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Document on Augmented Reality

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 10:11 AM
Link to PDF document

This is an interesting document referring to the integration of Technology for Combat Servicemen and Local Authorities that is being developed to allow:

Realtime Language Translations
Realtime Intelligence about Crimes and Criminals in the patrol area
Biometric Recognition of know criminals
Chemical, Biological and explosive sensors
3D maps of local buildings, sewer systems etc...
Advnced Optics and Thermal Imaging
ID Friend or Foe IFF Tech - warn by all officers

Co-ordinated Use of Robot and officers/soldiers through an AR network
Realtime monitoring of the patrol via video/audio feed

the list goes on...

This could proove to be a valuable asset to soldiers in the field and police officers on the streets and may aid to save many lives.

Definitly worth 15mins of your time to read over.


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