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One of my favorite flights to date - Cinematic Sunset Drone Flight

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posted on Sep, 24 2020 @ 10:29 AM
Hey all,

This was recorded last night. The lighting, the colors in the trees coming out. All around, it was a great flight. In this video you get to see the two main sides of the hobby. We have the soft flowy "freestyle" side, and the nail biting, corning grabbing "racer" side. All of this video was filmed with the same drone. It was a mix of two flights I edited into one video. The video is recorded in real time. The top speed of this drone is roughly 90mph (144kmh)

Its recorded in 1440p with a locked shutter speed of 1/120th. 60 frames per second. I'm using an ND4 filter, with a little post processing color gradients.

I hope you enjoy!

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