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cured of Gerd

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posted on Mar, 19 2005 @ 01:22 PM
I have suffered acid reflux since giving birth to a twelve pound baby twenty-five years ago. I am happy to say it’s been under control for over two years now. But the misery I suffered all those years compromised my quality of life.
For the first fifteen years I frequently had heartburn after eating. I lived on Tums. As time passed, acid started working its way up my throat and finally into my mouth. If it was a small amount, I swallowed it. But as the quantity increased, I started throwing up. Eventually, I couldn’t bend over without throwing up. Then driving in my car I'd throw up. Sometimes there was no time to pull over and I’d puke all over my car or even myself. But it gets worse!
The final stag of my GIRD made my life agony. My stomach acid no longer stopped at my throat. It now shot up into my sinuses. After the initial fiery burst, a strange aching , like when you hit your funny bone, started in my skull. Within a couple of years, I developed a calcium deposit on my right temple. I was sent to a neurologist to have it checked out. DR. Cromeyer, was one of the most condescending pricks I have ever known. After blood test, x-rays, cat scans and even a MIR revealed nothing, it became obvious to him I had to be a hypochondriac. He solution was to give me hardcore antidepressants which I flatly refused. I can still see the sneer on that bastard’s face when I told him my headaches were triggered by acid reflux.
After several months I developed a tolerance for the 800 milligrams of Motrin I took for pain and started having rebound headaches whenever I missed a dose. The pain became intolerable. It was at this point that I concluded I must have an undiagnosed brain tumor. I felt my life was coming to a close.
Some time later, a friend of mine suggested I might have TMJ. (Temporalmandipular Joint Disease) Desperately hoping for answers, I made an appointment with a specialist immediately.
TMJ is an obscure condition that cannot be validated by any diagnostic test. Nevertheless this new doctor had devised a checklist of symptoms which according to him, I had all the signs. Unfortunately the $2,000.00 minimum for treatment wasn’t covered by my dental or medical insurance. But in hopes of being cured I gladly forked out the initial two grand.
Three weeks later, I was sporting a custom fitted mouth splint, exclusively designed to slowly push out the jaw for proper alignment. Except for eating, my mouth was married to this lousy piece of plastic 24/7. Not only did it cut into my tongue and make me lisp like a three year, it caused drooling. Nevertheless less I endured with humility.
At first it really seemed to help. But sadly within a couple of months the pain returned. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my Dr turned out to be an arrogant egotist. When I tried explaining the splint wasn‘t helping any longer, he rudely implied I must have been doing something wrong. As a result, I. started lying to him when I went in for splint adjustments. When I finally couldn‘t take it anymore I stopped seeing him.

My headaches continued and I learned to organize my life around the pain. I spent a lot of time sleeping to escape and missed out on much of life’s fun.

A few years later, my whole life turned around. It was the day I was referred to a gastrontologist and given Prilosec for my acid reflux. Not only was my acid reflux cured, my horrendous headaches stopped as well! It seemed like God had given me a miracle. And to think for years I desperately tried to convince my doctors that the two were connected. If only they would have listened I could have been spared years of suffering.
These days the only time I get those “bone headaches” as I used to call them, is when I forget my Prilosec.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 03:09 PM
Try Protexid
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