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how big is area 51 and other such Questions...

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 01:53 AM
How big is Area 51? Ive heard it was underground and larger then some states, yet ive heard it was actually just a small air force base. So My Qustion is How big is Area 51,Has there ever been aa disasister there, that the Govt. has tried to cover up, has there ever been a civilain infilatration of the facility and lastly whats the most recent news on Area 51?


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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 04:02 PM

I can answer a FEW of these questions..

How big is area 51? I have no idea.. BIG.

Underground? This has come up in many topics some say yes some say no.. nobody is sure of it.

Larger then some states? I doubt it. Its not a "small" air force base its a huge air force base but not bigger then a state.

Disaster wise?

There was a lawsuit against area 51 for a toxic waste situation.
Read about it here

Who can forget the cammo dude strike "Security guards for 'nowhere' strike for contract, higher pay"
Read about it here

April 4, 1957:
A U-2 with radar spoofing equipment (#341, the first prototype) crashes during testing near Pioche, killing the pilot.

May 24, 1963:
An A-12 (#123) crashes due to pitot icing 14 miles south of Wendover, Utah. The pilot, Collins, survives.

July 9, 1964:
An A-12 (#133) crashes on final approach to Groom. The pilot, Park, ejects at an altitude of 500' and survives.

December 28, 1965:
An A-12 (#126) crashes immediately after takeoff from Groom. The pilot, Vojvodich ejects and survives.

July 30, 1966:
A D-21 drone is launched over Point Mugu, but strikes the A-12 (#135), destroying it. The two crew members eject, but one drowns before being pulled from the sea. All future launches of D-21 were to be done by B-52s.

January 5, 1967:
An A-12 (#125) runs out of fuel 70 miles east of Groom and crashes. The pilot, Ray, ejects, but fails to seperate from the seat and is killed.

May 4, 1978:
The first Have Blue prototype (F-117A Stealth fighter) crashes at Groom after its landing gear is damaged and was unable to land.

July 11, 1979:
The second Have Blue prototype crashes 35 miles NW of Groom, due to an engine fire.

April 20, 1982:
The first production model of the F-117A crashes at Groom during Air Force acceptance tests.

April 26, 1984:
General Robert Bond is killed when the MIG 23 he was flying out of Groom crashes into Little Skull Mountain on the Nevada Test Site.

Government Coverup? The government has tryed to cover up many things and yes area 51 is one of them.

A Civilian infiltration? Not that i know of.. i doubt it

The most recent news on area 51? I dont know exactly.. but it was said to be that the base was moved.. some say it was others say it wasn't.. but i doubt they will move.

Some usefull links..
Area 51 Timeline
Dreamland Resort
Related Bases And Organizations

Hope this helps.

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 04:50 PM
You can kind of tell how bid the base is by looking at a map and see the highlighted area that says military reservation. But as far as underground stuf, Who knows but the people that work there. There is probably some underground stuff but the only way to be sure is to visit there. And join the walk that one jackass is planning to infiltrate the base (just kidding) who know your guess is as good as mine. but if you ever get any solid schematics please post it. Good topic by the way.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 08:04 PM
While I was in vegas I
applied for a security job there. Wish I would have got it I would still be there the pay is great. Also while I was there they were taking the senior citizens in my mother's mobile home park for a tour of area 51 but she could not go at the time. I wish she would have went but oh well. The place is huge if you look at the map. One of the thing's on the application was that you could not be afraid of flying because you could have to be flew to your post out on the outskirts of the base.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 09:01 PM
How did you apply for a security job in vegas? with the private contractor that provides support to the base?

Also what do you mean by a tour of A51??? Do you just mean a tour of the surrounding area?

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 12:47 PM
The base per se, the core part of it is only about a mile from end to end, from the south bank of hangars constructed for the CIA A-12 program to the northern set which are often called the "Red Hat" hangars. The only operational runway is only 11 thousand feet long give or take. There are associated facilities to the north of Groom such as Slater Lake, which has a number of Russian radar systems which new stealth aircraft are tested against. There's also a large facility on top of Bald Mountain in the Groom range which has a couple rather large domed antennae. To the south there's a radio facility on Papoose mountain which presumably relays flight test radio traffic to the facility while the tests are over the Nellis ranges. Over near TTR there's a larger threat facility called S-4, NOT the Lazar so called S-4 but another electronic test range, also in that area is the Tolicha Peak electronic test range which develops and tests new domestic systems against their foreign counterparts. All this in the Nellis range which is roughly the size of Switzerland. It's a lot of nothing out there with scattered training airspaces, bomb ranges and test facilities. Not to mention the radioactive dust pile called the NTS, just over the mountains from Groom. Bad enough they burned their own toxic wastes at Groom when they enjoy the quaint pleasures of gamma radiation every day.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:46 AM
ok, first off, there is now way that it is bigger than some states. it might go down really deep, but there is no way in hell that its bigger than some states. second off, there kind of has been a disaster. the people that operated the facility at the time were disposing nuclear waste by digging big pits and throwing the waste in and burning it. it is illegal, and it was in essence a disaster becuase you had people getting sick and dying from radiation poisoning. and the government didnt even tell the family members how they died. is that screwed up or what? i guess tahts the price you pay for working for the government.


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