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Is this the beginning of a round up?

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posted on Jan, 8 2021 @ 09:47 PM
It may be best to reserve judgment on the reasons for this roundup until more information is released.

You don't want to be caught feigning outrage over their arrests if it turns out to be a pedophile ring or corruption charges.

From PBS:

"Casada, a Republican from Franklin, resigned from the top leadership post in 2019 after revelations he exchanged sexually explicit text messages about women with his former chief of staff years ago.

Other controversies included an aide's coc aine use at a legislative office years ago and allegations of doctoring emails to frame a young black activist – which Casada and the aide both denied.

There were also claims of vote-buying attempts on a key education voucher bill..."

As far as it being reserved to target Republicans, the FBI charged a Democrat Senator last year on embezzlement charges. Look up Katrina Robinson for more info.

It doesn't end there however, proof of Tennessee bribes and corruption back in 2005.

As well as FBI Operation Rocky Top in the 1980's.

Let's wait and see if it is indeed a politcal roundup or something else.

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