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POLITICS: Majority of Britons favor more restrictive abortion law

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 11:27 AM
Nearly 60 percent of Britons believe that the current time limit to have an abortion should be reduced. Currently set at 24 weeks, the poll conducted by NOP World also showed 24 percent backed the current time limits. The poll comes as Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is putting pressure on Prime Minister Tony Blair to not ignore the issue. Blair is currently running for office.
LONDON (AFP) - A majority of Britons believe the country's legal time limit to terminate a pregnancy should be reduced below the current maximum 24th week.

It came as the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said there was a "groundswell of distaste" about the current law, putting pressure on Prime Minister Tony Blair not to ignore the abortion issue ahead of looming general elections.

A total 59 percent of respondents to a survey said Britain's present abortion time limit should be cut compared with 24 percent who backed the status quo, according to pollsters NOP World, whose findings were published by the Sunday Express newspaper.

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The poll as many are depend on methodology and the like. However, is this a sign of a shift to the right in the U.K.? Or further right as the case may be? At any rate, 24 weeks is really very marginal for fetal survival, and even if a "toaster head" as we call them in our business will usually have long term health issues that are seldom easily resolved. The article also failed to show the length of time acceptable to the 60 percent who want it changed. No doubt much like here in the U.S. we are seeing the chipping away of Roe Vs. Wade and it seems the same now in the U.K. Trust me I speak from experience if you think that they will stop at just this you are sorely mistaken.

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