this.

From the 1930's to especially the 1940's-60's, as we know, a LOT of saucer UFO phenoma was being reported and recorded. There was a time, Roswell, when one of these craft strayed away from its test area and crashed in a desert. The human pilots were dressed in grey suits with helmets that had big black visors on them and an air hose coming out of the mask as modern day pilotware is for fighters and such. Back than this gear was still secret technology not yet in effect in the world's militaries. It was test gear and such, but perfected enough to be used for advanced craft testing and such. People were looking at something totally alien to them---a saucer sticking out of the ground and two pilots dressed in crazy looking outfits never seen by the unacknowledged eye. The government thought "how funny---but not---we need to cover this $#@% up before they find out" and so the gov did an ever so clever thing as to admitting to the public that a new race crash landed on Earth in a flying saucer, AND THAN, to make it even more questionable, so that people would keep asking the questions that don't matter nor have existing answers to, they turned around and denied the existance of greys and really they caused us to ask the wrong questions and thus look in the wrong places, fueling Hollywood with ideas to make all this seem even cookier.

Mainstream science that considered itself "top secret" could never perfect the technology of saucers for numerous reasons, and nowadays most of the secret military and scientific community has given up on the exploration in this field of science, which includes making craft visually invisible, time travel, teleportation/spacial travel(like folding space for deep space travel), and ancient weapons like astras and such---but they have perfected a few of those.

Now we wait while the Illuminati and other high orders that contain the only perfect knowledge of the ancients construct underground cities for their refuge as biblical prophecies unfold, when weather drastically changes, and when the Nefilim return. There is a most secret knowledge present in them

anyway, what do you think? what do you know? what do you think you know?

[edit on 20-3-2005 by cosmic fury]

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 10:14 AM
Interesting post. I couldn't understand on your opening sentence whether or not this theory is one you came across, or if it is a collection of ideas you've put together on your own that you've come across.

Within the first few sentences I realized I had heard this all before. If you haven't already, you should read Children of the Matrix by David Icke. Just about 100% of what you said is in there, and more.

I personally can't say I believe a lot of what he says, however it was interesting enough for me to finish reading.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 10:25 AM
I mostly agree, I think it more likely they travel dimensionally rather than huge distances. I'm even open to time travel, but there are too many paradoxes and problems with that, so I usually go with dimension or planes.
What is really interesting is how they are almost 100% described as bipeds with 2 eyes, nostrils, arma, legs, etc, very simlar to us actually. One theory is, of course, they engineered us or created us, but that doesn't explain all the other primates, unless you want to say they did the same for them.
what's really scary, is how they treat us like we treat cows or pigs. I really don't want to know what they're up to ! Anyone interested in that angle should read piers anthony, anthonology, short story which has a man stumbling upon an alien farm where they are breeding and cultivating humans like makes you think !

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 01:29 PM
I have also come across the theories of aliens engineering us synthetically. I tend to agree more with the theory that aliens tooled around with the DNA of a primative species of man, than the notion that they just created us outright.

This could explain the lack of evidence of a "missing link" that humans have been looking for for such a long time. Also, it would explain while they're are still primates in the world.

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