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I Channel The Dark One

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 08:20 PM
Great you asked him questions about his world..
Don't fall into the trap... you have to ask VERY specific questions if you want answers, and you want to prove to us that your not fabricating those answers (which are mighty easy) ..

Ask questions specifically.. like, the Jesus you spoke with in the desert... not just Jesus. ... theres lots of those.. you've already proven you're fabricating this out of your mind.. so he automatically knows your thoughts? whom your speaking about?.... Thats just an example of how specific you have to be when asking your questions..

I'd love to see your answer to some questions I have ... lol
it'd be interesting to gauge the results..

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 08:25 PM
Anyone remembe the story of Prometheus? Brought fire to man, was punished by the gods?

It was a successful myth resurected to inject fear into a populace to make them easier to control.

There is of course order and chaos, light and dark, but they are inseparable. To call one good and worthy of worship, while ignoring the other, is simply wrong.

Without one the system would cease to function. The whole idea of a world with no death is ludicrous, because it doesn't account for the cycle of life, life feeds on life, in its wake death breeds new life. The sun can't just 'keep rising' any more than the snow can 'keep melting', it's an interconnected system, a perpetual motion machine on a planetary scale.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 08:32 PM
all I have to add is be careful when dealing with spirits who identify themselves as being evil

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 11:23 PM
Not to sound disrespectful or anything, but I never met anyone who had a conversation with the devil who wasn't at least mildly disturbed one way or another. Also, why would you keep the conversation going if you felt "sick" half way through?
Gotta listen to your gut...defying it can take you down an ugly road.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by duh squared
Not to sound disrespectful or anything, but I never met anyone who had a conversation with the devil who wasn't at least mildly disturbed one way or another.

Add me to your 'disturbed' list.

Originally posted by duh squared
Also, why would you keep the conversation going if you felt "sick" half way through?

It's not an easily explainable feeling. Sick is only a physical feeling, but this kind of sick feelign is mental and physical.

Originally posted by duh squared
Gotta listen to your gut...defying it can take you down an ugly road.

Agreed. Your conscious was placed there to help you discern good and evil.

[edit on 22-3-2005 by saint4God]

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 08:35 AM

(posted by Cassie Clay)
I make no guarantee that this is the one and only Lucifer

The one and only Lucifer??? How Medieval. Just some wicked, to the n-th power, individual, spreading lies couched in profound truths in order to befuddle. F. ex. ....

Aliens are agents of Chaos. They live off of adrenal surges in the form of energy. Chaos energy. They are the destabilizers.

The entity is talking about the ones that mess around in human affairs. It conveniently abstains from mentioning those entities that, whether aliens or otherwise, never do that, out of respect for our free will, and quietly warn about these evil interlopers, leaving it up to us to believe the warnings or mock them, as is generally the case at ATS.


Q: If I channeled Order would I get completely different answers?
A: Not on the fundamentals.

We all know that the answers are completely different. Also...

Q: What happens after we die?
A: Stay away from the big light if you want to retain your consciousness. The Light is the first snare, it scoops a lot along its way. It boils down to consciousness versus sweet blissful ignorance.

What a malicious suggestion. That is exactly the opposite of what you should do when the time comes. Nearly everybody, when the light shining through the gap between the lower and the higher planes of reality appears, react with fear and move away, rather than approaching, and taking advantage of a unique opportunity to ascend.

It behooves you to heed so many people here telling you not to associate with these cursed entities, but if it ever accosts you, ask it whether or not it has reflected on the moment when it will be absorbed into nothingness, as is the fate of all evil things. It is for these things that death finally comes, and they simply cease to exist. In those final moments they finally feel the terror that they have for so long enjoyed inflicting on others, because they realize that they are just about to vanish forever. It's like the terror that people feel as their airplane starts nosediving and they know they have only a few seconds left to live.

There is an effective way to ward off these evil things when you feel their presence: simply start cursing, belittling and berating them, telling them to go away, that you know that they are despicable, ugly and grotesque, the scum of the Universe, that they actually hate themselves for what they are, that they know they are worthless etc. etc. etc. Work yourself into a frenzy of cursing. Shout and wave your arms about in a threatening way. Maybe this is the only case when it is totally justified. This takes them aback. Watch out for the wishywashy, lukwarm people here that find it all so amusing.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
This might help?

Yeppers. Thanks. I get the general idea now.
I had never before heard this term.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
Kundalini is a metaphysical dormant spiritual energy that is
depicted like a coiled snake at the base of the spine. When
the Kundalini is activated, ones psychic abilities are activated.

Thank you. I will read with great interest. Like I said, I have
never heard this term before.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by saint4God

I'd be interested in hearing if ever you'd like to expand or U2U.

Guess I need a few more posts under my belt to send a U2U before I can (found out after I typed for 20 minutes).

I would say my highlight would be having a demon (or spirit or whatever) tell me and some other people working the ouija board that "I can kill you all right now."

I didn't doubt it for a second. That board was toast (burned) the next day to end the compulsion to talk to these things again.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by WyrdeOne
Do you mean Djinn, as in bound-within-a-bottle wish granting spirits?

On an unrelated note...
Is it so hard for everyone to lay off the fear-mongering?

"Be very, very afraid of the thing that terrifies me!" That's what you're all saying. Stop trying to wedge your own dark spots into other peoples universes.

Pay no attention to the peanut gallery, make your own reality.

That's almost bumper sticker worthy, I reckon.

LOL, funney story about that, see, supposivly you can bound those suckers into any object that has a lid, and once entering it, they forfiet all their power.
but demons or sprites non the less, i would hope that she contacted a djinni instead of satan, that would really, really be a bad idea, unless you were to protect yourself somehow, i've not read into it, but i guess that would involve contacting the good sprites, getting blessed by them and the like, maybe even some religueus emblums on a necklass of some sort.
but, i'm pretty sure that inviteing an evil djinni is just as dangerus as summoning an evil one to the physical plane, the only differnce is that after the witty remarks, they would flat out kill you if you drew the penticles even a tiny bit wrong.... as opposed to them distroying you the hard way, inside out....
i haven't read enough to be sure on any of this 100%, but who has? just don't quote me on it as a fact.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 04:10 PM
I feel this is fake. An attention thing really. I mean if this being is there and feeds off chaos then wouldnt "it" be striving to cause chaos? Wouldnt it be more beneficial to it to drive you insane and feed off of you rather than have a nice chat with you? I find it funny thought that you got no straight answers that I saw. Just my opinion though.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 06:29 PM
Let's see...

1) Was this my Higher Self speaking to me? Quite possible. There is no way of knowing. Some of this sounds like the way I write and think and some of it came out of left field.

2) Is this a hoax? When I began this enterprise my tongue was planted firmly in cheek. I was meditating, but I was looking for information/creative inspiration that would help me write a parody of channeled information. Halfway through, when this Whatever suggested I would die from some sort of bullseye-related malady (which was such a bummer, because I always thought I'd die from cancer), I got a little concerned. By the end, I realized I just committed another spiritual/magickal snafu. Oh, well...

3) "Don't mess with the Dark Ones, come into the Light." First off, I appreciate the sentiment--it's always nice for people to care about your wellbeing (unless they are shoving a religious pamphlet in your face 9:00 in the morning as you run to the train). My personal opinion is that ignoring Chaos doesn't do any good because it's always going to be there. Concentrating on the Light exclusively is no more healthy than concentrating on the Dark--it is the denial of one half of reality. In order to have Jesus, you need Judas. I've tried going down an exclusively Christian path & it wasn't for me though I really earnestly tried. I've tried to go down a "White Lighter" New Age path but that also didn't gel. Right now I would classify myself as an agnostic with more of a belief in quantum physics than mysticism.

4) "But you're going to pay...down the line." Really, is that how it works? What did little Jessica Lundsford do to deserve being raped and killed by a pedophile? People "pay" in this world regardless of whether they are hardcore satanists or Mother Teresa. Bad things happen to good people--and good things happen to bad people! And if I indeed channeled some sort of entity, it probably wasn't Lucifer (which I don't believe in as an actual personage, just an idea) but some sort of "ancestral spirit" or cranky dead person. And if it really was some sort of "demon" or whatnot--"demons" are all around us. Negative energy is all around us, same as positive. Ignoring the negative doesn't make it go away or make us safer--it creates an imbalance. I feel safer looking at evil right in the face and asking it questions than hiding from it.

My final take on it? I started the session as a joke, by the end it wasn't a joke. My personal opinion is that this channeling session reflected the viewpoint of a dark force in the universe--but that it is not necessarily (or even probably) "Lucifer" or anything like that but an impersonal Force. I believe some of the entity's more general claims about the nature of order & chaos in the universe, but the particulars regarding morality were troubling. I did feel sick 2/3 into the session, I thought I was going to vomit. I also had the horrible feeling that I did look into something bigger than myself--it wasn't a horrible feeling regarding the morality of such an enterprise, but just the enormity of it. I am also quite open to the possibility that channeling is nothing more than using one's imagination--or is it that using one's imagination is tantamount to a sort of channeling? I am open to the possibility that I do not have the answers, and that I might be completely wrong (which is usually more than most skeptics are willing to do). It would be fun to do further channelings with "Lucy" and crap like that but I think it would make me really ill to do so. This is very troubling because I think "Lucy" is a far bigger glutton for attention than myself & that he feels he has an audience. But this will fade away like everything else does on these forums, and new topics will take its place.

Of course, if I dictate 10,000 pages or so of "Lucy's" views, I can put out some million-selling books like Jane Roberts with Seth ($$$$$). Oh that's right, Jane Roberts died early of cancer, never mind.

(and the loud unexplainable thumps in my apartment continue)

[edit on 22-3-2005 by Cassie Clay]


posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 06:34 PM
I think that trying to contact Satan or Lucifer is a bad idea but I am also Catholic, but I don't like to bring relgion in to my post too much.

Maybe you were, as many said above, talking to your subconcious. I talk to myself all the time and sometimes I wonder if its really me saying some of the stuff or some other....thing. It seems like everyone has some one they talk to in their mind weather they notice it or not. As for me I have full conversations with myself and the other half can be very cynical much like your "Lucifer" and sometime is very happy and upbeat....

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 09:19 PM
Great work of fiction. I found it entertaining.

[edit on 22-3-2005 by madmangunradio]

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by madmangunradio
Great work of fiction. I found it entertaining.

[edit on 22-3-2005 by madmangunradio]

I think only a person who considers this a work of fiction could possibly find this entertaining or enjoyable. Sort of how people can enjoy horror movies, because they are sure it isn't real.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:27 PM
I tried it one more time. It's kind of boring, and I had to censor it towards the end. Feh.

Q: First of all I have to say for the record that I don’t believe you’re the actual Lucifer. I think even you would agree that such a claim is pretty “out there”--like sayng you’re a character from Blade Runner, if you remember the last time we talked.
A: You’re really roaring right out of the gate, aren’t you?

Q: What are you specifically?
A: Serpentirion. A worm-shaped creature, actually a like a larva, but a big grown one.

Q: Okay...and that is...
A: A primal basic entity. Thoughts and concepts solidified for your understanding.

Q: I just got the word “parasite” in my head. Are you a parasite?
A: We interface with the world, if that’s what you mean.

Q: No, what I mean is a mite more intimate.
A: Am I feeding off of you? I feed off of you and everything else regardless if we talked or not. I am as pervasive as air. You can’t help but touch air.

Q:And is your name really “Serpentirion” or are you making that up? And why is that vibration hitting my left leg like somebody was playing loud music on a boom box down stairs?
A: Every time I use a word with you I ‘m making things up. I’m making things up out of necessity. You have no comprehension of my language. I don’t even have a language. Everything I’m making up so you can wrap your brain around it. And as for your leg, I have no idea. You’re really stretching things.

Q: What do you think of that Seth entity from the Jane Roberts books?

Q: That’s harsh.
A: You shouldn’t put too much stuff in your body you can’t handle. Every channel is radiation. Every touch outside of the material is a quickening of your human function.

A: Every event in your body is tied into something greater and smaller, like a continuum, like a code of related objects.

Q: Was Seth right? I mean, his teachings?

Q: I want absolutes.
A: Not even the Ultimate is an absolute. The Ultimate is birthing itself backwards over and over again, so we cannot find the finite Ultimate, the last visible star. The start is always being replayed, time is constantly walking backward as to give you all more rope.

Q: I want straight answers. I mean, you can say what you want, but it would be helpful if I could have straight answers. I want to know straight--was there a historical Jesus.
A: We already went through this.

Q: But I want specifics now. Was there a historical Jesus?
A: There was a person who you would consider possessed who was a partial template for the Jesus of the Bible. Partial template.

Q: How was this person possessed?
A: He was possessed by both of us. Chaos and Order. We do things in tandem, out of necessity.

Q: Back up. Are you “Serpent-guy” or are you Chaos with a capital C?
A: Chaos as a whole could not be speaking to you now, only splinters can communicate with the material.

Q: And so was Jesus the son of God or not?
A: You are all the sons of God and the Devil, to use your own words.

Q: Are you saying that we are all divine?
A: Honey, I said nothing about divinity in all this.

Q: Was Jesus special? did he come back from the dead?
A: What do you want me to say? You want me to be a crowd pleaser? What? Jesus--as a whole, not just the historical personage--is a larger concept, as I am, as Order is.

Q: Is Jesus Order?
A: He sure as hell is not Order. I come to bring a sword and all that.

Q: What was/is his function?
A: Twofold. Chaos and order. He was necessary to maintain the Balance. Or else this world would be overwhelmingly evil.

Q: So you admit Jesus is good & necessary, right?
A: Idiot! You are the one bringing morality into it.

Q: Yeah, but you’re the one who mentioned evil. Isn’t evil morality?
A: What you consider good and bad in the world is beyond concepts of morality. These are concepts of structural purity of the universe.

Q: So the athiests are right or wong?
A: The athiests--true ones, not just frustrated idealists--have transcended the need to give us titles and names and personalities. They have transcended the need to engage in conversations such as thus. They accept life at face value. The true athiests mind you. It is very difficult to be a true athiest. Many of those who claim to be athiests just want an excuse to screw sheep in peace--which is fine by me.

Q: So the Christians and Christ serve a real function in the universe? They are helping maintain its balance, therefore helping/allowing the universe to continue? What if the balance was upset?
A: The end of balance is complete implosion.

Q: So did Jesus come back from the dead?
A: Jesus as a human was a done deal way before he started on his campaign. He was completely hollowed out and consumed by the outside forces. I mean this is a *good* way, of course.

Q: Right. So he didn’t die on the cross and was resurrected.
A: Jesus wasn't Jesus a man at that point! Of course he was resurrected! There’s been many resurrections, some less pleasant than others.

Q: But Jesus suffered & sacrificed, right?
A: He was sacrificed when he was an infant and the humanity was taken away and he became a tool of chaos and order. All humans sacrifice when their personalities are lost--even though life is so wretched. Humans love and cling to the personality most of all. Which is why going towards the light upon death is the worst thing you could do, if you care about such matters.

Q: Okay, about that. Aren’t you just lying about going towards the light because you’re evil and stuff?
A: You have to make a decision--join the mass and lose the personality or hold on to your personality and take your chance in the wilds of the infinite. This is the key spiritual dilemma.
This question informs everything.

Q: It sounds like an antisocial question.
A: Etiquitte in the face of the infinte. You choose what you want to do.

Q: Okay, back to really important matters--me. I want to know everything about me. Why was I born?
A: This masturbation you’re doing is pretty good, no? Love to hear the same things over again.

Q: Why was I born? What's my specific purpose in life?
A: You are an instigator, an irritant, a mid-level catalyst, and an annoyance. Words are your best medium for this, written words. You infect the world with chaotic memes.

Q: That sounds pretty unpleasant. What do you mean?
A: You say things people either do not want to hear or that they secretly want someone to say.

Q: And what do I get out of this?
A: Just the tastiness the mechanism, mostly, and the response.

Q: Will I ever make some good $$$$
A: If the whoring is just right.

Q: Can I make good money out of our discussions? Like Seth?
A: Not direct physical currency, no.

Q: Will I ever be rich?
A: You’ll be comfortable enough, as you are now, though it is probably the worst thing for you.

Q: Are these absolute pronouncements or can the future as you see it be changed?
A: The only chance for the future to be changed has happened already for everybody. Now you have only to look to the present.

Q: Let’s do current events for a chance of pace. Is Scott Peterson going straight to hell?
A: You assume a morality to the universe.

Q: C’mon--Scott Peterson!
A: If there wasn’t really a hell like is popularly believed, a cosmic morality--how do you feel that would impact the balance of chaos and order? So it is necessary that there be a system--in your plane. But it is not a universal absolute . It’s just a function of your plane.

Q: So people can’t indulge in immorality like you encouraged last session--you know, satisfying their frustrated desires--because then the balance would be tipped and you’re s**t out of luck.
A: I have no choice but to push for chaos. I am responsible for only one side of the balance, and I do not hold back in that function. I am mindless and determined. I am just explaining to you the way things are. I am not saying its to my personal satisfaction.

Q: Was that shooter in the news with the school a tool of chaos? Did he even have a chance?
A: The Judas syndrome--a Christ-created catayst. Go and thank Christ for it.

Q: You said I’m a mid-level catalyst. What does that mean then?
A: You’re a catalyst through words, through memes that infect the populace. This child in question was XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX.


Q: How do we stop it?
A: You don’t or the balance would be destroyed.

Q: But what if that’s a lie just to help your side? What if the whole idea of balance is a lie?
A: The day when Jesus comes charging down main street on his horse and the wicked tossed into charnel pits is the day of apocalypse.

Q: What about the peace afterwards?
A: What comic book are you reading this stuff from?

Q: But you could be completely lying to me.
A: How would you know?

Q: I could follow my intuition.
A: Intuition is just an empty space within yourself infested with discarnate spirits whispering. The idea of intuition and higher self is a farce. There is no higher self. What you are and see is what you get. sorry.

Q: The Pope is sick again. Are you happy about that?
A: The Pope is X XXXXXXX XXXX.

Q: Is he going to die soon?
A: If you knew the mechanics by which he was holding on, it would surprise you, because there’s a story to it.

Q: So he’s past due but hanging on for a purpose?
A: He's waiting for a prophecy to be revealed that he knows he has a part in.

Q: That’s kinda kind of like Davinci code bull****, ooh spooky and momentous...
A: The plates underground are the actual gears of the clock. Another turning is immanent.

Q: I don’t want to even get into this prophecy stuff.
A: Why? You eat this stuff up like dinner.

Q: Because if you really know all, tell me now or don’t.
A: What sort of a sentiment is that? Why are you so immature?

Q: I’m just tired of talking with you now. I’m just bored. It’s not even exciting or spooky anymore. It’s boring. Screw you. Serpentor.
A: You're amazing. This is great, I'm eating this up.

Q: You sound like an old lady. Screw you. Screw this. Boring. Turn it off.

I don't know, kind of boring overall. Not that exciting or interesting. I don't particularly feel sick after this session--I'm a little "up" actually. And my "contact" kind of flaked out there towards the end and got kind of stereotypical or libelous so I had to bleep that out. If anything this is just a low-grade entity-thingie, if anything. I think this is just a mental exercise in clearing out garbage between the ears, or at most some low-level discarnate. blahblahblah. Peace.

[edit on 22-3-2005 by Cassie Clay]

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:30 PM
From the bringer of light (sometimes confused with the tyrannical ruler of Hades) to a bloated worm?

Oh well. Some entities are masters of disguise.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by MaskedAvatar
From the bringer of light (sometimes confused with the tyrannical ruler of Hades) to a bloated worm?

Oh well. Some entities are masters of disguise.

Well, he was kind of cute. In a pasty living-on-offal sort of way.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:38 PM

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by Balaams donkey

If Jesus Christ and all of the prophets and saints, are so bad then why could they do miracles of healing, raise the dead, stand up against corruption, and hate. How is it the Christ saw him fall like lighting from Heaven, if he has always been. He is no god. He is an anathema to the True God.

Yeah, but your God says that if people--no matter how good--are going to Hell (capital H) if they don't accept Jesus as their personal savior (the egotist!). I never said that Lucifer or whatever the thing was (if it was a thing at all) was all cool and stuff. But any god that would condemn people to the fire because of a religious choice or sexual preference is just as bad as Lucifer, in my opinion. The church & the Bible, by directly and indirectly being involved in the slaughter and persecution of millions through the centuries, has been a tool of Chaos. But you, by necessity of your religion, must maintain a singleminded viewpoint where Jesus is God and the Bible is the Ultimate Word and nothing anybody will say can penetrate. And I have a grudging respect for anybody who can maintain that sort of faith. But I think the true athiests are the bravest people of all.

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