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US sanctions Iran’s entire financial sector

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posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 04:57 AM
Yikes, this one's gonna stir up the hornet's nest.
And somebody's heading to China for a chat...

Maybe I shouldve put this one in the WW3 forum...

The administration of United States President Donald Trump tightened the noose further around Iran’s beleaguered economy on Thursday, announcing a fresh round of sanctions that will effectively shut the country out of the global financial system.

On Thursday, the US Department of the Treasury announced it is blacklisting 18 major Iranian banks – 16 of which were targeted for “operating in Iran’s financial sector” – as well one bank controlled by a sanctioned Iranian bank and one the US Treasury says is affiliated with Iran’s military.

[url=]Reuters[/url ]
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posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 06:12 AM
another terrorist action by the biggest war machine in history

Further proof that Trump is a globalist NWO lackey

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 06:21 AM
They’re running to china? That’s comical. China’s been helping them low key. That little reported story didn’t do them justice.

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 06:43 AM
Now where is my applause gif ?
Be back when I find it.
Sanction the crap out of them.
And if China starts pitchin a childlike hissy fit , sanction the crap out of them too

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 07:11 AM
This sucks, the Iranian people are educated and quite westernized, at least they used to be some 20 years ago. It sure has been downhill for Iran since the Shah got kicked out and it became an Islamic republic back in 1979.

I used to chat with some Iranian women way back about the time things began to escalate between our countries. I told them I was sorry how our country was treating theirs and stopped chatting with them. They were in college and just starting their careers. The Iranian people back then liked the U.S. still, and they didn't understand what I was talking about really, like they were kept in the dark or didn't pay attention to the politics.

Anyway, I feel sorry for the Iranian people, esp. the younger population that will grow up hating on the U.S.A. I saw a "Rick Steves" episode on PBS where he was touring around in Iran and it seemed more progressive and western like I remembered from chatting, although I don't know when he went there to film the program.

Cutting off my chat buddies in Iran because of the politics was a lot like when I stopped going the the local Iraqi party store, the first in my neighborhood just before the wars. I knew them all by name, talked to them all the time, then when the war broke out, I cut them off for a while, although I eventually talked to them again. It's so sad when politics come between people from different cultures when they would otherwise get along, even like each other.
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posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 07:31 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
another terrorist action by the biggest war machine in history

Further proof that Trump is a globalist NWO lackey
Not a globalist lackey, dude bitched at NATO members to pay their fair share, pulled out paris accords, finger wagged the Europeans powers, straight up taxed china without blinking an eye and even a travel ban on the 2nd largest economy.

The Presidenat has made clear that he respects the iranian people, it's their leaders. Seems we never got over that take over from the 70s and never relented, low key cutting them up to the point the people of Iran depose their leaders.

Imagine, they overthrow their leaders and become open for business, that's a win for the global economy.

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 12:51 PM
a reply to: Arnie123

Sure a win if it happens - but what about the suffering of the common man Iranian who lives under that regime?.

Another thing to consider is thats it probably the Banksters wanting to instill a central banking system under Rothchilds control

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