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Covid-19 update Why is all in China Wonderful Today but The Rest of The World Is Suffering?

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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 12:18 AM

originally posted by: opethPA
Common sense would tell you its the fact that China controls everything that leaves it's borders including news and info.

We do have numerous long term and active posters right here on ATS either living/working in China, or with friends and family there.

I presume they're not bull#ters, and would say if China was doing god-awfully with Covid. I highly suspect China is NOT doing poorly at all, due to utter lack of ANY immediate neighboring country countering that they in fact are. For starters, I'd bet all the gold in Ft Knox that if Japan thought it was a deathtrap with only the Korean peninsula giving them breathing room, they'd definitely say so.

What they're doing is effectively "playing poker" with economics & a cold, and winning. Our stupid asses panicked, and let them get that far ahead. That's on us, swallow it, honeycakes.

Edit: And no, I don't buy much published by Epoch Times, Express or the Guardian any more than you'd buy something published The Federalist. If China is doing badly, I want to hear it from OUR MEMBERS in-country or with direct ties to it. Those are the people to trust, not media.
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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 09:19 PM
How does CCP destroy the world then how to destroy CCP. An eye for an eye.

How does CCP destroy the world then how to destroy CCP. An eye for an eye.

CCP destroys the world with the following actions

1. Corruption Since Jiang Zeming era, CCP has shared the corruption from the center of the power to basic organizations. The anti-corruption of Xi Jinping is actually exquisite corruption. Without wide spreading corruption the CCP’s power is impossible to be maintained. Without corruption CCP is impossible to get any support from international society. Corruption is the core value of CCP. Corruptive governments, corruptive persons are quite easy to be the friends of China. Remember please China never will be the people’s friend.

2. All kinds of crimes There is no real judicial system in China, and the most of crimes are committed by CCP. So, the CCP prison is not made for criminals to some extent. That is why I believe the CCP infiltration, espionage, virus spreading, political warfare, intellectual property theft warfare, hot war etc.

3. Hypocrisy and impudence The CCP’s hypocritical propaganda has fooled so many people in history. It is quite necessary to expose the real history of CCP to make people understand how evil CCP is without any trust to CCP’s propaganda. The brainwashing style of CCP propaganda made many people all over the world trust China is a good communism country with democracy. Chinese government provided the priority to the foreigners as a part of propaganda to make more people believe CCP is wealthy and nice. So, no matter how desperately I disclose the truth of CCP, fewer people in many countries can trust me. Psychologically high IQ fraud is easy to get the trust of others than an honest person.

4. Evilness CCP enlarges the darkness of human nature to make the world as hell but a lot of demons dramatically enjoy the hell as drug addicts. These people enjoy the looting, assassination, abuse, and even genocide of innocent people like what they do in Hongkong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, South China Sea, mainland of China etc.

So how to destroy CCP?

Sometimes people have to fight against enemies even though nobody likes war, but war is inevitable. There are many kinds of wars, the direct hot war is not the only option.

CCP spread the international corruption, ideological infiltration, propaganda and internet abuse to control the media, entertainment, education, politics, economy, to make people betray their own country to make people shut up. But till now no country can stop it let alone an eye for an eye. Democratic countries provide enough freedom for CCP to commit crimes and China provide no freedom for any countries to spread the truth in China, but there are so many countries are seeking out the fair business relationship with China. So it is very contradictory for the relationship of many countries with China. Most top leaders of countries focus on money only ignoring the ideological warfare within the business with China. CCP uses the think tank of US and many countries so it understands well about the weakness of these countries. But unfortunately, fewer countries really understand CCP well or they even don’t want to understand CCP while they are counting the money from China.

Covid-19, political warfare, media warfare, dominion voting system and more and more point to China, to CCP. Covid-19 is for the extinct of human, dominion voting system is the extinct of democracy. That is the perfect globalization of China. So the education is the most important thing to destroy CCP from the world. With the sound education, more creative ideas could come out to destroy CCP. We have to learn the powerful invasion strategy of CCP well, to learn the lessons of all mistakes we made to connive CCP, then we can figure out the effective ways such as propaganda, infiltration, assassination etc. to control and eliminate CCP.
Spreading virus and restriction games are the conspiracy of globalization. Depopulation plan gets the support of powerful and wealthy people who think they are not in the list of dying people.
More on my channel.

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