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WI Governor Proposes State Sales Tax On Downloads (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 01:43 PM
We have about three years before this is going to become an issue again, when it comes back aorund we need to actively fight this. I think the money I pay for my power bill to run my computer, my phone bill for connecting, and the money I pay my ISP is plenty. We can't let them have the internet to regulate and tax, as I quite strongly believe it may the last bastion of true communication and information exchange. Well, I guess if you can't control it, just tax it. And Apparently this idea is catching on in other state intiatives as well.
Wisconsin's Democratic governor thinks it's not fair that tangible items get taxed while downloads, like music, ebooks, software, etc., go completely untaxed. So, he proposes to rectify the situation by having Wisconsin's 5% state sales tax apply to Internet downloads. This is kind of like that famous hoax about how the USPS wants to charge people 5 cents for e-mail messages, except it's for real....

That's right: it's voluntary. In a country that can trace its origins in part to a dispute about taxes, does this man really think that people are going to voluntarily pay a tax? And what makes it even funnier is that he thinks people in Wisconsin are going to voluntarily pay....

At any rate, WI is by no means the first state to look into recouping some of the tax revenue lost through online purchases. All of the other efforts to date, though, have to do with trying to tax physical goods that are bought over the Internet (see here and here, for instance). WI is the first to my knowledge to propose taxing downloads.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Once they realized the implications of citizens having an unlimited exchange of information, they immediately began both state and federal initiatives to regulate and monitor the internet. With the consolidation of the major media companies, the internet also became a haven for for a new concept in modern journalism, the Bloggers. They can't allow freedom of information any longer and maintain their integrity. For them, information has to be controlled, filtered through policies, clandestine and otherwise cotnroversial issues. They fear the complete free exchange of information.
When it became an international sensation, the internet grew beyond their means to regulate and control it, and honestly, I think the recent proposals of taxation and regulation of the net which has run proposal after proposal like wildifre through state and federal legislatures, is simply their "Plan B" to insert legislations which will be ultimately of a regulatory nature. This isn't just a revenue issue, for as age old history prooves, once they tax it, they will regulate it.
Take a look at these statements from
"Gov. Jim Doyle wants you to pay Wisconsin's 5% sales tax whenever you pay to download a song, book, movie or piece of art."...
"Asked if consumers can be expected to note when they download and then pay the 5% sales taxes on those transactions, Morgan said: "What we believe is that a large number of these folks are unaware they have that obligation" to pay sales taxes on Internet and mail-order purchases."
""We're going to have to do a much better job of educating" taxpayers that they owe sales tax on Internet and mail-order purchases, Morgan said."

Here's a google search querey...

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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 01:48 PM
This is crazy
Whats next? Costing money to send emails and instant messages?!?!?!? I hope they don't get this in the state I live in.

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 02:12 PM
I got a U2U from somebody here that said

An experienced ATSNN user (author with 25 or more accepted submissions, original ATSNN staff, or board staff) has noticed what appears to be an unacceptable source article in your submission here:
(submission) (politics) WI Governor Proposes State Sales Tax On Downloads.

We prefer to use source links from higher-tier news websites. If your source was from a blog, other discussion board, or new magazine site with a heavy political biase, that may have caused this action. Please locate another source link from a higher-order online source and edit your submission.

Your submission will not be able to accept member votes until you return and make the needed edits.


I have no idea what source they are referring to, who it came from, or how to correct an ATSNN submission.

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 02:19 PM
it means your source is no good unless you can back it up by a government corrupt news source, Like Fox, CNN or the like,
the governments of the world are going to have to learn to keep there hands of the peoples internet where the true voice of the people and news can be heard.

[edit on 16/3/2005 by Sauron]

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Your first paragraph contains bias, also and has typo's. Click on submit news below the submission boxes you will find the guidlines.

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 02:25 PM
Ars Technica is an awesome source dude, but there are those on this site who only believe the American corporate media.

Reply to them and have a whinge.


posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 02:34 PM
**post trashing**

I got rid of this because of the initial problems and since all the replies were about the submission rather than the topic. I have u2u'd the author about it already.

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