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Why are Democrats leading in mail in votes? Cheating or too scared to vote in person?

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posted on Oct, 18 2020 @ 10:46 AM
a reply to: research100

So you are saying that Dems are vote suppressing their own voters by pushing mail in votes?

posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 11:13 AM

voter fraud is almost impossible with mail in ballots but disinformation that trump keeps putting out is MUCH EASIER

do you realize how hard is is to make fake ballots?

did you know any voter listed as lapsed was NOT sent a mail in ballot?

did you know that 550,000 ballots were disqualified for mistakes? meaning ballots are being checked

do you realize this election is being watched very closely

do you realize that trump keeps mentioning ballots found in the rivers and it is a LIE?

trump has made 0ver 100 claims attacking mail in voting the vast majority of these claims were FACTUALLY INACCURATE

I mailed my ballot put in in my mailbox on my porch for the postal carrier to pick it up...I went on line to check it there is the basic you put in your address and birth date......then you can click for more info......I had to put my name in it told me my ballot was received by the post office and was on the way to the polling gave me a choice to track I chose my e mail and will get updates on my ballot

and for the person who asked are we deliberately sabotaging ourselves by mail voting ...NO but unless you do the research most people would not know that more mail in ballots have mistakes and are then thrown out so from that point it is a disadvantage to us!

no matter HOW or when you vote you CAN and absolutely should track your ballot

originally posted by: MRinder
Why is it that Democrats have a huge lead in mail in votes? Are they cheating big time or a bunch of wussies afraid to go to the polls and vote in person?

I say they are using mail in votes to cheat like all hell. As in one person is voting 100 votes.

Are they double checking votes to make sure people don't vote twice or that democratic organizations aren't filling out "fake" ballots for their side in large quantities?

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posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 11:34 AM
MSNBC PANIC today as they realize that Republican voter registration gains are the largest since 1972.

posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 01:00 PM
The more Democrats and MSM keep accusing Trump and others of doing proves they themselves are the ones doing it 😃

posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 01:03 PM
speaking of cheating let's not leave out the republicans they deserve equal time


republican steve watkins charged with 3 counts of voter fraud he used a ups office in topeka kansas as a home address

west virgina postal carrier changed several ballots from democrat to REPUBLICAN

2018, when current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was secretary of state, he threw out 53,000 voter registration applications, mostly from Black voters, because the names weren’t an “exact match” with other records. It was a tactic straight out of the Jim Crow era, when white officials used an array of technicalities to prevent African Americans from voting.

• To corrupt the 2018 general election, North Carolina Republicans hired a felon, Leslie McCrae Dowless, who assembled a team (8 republicans) that went door-to-door to mostly Black voters in a rural county to “help” them with their absentee ballots — then allegedly forged signatures, wrote in candidate choices and trashed some ballots

• Wisconsin Republicans prevented postponement of this year’s primary election and extension of mail-in voting despite the COVID-19 pandemic, then rigged the system so that only five of 180 polling sites were open in Milwaukee. Black and Hispanic voters were disproportionately affected, but turned out in strong numbers in defiance of the GOP.

• Last year in Ohio, two Republicans were charged with distributing phony sample ballots that officials say were designed to trick voters into believing they’d already cast genuine ballots.

in california REPUBLICANS put out phony election boxes for people to drop their ballots in


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posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: Tearman

The average Americans IQ is 100. If they think we’re idiots that is a good thing. I can assure you we are secure in our intellect, and lumenari is on another level than me....You? Ha don’t try it! She’s gonna make you get a new screen name. 😂 Name calling is not an argument, unless you’re in grade school, which you very well may be. I guess I should try to be nice too.

posted on Oct, 21 2020 @ 01:38 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen
The more Democrats and MSM keep accusing Trump and others of doing proves they themselves are the ones doing it 😃

Like I have posted before, Democrats rob a bank and then blame it on the Republicans.

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