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The Genetics of the House of David, the Church of Philadelphia. A Renewal to Judeah

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 10:59 PM
Hello ATS,

I'm a bit amiss on how to start, because my words will be picked apart no matter my strategy. Due to this, I am going to write to you as much in my flow of thought as possible (with minimal revision for clarity purposes). One may fabricate an intention of mine to lie, although my words today will be of truth. Just two weeks ago, I found that what I had been studying was connected with the Bible.

For a little bit of background, I have been a lifelong Christian. For my just over 40 years of existence, my education has been mostly in the Lutheran teachings of Christianity. The internet has allowed me to diversify that knowledge a little bit, although I can not even claim to be an expert on Christianity. Like many, I have found myself to feel disenfranchised from where modern Church has gone. There were my personal experiences which had me withdraw. The Temple was always within me, and so my faith was never far from my side.

As the main person in my family who was interested in genealogy, I was able to explore a new kind of history with DNA. Do not think that I am promoting something based on Ancestry DNA, because I actually think that it is misused and shouldn't even promote percentages. That is another case, because my test of choice is haplogroup science. We are able to tell much about a male line and a female line from the different type of testing ( y-dna and mitochondrial). This is the subject that I found myself studying for years, which I did not expect to be presenting today.

This is a topic that I have discussed before here on ATS, as it has always intrigued me. This post is from 2015 Titled "Ethiopia, Sumerians, Nimrod, Ark of Covenant, Hitler, Berghof, Lost Tribes Connected?"

Here is me proposing that we are looking at the genealogy of the Annunaki Jan 2018 titled: "Genetic Genealogy - Scientific Proof that Egyptians are descendants of Annunaki Alien Race?"

Here is a connected post, Titled "Orion = Towards Center of Universe ?"

What I have found absolutely boggles me. I started this from a standpoint of following this mutation that only two lines of men have. You can follow any y-dna phylogenetic chart, and see what I am talking about. There has always been an anomaly of the D and E man. When viewing modern man (A and B are considered ancient), we see that modern man was split into two groups at this CT point. Because one group got a mutation while the other did not, I have taken to calling this the "CT event".

The D and E haplogroups gain the YAP+ mutation, and no other man has this. The line that did not get the mutation then seems to diversify into 15 new haplogroups, becoming the modern diversity of man. At very least, I have always been able intrigued to study it from the viewpoint of possible anti-mutagenic or epigenetic properties. Researchers estimate the CT event to be around 50,000 years ago. Since then, the D and E haplogroups have stood as candlesticks beside the Lord.

Chabad talks about this exact mutation, and notates that over 98% of Kohenim tested display this YAP+ marker. They never put it together with the knowledge that it is only on two haplogroups in the entire world. This absolutely rules out R and J haplogroup Kohenim. It would be easy to assign an intent with malice when looking at this, but I would like to present some possibilities.

Some of the men might be in the Cohen position due to adoption or adultery. Others might have stepped in to take the role, while the temple was in upheaval. Some might have just made a mistake. When dealing with power structures, it is also wise to assume that others willingly chose the incorrect position so that they could spread evil. Regardless the reason or intent, this is a genetic renewal.

Just two weeks ago Sunday was the first time when I felt as though the Bible spoke to me. It was through it's Word, but I felt as though I had a bit more understanding. This came from the addition of a 1 Kings verse which listed the two names upon the Pillars outside Solomon's Temple. They were Boaz and Japhini. This combined with my prior knowledge was the last bit that I needed.

Verses said that the Two Witnesses would be of the lands of Samaria, and Judeah. My first roadblock was tackling the Revelation 11 verse which details the Two Witnesses. My intuition led me to connect this verse with the 7 Stars over the 7 Candlesticks, which are the 7 Angels of the Church over the 7 Churches. Reading Rev 11 surely sounded as if they were describing the Kohenim, as it detailed the golden pipes from which flows the golden oil, the anointed ones. To me this references the Kohenim, as they were the only ones who prepared and received the anointing oils. This is with the idea presented in the Book of Jubilees that Nimrod is the ancestor of all Hebrews.

The Kohenim not only make the anointing oils, but they also are the ones who receive this oil. So, this felt like Kohenim but there needed to be verification in the Word. This is where I turned to Rev 2 and 3 to attempt to understand the Churches. Knowing that there are Two Witnesses, it is quite simple to tell that the Church of Philadelphia, the House of David would stand as one of the Candlesticks. The other two would be between Smyrna and Thyatira. Like usual, I find the Bible presents something clearly, with a layer of veil which needs interpretation behind it. Here is where I have heard some researchers suggest that Smyrna is the second of the Two Witnesses. I could not disagree with that assertion more.

The Church of Smyrna is the synagogue of Satan, and it is easily provable. It is likely because of the similarity to the House of David's Verse in Rev 3 that people latch onto Smyrna in Rev 2. My thought is that the similarity is to draw attention, but for the inverse reason. This is the type of verification that I expect from the Bible, as Verses are usually used in nearly identical ways to suggest that they should reference each other (at least this is how I have always found it). Here is where I looked at the victory given to the Church of Smyrna. They are given life. Wow, that surely sounds like a consolation prize when compared to the splendors given to the House of David. That alone suggest that it is not a Candlestick, but there is more to show against Smyrna.

With a lackluster victory, we can dive into the Verse differences between Rev 2 and Rev 3 a little deeper. Revelation 2 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" versus Revelation 3 "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." To me Rev 2 says I know of the fake Jews, the synagogue of Satan, where Rev 3 says "I know of the OTHERS who are the fake Jews, the synagogue of Satan. This seems to be an accusation of Smyrna, which is strongs 4666 (myrrh) -"of foreign origin".

The Church of Smyrna is Joanna. She is the House of Ionna. She married Herod's Servant, Chuza, and her people are the Canaanites.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 11:19 PM
Now, it's possible that Joanna is also "La Chuza", the witch of the woods .... but, that could just be me connecting names that are similar. We heard those stories in South Texas folklore. Numbers 26 lists the Jesuits as descendants of Asher, and other verses state that Asher dwealt with the Canaanites, for they did not drive them from the land. With the Satan connection, that one takes a slithering sound to it.

To me, it was fairly clear that Smyrna was not a candlestick .... but needed to check Thyatira's Verse. The victory here describes a rod of iron that breaks pieces of pottery. There was but one other verse that I could find, and referenced this nearly word for word. This is Psalm 2, which discusses seeking refuge (redemption) in the Lord. That alone suggests that Thyatira is the second Candlestick. The beginning of Psalm 2 talks about the anointed one. With this light, I suggest that the Thyatira Verse is one of true redemption, for there are some that have been corrupted by the jezebelle, but there are great treasures for those who have remained faithful (and do what they need to claim victory in the eyes of God).

With this, I had verified one of the Candlesticks as the House of David, which is the genetic line of Kohenim. I had already expected this from the odd y-dna, but was intrigued to find seemingly proof from the 1 Kings Verse. Boaz on the pillar is listed as an ancestor of David. These are the Levites which are named and numbered in Numbers 26. This also seems to draw attention to the male descent line, as it's very clear denoting when it is daughter's descent.

Japhini on the other pillar was very intriguing, when I found it listed under the Tribe of Simeon. This listed the Jamin people as descendants along with the Japhini. Instantly, I knew what people this was. The Japhini are the people of Japhin. We know this as Japan. The Jamin are commonly referred to as the Jomon people, and are the predecessors to the Japanese Emperor and many of the Samurai clan. These are the D haplogroup men. Here, we have the Bible showing me that the second of the Two Witnesses is the only other line of man with the YAP+ mutation.

This now draws a new visual, when considering Jesus declaring how God would bring 12 legions of warriors to his side, with the thought that many of them would be Samurai. Now that we know which of the two Tribes are that of the Two Witnesses, it suggests some interesting things. I personally take that as sign that the time of the Two Witnesses is not far off, for we even know the name of the synagogue of Satan. I also see this as the call of men to find out your haplogroup for your male side. It's nearly the same on your entire male side, so any grandfather or male side uncle or brother or son's haplogroup letter is all that you need. Somehow this is what we need to help us find which Church and House that you reside in with reference to Rev 2 and Rev 3. This is important, because each House has different tasks which are needed to claim victory, with each seeming to reflect a challenge that your Church has. Some have suggested that if a Church is too material, that they must rebuke that aspect ... I'm not too sure, but haplogroups in reference to Numbers 26 and Rev 2 and 3 seems important.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 11:30 PM
This knowledge brings up some very intriguing things, as it relates to the Two Witnesses Account of the Bible. This details that society will be scared by the power of God wielded by the Two Witnesses. It suggests that they will be hunted down out of fear, and confronted by the Beast who is called from the Pit. This hits a little too home for me, once I made a connection.

We know the YAP+ mutation. These are the Tribes of Levi and Simeon. They will be labeled "mutants". They will be hunted. It is as has been suggested in the X-men movies. The Cross-Men will have powers. The Men of the Cross will be mutants with the ability to perform miracles. Even the "Marvel" name itself seems blasphemous in this light.

The Two Witnesses are said to come from Samaria and Judeah. Simeon is said to have had to leave the Promised Land for Judah. Levi seems to have ancient Babylonian connections, in more than just the Book of Jubilees suggesting Nimrod is the ancestor to all Hebrews. For this, I would like to reference Zec 4. This is the other of the Two Witnesses verses, and it has one name that sticks out, as Zerubbabel. This person was chosen by Nebuchannezer himself to rebuild the Temple, and even gave him things to restore to the Temple that were saved from the Temple in Babylon. This relations deeps when we realize that Nimrod was called Nebrod. To me, this suggests parentage to Nubchannezer, as does the person being hand selected seeming to be named Zerub of Babel.

Hilariously, the closest Lutheran Church to me couldn't even have a conversation, because he said that there was no way that babel denoted anything about Babylon, because "el" means "of God". That was really bizarre, considering the strongs to "babel" points to the City as the main definition. But, I just think that is still the effects of babel to this day.

With Babylon on my mind, I can easily connect Sumeria and Samaria out of near identical spelling and sound. When I compared the DNA of Israel Samarites, I see that the Levi Cohen are the same E line of men. This to me suggests that that Samaria and Sumeria have a connection. Just today I learned that Samaria was used notating the entire 10 Northern Tribes of Israel. I have always been perplexed at how people can really get negative thinking of anything associated with Babylonian times. How far departed that line of thinking is from what we associate with Good Samaritan ...... if they were linked /wink.

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