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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 12:57 PM
This was posted in the Paranormal Forum, I believe it belongs here.

I have heard from many credible from various sources, that the US Government is running a Paranormal Operations Program called "Spirit Guide", while this is nothing new, especially with everyone knowing about the now defunct remote viewing program "Star Gate", and the CIA's experimentation with '___' and a secret drug that opens up part of brain that makes average people psychic and it's devasting affects.

What I know it was started in 1999, when the US Military started reconizing Wiccans in the military, and they were looking to employ Wiccan Chaplains. A Panel of Navy, Marine, Air Force and Army Officers were investigating the social impacts of this religion, rumor has it, some of those officers were intel officers (When those officers were a panel made-up mostly of Sociologists, Theologists, Psychologists), They found some of these lower ranking E-1's to E-5's, were using the Wiccan religion as a source of comfort and power, and a few of them said they communicate with spirits, thats when the Intel Officers became interested and started this program.

The U.S. Military's Age of Aquarius, When they got the program running, make up of all branchs, and DoD civilians, they decided to make the Planned Rotation Dates much much longer (Meaning if they choose to stay on active duty, they wouldn't rotate to any hard duty or arduous duty for several years, 6 to 8 years)

The Spirit Guide program employs almost entirely Active Duty military (Enlisted and Officer ranks, all branches of the Armed Forces), There are two classes, those that can comminicate with ghosts and other spirits, and those that have spirit guides. The ghost and spirits do recon work and collect information on terrorists and enemy/unfriendly governments.

In addition to spy planes and sattellites, agents and operatives, this program is used to get where they can't.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 07:09 PM
You say that youknow this. How do you know this? What is the source of your information?

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 07:10 PM


posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 07:17 PM
Who used all caps? I'm looking at the replies and posts and don't see that here.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 07:45 PM
huh? What drug maked you pshychic and what were the devestating affects?

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 10:10 PM
Sorry about the title being in all caps. how do/can I change it?

I didn't take that drug! I never taken any drugs. I wasn't even born yet! That program I am referring to, I read about in some magazine a few years ago and there was a TV news special about it. The effects were it made people insane and violent, a very bad acid trip.

How I can accross this information;

About two years ago, in San Diego. I was at book signing, some very unknown auther was there, discussing a book on mediums and people that communicate with the dead. A guy was there, he had the "military look" (short hair cut and clean-cut clothes), he mentioned something about the Military using his abilities. Some people asked him questions, he didn't go into any detail.
Afterwards when people were leaving the bookstore, I said I use to be in the Navy and asked where he was stationed at, what rate he was (rate is the job title), asked if he knew anyone I knew. He didn't, I didn't know anyone he knew. We went to the same "old" sleazy coffee haus Old Town San Diego (If you've ever been to San Diego, you know the one I am referring to). He spoke about this program he was taking part in, I thought he was BSing me, he spoke about how it got started, which made sense from other things I've heard.
Such as a panel of psychologists and sociolgists studying the social impacts of Wicca in the military, and them interviewing Wiccan Lay leaders and wiccan members, This guy was an IS2/Intelligence Specialist Second Class, whom had this ability to communicate with spirits.
He was recruited for this program because he took part in this panel/focus group. He was a Wiccan lay leader, he was asked to talk part in this program because of his rate, he already had a security clearance, and his abilities.
I saw him a few other times, but we didn't talk about the program, If you're wondering why, because we mostly talked more important "guy" stuff afterwards (girls, cars, martial arts etc).


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