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Ukrainian Paramilitary Found in Trunk of Argentinean Arms Dealer's Car.

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posted on Sep, 20 2020 @ 10:48 AM
I know the title sounds like a movie plot, but it seems to be real. As you can imagine, our media ignored this one. So I didn't find any English source. Anyway, the story is different from all the political threads we have. Here we go.

Juan Manuel Clucellas, resident of Rosario, a city 300 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, is one of the owners of the arms company 'La Escondida', which has several headquarters in Argentina.

He was driving to his home from the north of the province of Entre RĂ­os, which borders Rosario to the east, when the police proceeded to check the vehicle.

"What's in the trunk?" asked one of the officers. "a deer", answered Clucellas. The officer decided to make sure and opened the trunk. Inside, a man 1.90 meters and about 150 kilos in weight.

Victor Melnyk, 47 year old. Former Ukrainian soldier based in Marbella, Malaga province, Spain. This man is a member of a paramilitary called the "Reales Tercios" (could be translated as Royal Thirds).

His document seems to be a lieutenant of that paramilitary organization with self-imposed absolute fidelity to the Crown.

Under the name "RR.TT." (Real Tercios), an acronym that is part of the denomination of our Organization, disciplinedly frames all those people of goodwill who, with absolute fidelity to the Crown, self-impose allegiance to the figure of the Sovereign, preserving their political neutrality whatever the form or system of government and with total independence over the political ideologies that may preside over the country at all times.

Our Association, and therefore all its members, are there to support and serve His Majesty the KING, when and as necessary.

Melnyk belonged to the elite military group Titan in Ukraine, between 1994 and 2000. I never heard about these 2 organizations.

Melnyk's girlfriend is native from Argentina, she said the Ukrainian entered the country illegally. The borders are closed (due the virus I guess).

She said that he wanted to be with her because she was about to give birth and Viktor wanted to meet his daughter. Her version of the story doesn't match with what police found.

He actually crossed Paraguay's border into Argentina telling the police that he was on his way to Rosario (Argentina), to attend the pass of his wife, who had arrived from Spain before him. It's a little confusing. So according to him, she wasn't a local. One of these 2 is not telling the truth and we don't know why.

Also, the arms dealer driving the car was released, he is free now, but charged with violation of quarantine and for a migration crime with a penalty from one to six years in prison. I checked his website and didn't find something remarkable. Mostly hunting rifles but who knows. na-pelicula-/


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