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A Trip Down Memory Lane or How I Learned to Hate Ds and Rs

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posted on Jan, 10 2021 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: Blaine91555

And in med school we learned all color humans have the same, red blood.

All of us. Not everyone has figured that out yet.

And once we do...we can come together on common ground...

Right now we are experiencing Societal "Earthquake".

Common ground worldwide has to happen 1st...but it won't be in our time

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posted on Jan, 10 2021 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: Blaine91555

I've been saying this for a while now but we are seeing the very Divide & Conquer strategy at play that has been discussed here at great length and some of the posters that have allowed themselves to become politicised and have helped widen that divide are some of the same posters that used to create brilliant threads on various topics including the D&C Strategy.

So blinded by partisan hate they don't even realise they're being played.

posted on Jan, 10 2021 @ 10:18 AM
Blaine, I agree and have been adamantly Independent for decades.
I see that same divide and conquer technique everyone else sees.

But I see it all coming to a head soon and no one will be ready.

posted on Jan, 10 2021 @ 11:57 AM
Someone in my family married a woman from the Ukraine while serving in the Peace Corps. She’s been in the United States for 25 years. Sadly, my father passed away more than ten years ago. She still lives in DC.

She called me the other night. She was at the Capitol all day Wednesday., although she is apolitical. She just wanted to be a part of what was going on in her city. She said it was mostly families happy and smiling all day at the rally. She had pleasant conversations with them. But at 1:00 pm, everyone’s phones were disabled and she watched as ANTIFA and BLM pulled up. Families began to quickly leave sensing trouble but they shut the subways down. She was helping these families find a route to walk away. Some were with disabled children. People were frightened. She watched as the Metro Police let BLM and ANTIFA and some protestors into the Capitol. She took pictures.

She told me she has witnessed coups and lived under communism and this all feels familiar. She feels the US has many difficult days ahead. We spoke for two hours about communism, socialism, propaganda. Silent wars. She knows what it all looks like and feels like.

You can apologize to me when, in a year or two, you are living in a completely different world. Only then will you understand.

It’s coming. You just don’t get it yet. And when you do, it will be too late.

posted on Jan, 10 2021 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: MRuss

I don't think we need to be concerned about communism. It's just used so liberally at this point its a trope and borderline patsy.

I think oligarchy is more of a possibility. That coupled with authoritarianism since both parties want the federal government to have more power seems to be a real fear.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 02:17 PM
The level this intentional divide has reached is breathtaking. Today Forbe's telling businesses to not hire Trump supporters for example.

We are screwed unless people wake up and reject both the Democrat and Republican Parties. The enemy is not people of differing political views. The enemy are those with the microphones keeping us at each others throats.

Question is, will people wake up to it soon enough before we end up a single-party state. I doubt people will. Too many can't be bothered to know what's going on. They make their life-altering decisions based on what a corrupt media, controlled by corrupt politicians tell them to think. They actually think it matters whether they vote D or R.

"We the People" have been given too much freedom and the sociopaths, narcissists, and money and power grubbers who have control can't have that. They incited riots, looting, and arson to put us in our place so that now they can do what they really want; start stripping us of our freedoms.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 02:30 PM

originally posted by: Grambler

originally posted by: Blaine91555

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
a reply to: Blaine91555


So, what's your point, God?

And, how do you propose to fix it....God?

Careful. Things aren't as easy as they seem....God!

Actually, my point is pretty clear, your's is not?

My point is that farts smell the same whether they come from the Right or the Left. Both the Right and Left are seemingly unable to smell their own waste products.

OF course you are technically correct

But also in the grand scheme wrong in my opinion

I’ll put it like this

Under 4 years of trump, was ats ever in jeopardy or ceasing to exist because of political pressure?

Well if ats is taken down because the corrupt establishment that wanted to bury trump decided we are all extremist, at least you can take comfort in the mantra “both sides suck”

Noticed this in several threads, I only see one side destroying the 1st amendment. I dont recall any conservative ever even mention banning free speech/CNN/liberals from talking.

I only see one side trying to force their policies(obamacare, minimum wage) nationwide, you have people who you never had the chance to vote for making decisions for your state. The reason UK left the EU is because people not living in their country were telling them how they should run their immigration..

Look at cost of living in Red vs Blue states, there is a real difference.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: Blaine91555

I would argue it already is a single party "state" and has been for years. It is, however, global and (mostly) without traditional borders.

Hell, politicans dont even need to actually disagree! It just needs to be spun by media correctly. Voting records can pretty much be the same across the board and folks will still talk about "sides." The marketing for this is to create a facade of disagreement through information spin, and yet still sell the underlying behavior of unity (when it crops up) as "good" by labeling it "bi-partisan support."

Its for these reasons, and others, that adding another party (or more than one) is likely to end up in exactly the same way we have now.

What led to this wasnt "democrats" & "republicans." It was just a long repeating cycle manifesting in modern context. Adding more sides increases the complexity of the actual real-time manipulation, which is easily offset by modern tools, but not the underlying structure.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

I find it fair to argue we are already a single-party state, and that the separation is a myth at the top levels. Our leaders argue to incite us in public, but behind closed doors, they are united in general. "We the People" however are manipulated into being divided. They do it for control. United we can't be controlled.

Every person in high office knows, no government can stand up to a united populace.

The violent protests actually help them maintain control. Peaceful protest is what they fear. The crazies participating in the violence don't seem to realize that they are in bed with those who want to remove freedoms to make us easier to control.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 05:01 PM
The sentiment with regard to electing Trump wasn't wrong. This country is in a horrible rut with millionaire career politicians of both Democratic and Republican stripe clinging to their profitable status quo when there is an obvious need for a change. Putting Hilary back in the White House would have been just as ill-advised as putting George W. Bush in there.

But Trump was the wrong guy. Really wrong. Unfortunately, when people make decisions like that, and find out that it didn't work out, they're more likely to double-down than fold. That's what got people killed at the Capitol.

It's no cakewalk to get any kind of election reform, though, since the people who would be voting for such a thing are those who directly benefited from the way things are. They ain't gonna want change. But things can change. It starts at the ground level in politics. With voting in local elections. Not by going into the Capitol and killing people.

Now Trump supporters have damaged the chance of decent, workable election reform for likely decades. Way to go.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 06:28 PM

originally posted by: Blue Shift
Now Trump supporters have damaged the chance of decent, workable election reform for likely decades. Way to go.

You should amend that to say the Trump and Hillary supporters have set us back by decades.

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