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Survival of the fitest

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 05:49 PM
First of all I need to state that "Fragile Earth" is a most awsome title for a subject matter BRAVO!!!!

...secondly having smoked an inordamate amount [
] I have come to the following conclusion...

Why does man/woman (can't be sexist here..) lust after leisure? Life is generally about the pursuit of leisure so as to enjoy life to the fullest as we are aware of our own mortality and need to use what present time we have on this earth to the most. However, other animals on this earth do not have the same reaction to this urge.. they have not developed the required abilities to evolve to the extent of humanity so as to develope into this further realm of making ourselves lazy so as to require more time in the pursuit of happiness and mental and spiritual well-being.

However, we are just as mortal as everything else which is conscious on this planet so why the pursuit of this desperate requirment of leisure when our end is already nigh upon our birth....? Should we make it humanities ambition for the search of immortality as the concept of survival of the fitest is based arund the fact that the fitest should be able to evolve and develope so as to live longer? Is the reason for being a constant search for immortality, to preserve that which we have all learned as we consider it sacred and should be worshiped as such?

Purhaps I am rambling and should apologise...

These are my thoughts.


posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 06:04 PM
hey klepto

alas not smoking what you're smoking but....

i believe that as humans we are no longer subject to survival of the fittest,
we select our partners culturally and according to our notion of society and the advances in medicine mean that our weakest do not die anymore in fact we do all we can to promote their survival.... we have no predators to cull out the weak from the herd because we are not herd animals or prey animals any longer....

and long may that continue...

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