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Voodoo - Vodun ?

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posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 08:26 AM
Is it a religion or just something we watch in the movies?

The religion of most of the population of Haiti is voodoo. its origins ar ein Africa, especially in Benin (formerly Dahomey). The term voodoo is from vodum, which means, god of spirit in the Fon language of Africa. The beliefs of the Afican slaves gradually mingled with the Roman Catholicism of the white French plantation owners of Haiti.

Voodoo combines a belief in one god with a belief in various kinds of spirits. The purpose of voodoo is too serve spirits and keep their good will. The god Bondye (from the French 'bon dieu') is identified with the Christion god. He is considered remote and unapproachable. Real devotion is given to the spirits (loa, or lwa, in the Yoruba language of Africa). The spirits ar enot evil. They serve as intermediaries between people and Bondye.

Each person is believed to have several souls. After death these souls becomes spirits that take possession of another individual. When possessed, a believer does ritual dances, accepts animal sacrifice for the spirit, and offers valuable counsel and advice. Otherwide the role of the spirit combines the functions of guardian angel and patron saint.

Male voodoo leaders are called Hungan and the female Mambo. They serve small congregayions as counselors, healers of the lively voodoo ritual. Annual festivals are held in honor of the major spirits.

There are traditions of private magic and sorcery that have been sensationalized by outsiders - especially stories about Zombies. These are presumably souless bodies raised from the grave to be slaves. It is probable that they are actually persons who have been drugged into insensibility and revived. (but not everything is so Black & White)

So whats peoples opinion on this subject then?

Religion? or just hocus pocus?


posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 08:35 AM
Religion, as you have stated and quite factually I might add.


posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 08:38 AM
Your the Black Arts tell.....

posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 08:40 AM
...seriously....I think it is what it is, a ritualistic form of magic and divination....known in Miami as santeria....

posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 01:19 PM
Here is a link.....

posted on Jul, 13 2003 @ 02:49 PM
Something I've seen and experienced alot of throughout my life. Something also I would call a little bit of Religion and alot of hocus pocus..and that's about all I'm going to say about that..

Interesting post Blackwidow, but there's always another side to every coin..

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