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Republican Economics vs Democracy Economics

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Ok, talking with Republicans I have found out the ideal economy. After the Republicans killed the minimum wage increase the discussion went on to the perfect repuiblican economy, and here it is.

Slave wakes up, eats food he got out of a dumpster, goes to work for 15 hours, goes to a cardboard box thrown out by the compnay he slaves for, eats food he got out of a dumpster, sleeps, repeat. All these tvs, computers, cars, gas, everything is made, but no one can buy it. Slaves made the products, but being slaves, have no money. Sure the car only costs 200 dollars, the 62 inch flat big plasma screen tv only costs 10 dollars, but nobody has money, so even if you only charge 1 penny, still nothing sold for the slaves have no money. All businesses go bankrupt for they sold nothing, making no money, for no one had money. This is how the republicans wish the world would be.

Democrat Economy

Worker wakes up, eats, goes to work for 8-10 hours at 100$ a hour, goes home, watches tv, plays on pc, chats on ATS chat, eats, watches a movie, sleep. He has money, he makes 100$ an hour. He has a car, house, tv, food, a life. Sure gas costs 30$ a gallon, but he can afford it. Sure the car costs 35,000$, but he can afford it with a loan like everyone else does. Yes, things cost more, BUT PEOPLE CAN AFFORD IT! And if they can afford it, they will buy it, making the company money. If you sell a burger for 5 cents, but no one has money, no burgers will be sold. If you sell a burger for 10$ and people make 10X that in an hour, they will buy that on a lunch break or when in a hurry.

Also, when Clinton was in power we had the largest surplus ever, the greatest economy ever. With Bush? Largest deficit, worse economy since the Great Deprssion, if not worse in some cases. Gee, give me democrat!

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:56 PM
link you know how badly that would inflate the dollar? Everyone making around a hundred an hour would not only kill our economy but be the dumbest move ever. I know it is an ideal, but damn that is stupid.

I agree with you that is a perfect extreme right wing thought. A completely free market, no hands tied, would lead us to that type of stuff, but for the most part, most Republicans do not think that way. I disagree with hiking up the minimum wage. It just does not make sense right now. And besides, most people make in an hour enough money to afford 10x burgers.

What many people forget is that this life is about a balancing act. If you add something to one side, the other side will change too. Turns out Newton's law does not only apply to gravity.

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 06:05 PM
How will it kill the economy? It would make things more expensive, but people could afford it! Republicans say it will kill the economy, but never say why..... Because then not just Bush an buddies would have money? Yes, gas, cars, whatever will cost more, but people make more, therefor the economy stays the same. If you rasied everything by 10 dollars, but raised everyone's wages by 20.00, you don't kill the economy, you sell more! How do republicans expect people to buy things if you pay them nothing? Republicans have compared paying workers to Socialism! HOW! If you do work, you expect to be paid, no?

Still don't understand how people being able to buy the things they make will kill the economy.

Also, it only costs about 2400 dollars to make a Jeep(dad works there for about 18 years, he knows the ins and outs of that hell hole jeep plant), yet they are sold for 20-30 thousand dollars. Now, say you increase the wages of the workers at the jeep plant, and now it costs 2900 dollars to make a jeep, you aren't killing the economy, they are still making a fortune. Or Dell, sell the computer I have for over 1200 dollars, I put it together buying seperate parts for 229. Gee, think they aren't making 1000 dollars a computer? So say if the wages went up of the people who make it, think only making 900 a pc will kill the company?

People have to understand, it doesn't cost 2.15 to make a gallon of gas, it costs less then half that, but the companies want to make as much as possible. So instead of costing 70 cents and selling for a dollar, it costs 70 cents to make and they sell it for 2.19. So if you increased wages of the people who make it, now it costs 90 cents to makie a gallon, but still sell for 2.19, that is alot of money.

Maybe this is why the slave states always vote for republicans(the 1910 and up, before that the republicans were what we call democrats today)

Also, Great Deprssion, who was the president? Republican. When we finally get out of the GP who was the president? Democrat. Gee, the republicans have a history of #ty economies, maybe we should stop listening to them and listen to the people who give us great economies.

BTW, thanks OxMank, love someone to debate with. Not argue, that is "I'm right poopy head." "Are not doodoo face." But someone to actually debate sides/points with.

[edit on 18-3-2005 by James the Lesser]

posted on Mar, 19 2005 @ 12:12 AM
Yeah, there are some things that I get up and yell about, but this is not one for yelling.

Companies do not lose their minimum profits. And what they have things at now, is the lowest they will let their profits be. If you raise the minimum, they will not just raise their rates by the amount of increase. They will raise it proportionally. (The rate of inflation.) Noone will truly be making more. They will be making more, but not worth nearly the same. Noone will be able to buy more.

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