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Harvard Scientists Agree: We are Alien Hybrids

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posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 06:39 AM
>>>" As you know," Dr. Rabin explained, "we have mapped the genes in human DNA and we are now trying to understand the map. But from the very beginning there has been some very mysterious findings. When we took a look at the DNA structure of the dwarf hairs we brought back from China, that's when we started shaking with fear. The mysterious looking maps that separate us from the lower primates has been a puzzle from the first, but the dwarf DNA contained a far greater amount of the map. The fact of the matter is the DNA that separates monkeys from man is found to be much greater in the Chinese dwarfs. In other words, the "missing link" gene is far more pronounced in the dwarfs. Why in the hell should that be? On this planet, a human is a human. Are we to classify these dwarfs as more than human?"

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 10:34 AM
Good post diva.

The Dropa. I've read somewhere the Chinese brought back their stone disk to a University but the Chinese scientist who was looking to study them has been told , by his gov, to don't do it.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 10:42 AM
Yup...I found the link.

1) Link

2) Link

3) Link

The first link is in french. The last 2 ones are in english.

Use Google and type " The Stonedisks of Baian-Kara-Ula ". You'll find many good links aboyt these Dropa/Dzopa and their stonedisk.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 11:23 AM
Although I have a hard time believing this (because I'm an ignorant American), it is possible that dwarves are the product of evolution. In human evolution, we will see that humans become much smaller. This is because we are advancing so much that we don't need the muscle and height we once did to perform such jobs as farming, etc. We're developing more advanced, "lazy" methods to do this. And dwarfism is just a genetic mutation, and evolution is a series of genetic mutations that in time produce a new species.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 12:22 PM
a group of scientists agreeing on anything?! holy cow, that's a milestone in itself!


posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 04:12 PM
I have heard about cave drawings of spacecraft before, namely in the Aztec and if i remember correctly the Myan culture as well. Its interesting that long before the first (recorded) flights of the Wright brothers, people were drawing ships and people coming from space. I am skeptical, but also very interested. Last summer I was picking my Anthropology teacher's brain about this and she said it is quit common among ancient civilizations to find drawings and to hear stories past on through many generations of beings from space. I believe she spent time in the pacific and in different areas of Africa.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 04:20 PM
Well I guess I was going to be the losing party of the debate with dragonrider all along.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 05:35 PM

when I checked this guy's homepage, from which his article on human hybrids flows, I found that his site is really a episode guide to the show "Farscape"... so.... as farscape is a cable scifi show, I don't think he has much credibility.

I did, however, like the alien+neanderthal=Britney Spears flow chart.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 05:38 PM

Dude, dont go getting involved in other discussions till the voting is over with

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