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Democrats Are Drafting Legislation to Criminalize Trump Rallies

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posted on Jan, 24 2021 @ 05:16 AM
8 years ago i started drilling holes in two water lines near where i live.

4 years ago i stopped drilling the holes when Trump got elected..

These holes are in a steel pipe with 7/8 inch walls and as i drilled them i plugged the holes with wood plugs.
Then i spray painted them the same white as the pipe is painted.

The wood plugs can be drilled out in less than a minute.

So far i have drilled 260 3/8 inch holes. each has a flow rate of 1.4 million gallons a year.

260 holes x 1,4 million = 364,000,000 gallons a year water leak.

If i keep it up while the democrats are in power be able to get the leak rate up to 1 trillion gallons a year.

That is how much water that is used by 11 million homes every year.

If the democrats cost me money with their money stealing laws and regs i will cost them more.

And i am just one guy.

Have 100 like me out there screwing with the little things and see what happens.

Have 10,000 and things will break down around the country. And no real group to go after.

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