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That's How The Cookie Crumbles: Coalition Falters, Iraq Shambles, Our Republic Suffers (from ATSNN

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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 08:43 AM
I am talking about the current status of European Troops, their committment to the Coalition of the Willing in Iraq and the strange silent political revolution or polarization we might say of the masses coming from those who have not really taken a political stance before.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's my first OP/ED at ATS. Tell me what you think. Thanks - 00ps

Recently on March, 15th, 2005, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced that Italy would be withdrawing all of its soldiers from Iraq in September of 2005. Also on the 15th the Ukrainian soldiers arrived home - the first group from its piece of the Coalition to be withdrawn.

Europe is a far away place from here in China but much farther from America. Americans know the value of hard work and commitment much like none other country has truly seen. From our pioneering spirit to our once strong labor force, Americans get tough when the going gets rough.

I am not saying the Europeans are cowards, haven't a strong willed work ethic or spirit. I am saying they are a far place away from us (US). The politics of such a small yet diversified region of the globe are even more diversified by individual, regional, political, and ideological preferences let alone influence by the US.

Recent Anarchy/Punk travelers I met in the south of China came to visit me. They come from France, spoke little English, brought great French Wine, and great conversation. Their perspectives on Chirac as a criminal where appetizing to say the least but the forte’ was our discussion on European attitudes towards US intervention around the globe.

Where there are those who are strong in their convictions be it Radical, Anti, Pro, Moderate, there are those who have none. These are the great danger to many societies. The sheep that follows the strongest shepherd so to say... But, a new phenomenon is occurring. Suddenly these sheep are having feelings that are leading to albeit indirect however meaningful political action.

The most pure and potent form of this indirect action is intangible and invisible but is nevertheless there in an omnipresent veil permeating the vast diversified region slowing unifying under a reaction to a global force. The most pure and potent development visible deriving from this new political action is the withdrawal of European nations from the Coalition.

Spain, Portugal, Italy in September, Ukraine before mid-October, Netherlands before the end of March 2005, Albania before April 2005. And Poland is finishing this year. France and German never went. There is no face to a European Force in Iraq any longer. Needless to say the picture can only get more disturbing and to add in to effect the withdrawals of non-European states add more to this sloppy collage of well intentioned yet misguided soldiers.

What can the USA a few friends and a couple of developing countries soldiers do to help Iraq? How much face will the USA lose before she decides to cut her losses and choose what is correct and just. To truly restore Freedom to the Sovereign Nation of Iraq by giving her power back to her in a uniformed and structured process that is transparent, with time tables and international observance by independent parties.

Only then can we start to rebuild Our Republic.

[edit on 16-3-2005 by 00PS]

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