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Sars-CoV-2 (Covid 19) Transmission study on group of US Marines - Anyone Seen This?

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posted on Nov, 19 2020 @ 11:03 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
... This matches what they have found in the public setting, people who lock themselves in their houses are still getting the virus from somewhere.

Schools. Parents get infected by their kids at home (more time at home together is more spread of the virus).

It would explain why most governments in rich countries with a big market for medical care kept their schools open if you assume that maximizing the spread of Corona while appearing to act against that was the goal or motive behind that move, in order to maximize profits for the health care sector (including Big Pharma with things such as increasing the apparent 'need'* for a vaccin). *: in the eyes of the public**

It all makes perfect sense if you look at it (government decisions for example) like that. During the first lockdown in my country, they kept the schools open for a week longer and it was the schools that opened up first again. In the 2nd lockdown the schools remained open, the increase in number of cases coincided with the summer vacation for schools ending + a delay for transmission from kids, teens and students to parents (cause the former either don't get tested at all or hardly if you're thinking about those in their 20's, the students going out and socializing; which is likely the biggest group of spreaders cause the right buttons were pushed to make them care even less about the consequences of their actions, most notably the notion that they have little to worry about) + people coming back from summer vacation in France, Spain and to a lesser extent, Italy; where bars and clubs were open during the summer months.

**: again, nobody has to die from this, almost 1800 outpatients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin + zinc and no deaths, only 1 short hospitalization, all sorts of ages and comorbidities (it mitigates the spread as well and works prophylactically, not even needing the antibiotic; or in the words of Dr. Tyson there at the end, "decreased infection rate, mortality rate and even contraction rate"):

Of course, when you have only 1 short hospitalization out of 1800 (and I think even that 1 wasn't even necessary, just a choice of the patient), that would have been billions if not trillions lost in revenue for the health care sectors worldwide (most money can be made in hospitals, who also have the most clout in governmental or bureaucratic policies and decisions along with Big Pharma and their off-the-record marketeers* referred to as scientists and researchers who are not directly on the payroll for the corporations that steer their research company's actions and research in their desired direction and towards their desired outcome, including how HCQ is used or not). *: such as the Fauci types, the virologists and disease experts and those publishing their marketing reports in prestigious journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine or The Lancet. I.e. they, like Fauci, basically work for Gilead (useless and highly toxic Remdesivir, vaccins), Pfizer (vaccins), etc. without being directly on their payroll. It works similarly with those heavily invested in hospitals and hospital conglomerates, they are calling the shots here. The Fauci types and the others I mentioned are like public relations employees of the corporations calling the shots here, just like the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee (just as cringeworthy to me when I'm listening to their propagandistic speech and tricks with lies and spin as well; Fauci is really good at getting under my skin when he was talking about HCQ, Remdesivir or vaccins. Or masks for that matter, such as talking about masks giving a false sense of security and not being all that helpful in mitigating the spread by spinning that last subject, not spelling it out like that, but switching to talking about masks not giving 100% protection, to give people the impression that that means they are also not all that helpful in mitigating the spread and less needed than vaccins for example).

And that's not even talking about the money made by those corporations receiving economic aid (while still doing massive lay-offs anyway). None of that would have been 'necessary'* if the HCQ protocol above had been used when it was already extremely obvious and proven effective back in March. (*: as painted by the media and politics, and as consequently perceived by the public) And then you actually won't need masks or the closing of schools anymore (and probably a lot of other things as well). But under the current conditions without over the counter access to HCQ, that's a different story. If you then want to bring up the subject of certain things giving a false sense of security or not helping all that much in mitigating the spread as people might think, I'd start with the subject of social distancing in closed spaces (like schools and workplaces). Especially when the weather is getting colder and people don't like having everything open (doors, windows) or doing things in the open.
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