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Politics...Actions speak louder than words

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posted on Dec, 3 2020 @ 08:02 PM
Since I came came to the party on the discussion about the election results and law suits being filed. I thought I would start my own thread on the topic.

Since some of you would dismiss as evidence the testimony of individuals and their affidavits etc. Then, let's forget it for now and let's look at the actions of those involved with running and ruling the election. Because actions speak louder than words. There are many many examples of bad behavior in multiple states to be looked at.

Changes in election law at late stages; denial of changes that would ensure safer more secure mail-in ballots (i.e. adding bar codes etc.)

There is video of ballot counters doing various things they shouldn't be doing. Such as filing ballots, copying them, removing them, counting them even though the signatures don't match, counting for Biden when they were for Trump (claimed by poll watcher). Too few poll watchers by either party for the number of ballot counters. Poll watchers being kept too far away from ballot counting to be able to perform their duty. Poll watchers not being able to question/talk to supervisors or counters. Windows being covered by paper or cardboard (WTF?). Poll watchers being locked out, and new ballots arriving after hours. Ballots being backdated. Ballots being transported from other locations. Ballots arriving late, days later sometimes, etc. etc. etc.

Lots of shenanigans going on all over the place. Not to mention the Dominion employee stuff going on at to tabulation centers.

There were a lot of crazy actions going on caught on camera. Very suspicious activities. Some very incriminating, some just suspicious, some very telling of their possible motives. All telling that these people are not, and were not honest people. Because honest people do not act this way.

Now I have probably missed some things, and I could probably expand on this more. But I'll leave at this for now. Actions speak louder than words. I should go fishing to see if I can find any videos available on the web. I know I've seen them on the news & web, but haven't personally looked for to them to save links to date for a thread. (included some links below)

voter fraud - weird ballot arrival

voter fraud

Go fishing your self, its easy to find. I suggest using to do your searching. I'm not sure how useful/honest google would be.

On a side note: how do you get greater than 100% voter turn out? Answer: voter fraud (ballot stuffing, multiple counting etc.)


posted on Dec, 3 2020 @ 09:48 PM

originally posted by: fastfred
Because actions speak louder than words.

I haven't seen any action. Have you?

Trump's got the DOJ at his disposal ... and he's gonna let Barr decide to do nothing??

I'm tellin' ya ... this can't happen unless 'the nod' has been given.

posted on Dec, 4 2020 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: Snarl

Yes, I ,agree, very disappointing. The amount of corruption at all levels is very wide spread. It runs through all levels of the political spectrum, and in every branch of its tree. Our government is fully over run by corrupt people. This goes for our military, judicial, bureaucratic, and religious organizations too. It is very pervasive.

A close friend of the family, now retired, was in the police in Chicago, LA and Portland. And from his own words, he said that there are good police officers, but that they are out number by bad ones. That in his experience, approximately 2 out of 3 are bad in some way. Now that's a scary thought that has always haunted me. Another thing he said is what motivates a lot of people to become police officers. The bad ones are usually there because of a "power trip". They want that power and control over others. They were probably bullies, or were bullied themselves, and now want to exercise control over others. But beyond just power tripping, some of these bad cops are thieves, rapist and murders too.

With all of the corruption, and the new technology rolling out, there is little time and little hope left for humanity. But its still not to late, but time is running out fast...very fast.

And as I used to say that pissed off some co-workers when I said it, "moron majority" is still asleep, brainwashed or too apathetic. So I'm rather pessimistic, but I hope I'm wrong. [FYI, the term they objected to was "moron" which I claimed was not really derogatory, but in fact a correct term since by definition it referred to a person of 6th grade intellect. Which I contend is in fact the majority, since most reading material such as news papers are written at this level.]



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