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World growing smaller

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posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 08:43 PM
So we are all connected these days, travelling all over and enjoying this here and that there. How about sharing/discussing some of the positive & negative impacts of the world development on our personal lives.

I'll start here:

China opened up and even though I couldn't come here as an exchange student during high school (cause there were no highschool exchange programs with China back then), I managed to move here later ((1998) and got integrated into this totally different society.

Now YFU, EFS, Rotary and all kinds of exchange organizations arrange students to travel to and from China. Along with this the University exchanges have also increased quite a lot. Not to mention tourism and business. Even my ole Mom came over here this year. Return tickets for only 6000 RMB

(Pardon me if I make this "Major Important New World Events" get kind of personal and generalized, but I do think there's room for sharing and discussing regarding this topic here as well)



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