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How can I tell I was kidnapped?

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 03:31 PM
Ok in my high school years I think I was drugged and kidnapped to Cancun Mexico.

All I remember was being with my cousin and his friends, and I remember having a few beers. Then they are like "We are going to Cancun", and I remember telling them that was cool and I was jealous, and I was about to leave.

Now either they put something in my drink or I somehow unconsciously volunteered to go with them, or they knocked me out with ether or something. I have vivid memories of brief moments on an airplane, then vivid memories of being in Cancun actually with all the party people(sort of surreal).

Then I remember being sick, but they left me and I was just trying to survive the whole ordeal. I didnt honestly want to be there, I was not mentally prepared to deal with it. On top of the fact that I was drugged, felt like my head was throbbing and about to explode, and I remember asking people I didnt know where I was and them telling me I was in Mexico.

I cant honestly tell if it ever happened.

I dont beleive in hypnotism so I dont think I can goto a therapist. And I dont honestly think I can get an answer from the culprits.

One of them was a millionaire supposedly and apparently goes to Cancun frequently, so it is a possibility this happened. And they did go all the time that I remembered.

I just want to know if my memories are real.

I have certain memories like the airport, the plane, and then being in mexico. But I was not thinking clearly. And really I dont think I was making decisions by myself. Nor do I know if it ever happened

How can you goto Mexico without a passport?
How do they let drugged zombies in an airport, nevertheless on an airplane?
How does the US let me fly to Mexico when im out of my mind?

Maybe it wasnt real, what would you call something like this? Is it possible it never happened and I am somehow tricking myself in making up the story in my head?

What would you call someone who had these thoughts that werent real? Dementia?

My memories arent 100%. More like 40%. 40% I think it happened, 60% i think it didnt.

Is it possible that over the years of thinking about partying that I somehow formed memories about partying in cancun with people. And that over the years of having the same "dreams" about the same thing that I think it is real?

Not a big deal, but it aggravates me (especially now when Spring Break on MTV is in Cancun), could this have sparked dormant memories when I watched it?

Or am I just totally crazy? Heh, hopefully it is just me thinking an old recurring dream is real.

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