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A Covid-19 Thanksgiving Lockdown in USA? No Problem Do as The Rich and Famous and Fly to Mexico!

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posted on Nov, 21 2020 @ 07:18 AM
"Do as I say Not as I do" ..................... Machiavelli along with the Entire Democratic Party

Puerto Vallarta is among the destinations being chosen over London and Paris.

Well that's right America. Lest I get off track and follow Boris over there in England. I think I may mail him a bag of crisps. Lets all take a hint and cue from a short back in time Nancy Pelosi trip to her beauty salon, face mask less. Check. Then just recently Governor of California, Gavin Newsom who attended a party for the rich and famous that was unmasked, no social distancing and the size of the group exceeded Covid-19 recommendations.

What you didn't hear about that one? Then whats up with Governor Cuomo's pierced you know whats with the mini barbells. Hmmm.

So all of this is going on whilst we either get dry turkey or some thing else about "let them eat cake"

So Mr and Mrs America, your so just beautify deplorable in your lower middle class garb. So just what cha going to do? Well lets follow the lead of the rich and famous and follow the money. That's right lets go to Mex E Co!!!!!!

US travelers look to Mexico for Thanksgiving getaways

But those who do travel are likely to be visiting Mexico. The insurance company Allianz examined 632,757 flight plans leaving U.S. airports from November 21 to December 1. As the company expected,

I guesstimate at least 3 persons per reservation or almost 2 million travelers. Yes?

“Always a popular destination, Mexico has been a leader in tourism recovery since Covid-19 began — the country’s accessibility and safety protocols, like restricted capacity at resorts to enable proper social distancing, may be helping to drive demand along with the promise of a warm-weather escape,” Allianz said. Text.

What don't travel at all? Just who does that apply to?

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posted on Nov, 21 2020 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: Waterglass

Seems like the place to be. I know someone living in Mexico. Covid pretty much doesn't exist down there.


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