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Earth Movements...

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 09:45 AM
For a while now, I have been doing a personal research into Antarctica having been civilized, with those people being the ones who brought civilization to the rest of the world... search ATS for "Antarctica WAS the hub of Civilization", I don't know the link off hand.

When doing researches, I tend to stay away from previously printed materials, trying to find my own way, or to see things from a different view. Recently, I have started a correspondance with author Rand Flem-Ath (search "Interview with Rand Flem-Ath" for details) not so much to get his take on the subject, but to mention things I have found which he hadn't (I'm proud of the fact I have three different things he hadn't thought of!). One of our biggest debates involves earth movements.

Flem-Ath takes the side of global crust displacement, in which the entirety to the earths surface is able to slide across the molten layer, like hardened gravy sliding on the softer liquid, or as his books put it, "an orange peel moving about the orange".

I can't see that happening.

For me, from what I understand, that would have to involve ALOT of energy, internal or otherwise... and nature as a whole does not like to be energetic, but rather takes the lesser conservative route. I personally like the polar shift theory. Takes less energy, more easily explained... doesn't need variables.

So, what I am hoping to do with this thread, is create a discussion on different earth movements, their theories and explainations. I am looking for something that can explain magnetic differences in history, as well as quick Ice Ages which froze uncounted animals with food still in their mouths. I am trying to find something that makes sense, that does not rely on outside influences.

Crust displacement? Polar Shift? Or something else?

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