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im tired of 9/11

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 11:45 PM

originally posted by: projectvxn
a reply to: scrounger

The Patriot Act is still law.

yes and? it was a law designed to help close the holes that lead to 9/11. as i understand it the law theory is sound.. the law is being MISUSED (as any law can) but the people who are doing it are not being punished.. but is a result of 9/11..

The spy factory at the NSA is still churning out 4th amendment violations.

which they were doing well before 9/11. at best you can say they are using it as an excuse for more violations.. but what does this have to do with people uniting against islamic terrorists on 9/11?

We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ok yes we are.. but maybe we were because we dont let our miltary go in and deal with the RADICAL ISLAMIC MUSLIMS like we did after pearl harbor. in short we are not fighting a war but a police action.. you seem to forget after 9/11 the people in mass called for us to go in and destroy them , not play the "dont offend the muslims" or "dont destory the religious sites they are hiding in so we dont offend them" calls.

I remember it fine.


No, we didn't blame the government. We just armed them with the weapons they would use against us now.

you seem to think the government doesnt or cant use current "weapons" against us.

or that in any incident, tragedy, or attack some part doesnt act in our best interest.

might want to talk to the americans who were put into interment camps in WWII because their ancestry was Japanese.

the issue here i point out is that in pearl harbor we called the fanatics out for what they were.
we demanded they be fought with all methods at our disposal.
to be fought to unconditional surrender
that we were willing to take temporary hardships for better life
hell even those in internment camps wanted to fight against fascism even how they were treated (also to include african americans) .

but today after 9/11 we only temporarily wanted the same thing.
but after a short time many didnt want to "offend muslims", didnt want to fight a TRUE WAR to victory and/or didnt want any hint of inconvenience to their lives

hence why this problem still exists and why the effects of 9/11 are still felt.

even though any radical muslim is as fanatical, dedicated and dangerous as any imperial Japanese soldier of WWII if not more so.


posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: scrounger

you seem to think the government doesnt or cant use current "weapons" against us

I literally made the exact opposite argument.

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