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Denver News Working In Tandem With Agitators for a More Sensational Scoop?

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posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 02:27 AM
Hello to all you beautiful ATSers! I hope that, despite the crazy times, you and your family have plenty to be thankful for.
I’ve been checking into an ugly and even dangerous and odd mystery that might impact any of us, regardless of where in the world we live, even though it just happens to be taking place in my hometown, and am eager to share it with my friends here in order to shed some light into or refute the evidence I’ve collected. In this OP I’ll present the theory that Denver 9 News, in cooperation with The Denver Post, worked in tandem with a provocateur in hopes of capturing heated and sensational pictures/film, and most horrifically of all, seems to have picked out their victim Lee Keltner and shadowed/stalked him to where he was ambushed for what may have started as a story, but ended up in murder. I have tons of evidence and links for you to check out at your leisure.
This theory horrifies me, but I can’t come up with any other conclusion seeing all the pieces together. Please tear my theory down if you can, because the implications of the media working with armed guards and provocateurs in order to stir up trouble for a story (which, in turn, stirs up its viewership; and at this particular point in time, why would anyone want to stir the hornet’s nest that’s the current American political landscape?) are tremendous.
Here’s the backstory:
As you may have already read, Denver protestor Lee Keltner was recently shot by an armed unlicensed security guard hired by 9 News Denver. Several oddities were immediately apparent, and I’ll try to present them in about the order they happened before we get to the incident itself.
First of all, Denver police tweeted within 4 hours of the shooting that the shooter was working as a security guard and was not affiliated with Antifa. The fact that the Denver police explicitly stated the guard was unaffiliated with Antifa (and while the body was still warm) stuck out as odd to me. Here’s the tweet in question:
Denver Tweet:
Well, sure enough, Matthew Doloff--how it’s spelled in the police report, although strangely enough it’s Matthew Dolloff according to every article on the source and his fb page--seems to be well acquainted with the Antifa ideology if his social media posting history and attendance at Occupy protests mean anything. I’ll let you do the search on that (got lots to come). There’s also plenty on that subject in Michelle Malkin’s twitter feed
Additionally, Matthew Dolloff was functioning illegally as a security guard and had none of the required licencing. I’m fairly certain I found in the course of my research that it took an internet sleuth to point that out, not the police. (no source--sorry--might have to look into that one yourself). So how exactly did 9 News’s Investigative Data Producer Zach Newman end up with an unlicensed security guard? It took days, but we finally got the name of the company 9 News had apparently contacted (I say apparently due to the many discrepancies in 9 News’s story and the truth).
9 News claims they requested an UNARMED security guard, Pinkerton (after disavowing Dolloff and claiming he was subcontracted out by a company called Isborn) claims an armed guard was requested. Who’s lying?
The Denver Post seems to be in on the cover up as well, as they published photos of the event with 2 key frames missing showing Doloff (Dolloff?) reaching for his weapon after being slapped. After pressure, they released all of the frames of the event:
The photographer was in the perfect position for the shots. The photographer, Helen Richardson, who had at first very publicly posted pictures and her account of the shooting, deleted her instagram and set her twitter to private once the missing frames were pointed out.
It’s worth checking more into Richardson, who I will get more to in just a moment.

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posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 02:27 AM
But first I have to answer to some pretty bold claims I made earlier--that Doloff and Newman had picked out their victim (for what exactly I’ll say in a minute) and had been shadowing and hunting their target. I’ll start with a really weird video that, in my opinion, shows the reason that Keltner ends up rushing towards Newman and Dolloff later in that fatal 10 second exchange. What I find so odd about this video is that it shows the victim and the shooter well before the fatal conflict, and the shooter appears to be well aware of the victim already.

What I see in this video (and if you read the comments, I’m not alone) is Doloff repeatedly glancing over at his victim, who at one point toward the end of the short video seems to notice Doloff looking at him.
If I saw some weirdo looking at me like that, then not too long after that weirdo and his friend are filming a confrontation I’d just been in, I’d be pissed too!
(On a side note--Why do people think they can shove a camera in anyone’s face they want anymore?
That has to be one of the most obnoxious side-effects of new technology--our voyeurism and feeling entitled to anyone’s private business.) But either way-- I can see from this footage why Keltner might have been especially sensitive to having that guy film him after seeing him hover around and glance all nervously at him like that.
There are a few other pictures floating around which show Dolloff’s strange focus on his soon to be (but unintended/accidental?) victim, but you’ll have to find them on your own.
I’m tired

But there’s more, much more.

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posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 02:28 AM
Right before he was shot, Keltner was engaged in a heated confrontation with a man who was later identified as Jeremiah Elliott. Here’s where it gets even weirder. Elliott and the photographer who captured the fatal shot (Helen Richardson) are seen together on multiple occasions throughout the day.
Elliott got into at least 3 confrontations (right up in people’s faces) before the one which ended in a man’s death, and Richardson was right there with him to get the action shots all day.
Does the Denver Post have its own agitator? (just wait for the interview with Elliott--it gets even better)
Elliott and his Photog: r-new-evidence-emerges-in-case-of-patriot-who-was-shot-to-death
Richardson and Elliott:

More about Richardson:

I found an interesting aerial of the incident. Looks almost like a perfectly executed ambush (in my opinion NOT for murder--the reporters picked Lee out knowing their man could provoke him to something which would make great television, and the plan went wrong--or really really right maybe according to them now)--at some point Doloff asked Newman to hold his phone.

Image sourced here (no idea about this site--sorry)
Newman getting the scoop:

Newman twitter:

Here’s the nail in the coffin (imo--again I always want the truth, even if that means admitting I’m wrong)--an interview 9 News granted the agitator, Jeremiah Elliot, who was filmed leaving the scene of the murder yelling “One less white supremecist! F* yeah! Right in the DOME!”
You can check out the interview here, but I took the time to transcribe key passages as well

Here are some of the quotes I transcribed from the interview. I realize that some things might seem to be taken out of context, so I urge you to watch on your own (to gauge your impression as well), but the transcript is also very telling! I’ll bold the two most incriminating (although tbh most of this is incriminating) quotes:

“Um, I’ve been getting a lot of threats from far right-wing groups since this event occurred um people are trying to identify where I live, trying to identify past employers”
Complaining people are holding him
“Responsible and I’m some kind of crisis actor and it was staged with Denver 9 and that I knew the shooter and that you guys were interviewing me earlier in the day and that we were walking around together and it’s all these conspiracy theories and hate mail I’m getting and threats against me and against my life [...] I’ve set up a go fund me”

(Interviewer asks) We’ve heard the same rumors as well did you know the journalist for 9 News or anyone else with 9 News

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posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 02:29 AM
“Um I have not ever um associated myself in any way with the 9 News uh broadcasting company, no”
Did you talk to anyone from 9 News that day?
“I don’t want to talk too much about what occurred earlier in the day, just in terms of what I was doing that day”
(Interviewer stumbles over some lengthy question then asks Elliott to assure the audience “That we’re well not ‘we’ that 9 News and you are connected
Do you have any connection with 9 news or did you that day? Or Matthew Dolloff?

“Um I have no connection to Matthew Dolloff, I’ve never seen him before”

(won’t answer the rest of the question)

“That reporter was being attacked because he was filming an attack on me that was gonna happen and he didn’t want that to be caught on film”
According to the “angel” Elliott (please watch the confrontation for yourself), Keltner
“Said he was gonna shoot me and people want to say I’m the antagonizer but I wasn’t armed I didn’t have any weapons um I was by myself I’m not a leader of any organization and again since this has happened I’m the one receiving death threats I’m the one receiving you know hate mail I’m the one putting security measures in place”
(Keltner is the dead one though)

“You see in a video they approach me” LIAR the first part of the confrontation is not on camera (the only thing that isn’t, it seems), as the interviewer points out.

Elliott can’t remember what started that heated exchange (but he says Keltner started it)
He thinks Keltner started it by saying:
“Are you a patriot or not?” (ummm… really?)
About the death of a man:
“Security luckily was there and stepped in glad Denver 9 is on… is out there”
Elliot claims Keltner was
Posturing because he had a firearm??
“Continued attack from the right.”
When the angel Elliott was asked what he was doing that day:

“I was just outside in denver
I was just walking around downtown denver that day.” LIAR
When questioned on his attire (Black Guns Matter shirt)
“That was just the shirt in my closet” Riigght.
“I think Matthew Doloff is a hero.”

“All those charges are unwarranted and I’m most sure he’ll be found not guilty of all charges.”
“I saw the reporter [sic] shoot him dead center between the eyes. It was a great shot”
“the violence is really coming from the right and you know my life is in danger just like those reporters were that day you know these Patriot Musters are violent”
“I was one man standing alone in the face of hundreds of men who were armed to the teeth” LIAR
When asked for certain details declines to answer because “It’s an open homicide investigation so” (But has no problem saying he’ll be found not guilty)
On being photographed with a group of people in tactical gear (and whether he’s affiliated with that group):
“I’m walking around you see me walking around, there’s several pictures of me with the news reporter and the security guard too there’s several pictures of me with everyone that’s what happens when you walk around in a crowded event that’s filmed”
--Here in the interview is a plug for Jeremiah Elliott’s GoFund me (he needs 30,000 for security)
“Police had eyes on me the entire time I was there”
“This man chose to assault me, chose to assault OUR news company” Yes, he said “our” BAMN 13:58
When asked how long he’s been in Denver:
“I’ve been here (stutters) for a few years now”
When asked if he still works in security”
“Yeah I’m still working in security I’m no longer working in an armed security fashion but I am
working for a security company inside Denver”
According to articles I’ve read (I’ll find later--I’m exhausted) he was never employed as an armed guard. In any case, I’d be very wary of any company who hires a person of his temperament for an armed security company. Check out his mannerisms in this video depicting the event in which he claimed to have been so viciously attacked:
Eye witness twitter:

When asked if he’s ever worked security with Dolloff (or for the same firm):
“Don‘t want to speak to much to that these are questions that they’re gonna be asking me in an ongoing homicide investigation I’ve worked for many security companies in the past”

So what in the * is going on? Any ideas ATS?

Additional Sources:
Murder for Ratings:
Michelle Maklin twitter:
Elliott’s Linkedin:

posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 05:38 AM
a reply to: zosimov

Great thread, Zos -- Flagged and stars for every post it required to tell the sorry tale!

I cannot add to this, but wanted to let you know I've had the same hunch, but I hadn't hunted all the facts down yet. Thanks for doing the due diligence. Very impressive.

I want to believe that no one really wanted or planned for anyone to be hurt, much less killed.... I really REALLY want to believe that... but it was dangerous and risky and they knew it.

No words for such depraved hearts and minds.

posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 01:18 PM
Holy Smokes you done your homework. What a fascinating and horrifying (if true) thread. Amazing analysis

posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: zosimov

Another one of the T-shirts sold by Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter.

I don't like to try to speak for other people, so I'll quote something:

After Nipsey Hussle's Death, Black Guns Matter Founder Pushes for Conflict Resolution Skills
Based on the limited information available, Hussle's death could "absolutely" have been preventable, Toure said, had conflict resolution been a more significant discussion topic in urban America,

"If this was expressed more instead of the highlight of shooting somebody because of a disagreement as being the 'way of the man.' Because it's not. That's the way of a coward. Firearms are a way to protect life, not to take life," Toure said. "I think that if this is something that was made more prominent, we might have saved a good man."

From the videos that I've seen, this guy Jeremiah Elliott was totally doing the opposite of conflict resolution. Not a good representation of Black Guns Matter.

So yeah, if there is a connection between Richardson and Elliot that would be quite problematic.

But those two are not dead or in jail facing charges.

I'm not saying they are guilty, but, when provocateurs do their thing others suffer.
Sorry this happened to your town.

posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 01:33 PM
Stay strapped colorado we outnumber the metro terrorists by far, even if they combine boulder


posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 08:51 PM
a reply to: zosimov

Wow, I don't actually want to star/flag this post b/c of the implications of what it all means. But there's a lot of weirdness in all that - and that video of Doloff staring at Keltner and his odd body language creeps me out - I think he was demonstrating intent right then.

Pretty clearly Elliott was used in some way by 9 News, whether they prompted him / paid him to create confrontations, or just figured he was going to do it, and so passively followed him around (a common problem in those situations, where the press - inadvertently or not - create incidents instead of simply documenting them.) The intersection of this and Doloff (with his strange not-a-security-guard history) all-but-stalking Keltner at ( News' behest is definitely suspect.

The FBI should take this up as a civil rights or domestic terrorism case, so that the Denver PD doesn't just sweep it under the rug, get a plea deal and make it all disappear.

Good job!

posted on Oct, 19 2020 @ 08:11 AM
There is a dead body, a weapon, and I can see the motive for the news broadcasters, "If it bleeds, it reads".

Perhaps it was not premeditated, but having an armed guard present while trying to provoke a confrontation seems like a set up for it to happen. Perhaps the news station could be guilty of negligent homicide though reckless behavior, unless a shooting was their intent from the beginning. If that were true then that type of scenario is more along the line of premeditated murder.

If your theory is correct, at the very least this type of reporting is creating news based on propaganda and political bias to generate revenue for the station. This could also be part of a deeper and darker agenda that involves some heavy players.

Good stuff. S&F for you.

ETA: I try to keep track of Colorado because my older brother lives in Colorado Springs. Not that I'm too worried about that smug prick, but family none the less.

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posted on Oct, 19 2020 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: zosimov

Really well put together.

And so odd that we pretty much all stood in the exact same spot at our Denver meetup.

posted on Oct, 19 2020 @ 08:20 AM
I've wondered if the photog was looking for an execution of Nguyễn Văn Lém style shot myself. Something iconic that she could hang her hat on.

posted on Oct, 19 2020 @ 04:00 PM
Would a white liberal woman artist in Denver use a man of color to instigate fights with white men until another man executes one on her behalf for her profit.


The fact she still has a job after participating in a shooting, says it all.
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posted on Oct, 20 2020 @ 04:56 AM
News outlets with illegal armed guards agitating people for newsworthy images.

I hope this gets the light it deserves.

But what we have been seeing. Anyone on the left. Antifa, BLM , rioters they are not being charged after arrested.

The other side, people who drive through crowds or protect their business. The judges go extra hard on them.

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