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Whitmer Attempted Kidnappers Are Anti-Trump Cop-Hating Anarchists

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posted on Oct, 11 2020 @ 02:19 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

" Nolte: WaPo Buries News BLM Supporter Allegedly Tied to Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot "

" One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.

But-but-but I was told by the media, Joe Biden, and Whitmer all the plotters are right-wing, racist, militia men inspired by Donald Trump!!!

Well, like everything else the national media and Democrats tell us, that was just one more big, fat #ing lie.

So among the alleged plotters, we can add Daniel Harris (pictured) to the list of those who do not fit the fake news media’s fake narrative about the whys and wherefores behind this appalling plot. "

And the Left Scheme Media's Attempts to Blame it on Conservatives FAILS AGAIN .......Another Day , ANOTHER LIE...........
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posted on Oct, 11 2020 @ 03:25 PM
They had a mixed group, two appear to be more Antifa types, some Trump supporters, some three-percenters. You may want to check other sources than Brietbart for more detail.

Three empty bottles of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum sat on the steps to the house. A yellow "Don’t Tread on Me" flag and a "Three Percenter" flag, which features three Roman numerals in the middle of a circle of 13 stars to represent the nation’s original 13 colonies — flapped in the wind.

In the front lawn were two campaign signs supporting Trump. One said: “Truckers 4 Trump” and the other “Honk 4 Trump.” Both said “Make American Great Again 2020.” A rusty Chevy pickup was parked in the driveway, its tires flat. Beside it was a Ford Escape SUV.

In August, he shared a U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia’s post about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with fatally shooting two people at protests in Wisconsin that month. 
“Wait until the old combat hardened vets get involved & start running teams … Kyle will seem like a daydream in comparison,” the post read. 

Those are 3 different individuals.

Detroit Free Press

posted on Oct, 11 2020 @ 09:14 PM

originally posted by: DrakeINFERNO
Much like timothy mcveigh and the ruby ridge family the anti government folk.somehow get categorized as rightwing when they want to shoot the bird out of the sky. Also notice how the same FBI that annihalted the ruby ridge and Waco families with tanks and snipers over false weapon charges allow antifa complete freedom.

That is because most of the TimothyMcVeigh-types are fighting against supposed government overreach... meaning they advocate for small government that leaves citizens alone.. which is an extreme version of the GOP platform..except in the case of a woman's uterus... then they are all up in it.

posted on Oct, 11 2020 @ 09:37 PM

Occupy Democrats fans totally have no idea...

posted on Oct, 11 2020 @ 09:52 PM
a reply to: frogs453

Any news site that deems SPLC as credible has lost me...

posted on Oct, 12 2020 @ 06:14 AM

originally posted by: Rob808
Why do you want to bring fire and chaos? To rebuild as you see fit? You are not god, you do not deserve that power you seek to take from the innocents. a reply to: Bloodworth

They dont believe there are any innocents..
Every Americans is racist, evey thing America is built on is racist. So it has to go.down in ashes

posted on Oct, 12 2020 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

bull#. Listen to this sheriff who knew them.

posted on Oct, 12 2020 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: SuperStudChuck
a reply to: frogs453

Any news site that deems SPLC as credible has lost me...

Ok. Yet they had over a dozen reporters, conducted over 80 interviews, traveled a total of 2100 miles and visited 10 Court houses.

So I will think they probably obtained more information than the 1 Breitbart reporter who went on Facebook. Heck I had that info 10 min after the story broke with a quick search.

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posted on Oct, 13 2020 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: Zanti Misfit

So you're saying you can't be a Trump supporter and upset about George Floyds death? Interesting admission there.

posted on Oct, 13 2020 @ 02:54 AM

originally posted by: Fools
Man, can't the MSM just win one of these! I mean there has got to be right wing terrorists out there. There has to be, and they have to do something bad before the election!

The supply does not meet the demand.

posted on Oct, 13 2020 @ 05:22 AM
a reply to: Guiltyguitarist

I love how you all just blatantly ignore this and proclaim so sort of delusional victory over the left for lying.

'These politicians keep on robbing us': The chilling social media posts and videos of Trump-loving militiamen who 'planned to kidnap Michigan's governor and incite a civil war'

posted on Oct, 16 2020 @ 09:02 AM
A lot of Michiganders think this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

More and more people who know these guys, are saying it's BS.

And it is being spun like crazy, to not allow guns in the capitol, and "Oh poor me" by the governor.

I'll not be believing anything on the local news over this.
I'll wait to see what happens in court.

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