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New Israeli Settlers?

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 11:38 AM
I was reading this article.

Israel on Friday banned its citizens from moving into Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip in a bid to prevent more opponents of a planned pullout this summer from flocking to the area as new settlers.
The order, "prohibiting the relocation of Israeli citizens into the Gaza Strip," was issued by the military following media reports that hundreds of people recently moved into some of the 21 settlements and hundreds more were set to do so.
"The decree was signed in accordance with the decision made by the political echelon and part of the preparations to implement the government decision to carry out the disengagement plan," the army said in a statement.
Some 8,500 settlers live in the Gaza Strip and their leaders have been waging a public campaign against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to remove them from occupied land he said Israel had no chance of keeping in a peace deal with the Palestinians.
Newspapers said more than 500 opponents of the pullout had already changed their residence, listed on government-issued identification cards all Israelis must carry by law, to the Gush Katif bloc of settlements in Gaza.

Now, why is the israeli governement even bothering to protect these people and why are they bothering to organize a withdrawl for them? Most of them have publically called for Sharon to be assasinated, just like they killed Rabin for working for peace.

Forget them. Organize a withdrawl of the IDF from the region, and leave them to the Palestinians. Let them die like they want to die, fighting the palestinians, and let the palestinians kill them. It will work out the palestinian rage, it will tire them of having to fight actual battles rather than send suicide bombers, and it will vent the region of many of its problems.

Why should the Israeli government, which the settlers are saying is immoral, illegal, and will suffer the wrath of god, protect these people?

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