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A Covid Thanksgiving

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posted on Nov, 24 2020 @ 02:15 PM
Hello all.

A lot is on my mind. First off, 2020 just simply sucks. I've made a lot of progression and that is one thing I am very happy about. Most everything else seems ... subpar at very least. By most individual factors, I should be having an amazing year. This year. This year is just unexplainable. Too much to say not, enough vocabulary to do it. I simply just don't like it.

I'm not exactly thrilled about how things have been going over here in America. In regards to so many different topics. In my opinion, something has been boiling up and is starting to boil over. To me, Covid is a weapon. I'm not saying that it is a biological weapon, although it could be. It's just something that allows those in positions of power to attack us on many fronts. I just don't trust most information being shared around it.

With my little part out of the way, I wanted to get to the meat and potatoes. With my opinion of nefarious actions, simple questions arise in regard to Thanksgiving. The answer won't be as simple as the questions.

Lets start with the most simple and broad of all questions.

Will there be a biological attack on thanksgiving?

You may pause and say "WHOA THERE". I get that. I'm not trying to be fringe or be shocking in some way. I can just see it as a possibility. You will see over and over again, I'm not big on pronouncing probability, only possibility. It makes a lot of sense to attack on that day. Its believed that republicans are seen as more probable than democrats (as I said, I don't take pronouncing probability lightly) to spend time in large gatherings on that day. The possibilities for attack, even excuses to avoid detection and reasons to do so, are endless!

How would an attack be done?

I wont speculate, too too too much going on.

Who will be attacked?

Are there signs? Writing on the wall?

Is there evidence?

It's important to figure these last things out as soon as possible in case of an attack because the evidence if any would have started being destroyed piece by piece as soon as it's no longer needed.

And many more questions but im a little to exhausted in stoned to continue.

Idn why I ask. Im not making any predictions, again. I just feel some type of way this year and it has me acting cautious.

Thanks for hearing me out. Happy holidays.

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posted on Nov, 24 2020 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: Antipathy17

Hard to attack people when no one is getting together anywhere because our supreme overlords aren't allowing it.


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