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Whistleblower accuses Trump appointees of downplaying Russian interference

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 01:44 AM

originally posted by: THeGreaTZoiD

originally posted by: neutronflux
a reply to: THeGreaTZoiD

Trump down played the overhyped fear tactics that 2 million US civilians would die of COVID-19.

Good point.

not overhype that was the exact prediction.

which was WRONG. wrong by about ONE MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND (if the 160,000 ish covid deaths are accurate, which evidence shows IT ISNT). not even close by any statistical standard you care to use.... NEXT

if nothing at all was done yes 2 millions would died

seems you missed, deliberately ignored , or didnt care to check the quote was "if we continue doing what we are".. to which at that time schools were shut down, resteraunts/bars were ordered take out only, and many cities on lockdown. .. NEXT

...but the state took action not trump

ill give you quarter credit ... yes the states (due to NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT AUTHORITY) did have mandates for restricting business, closing schools, masks ect . to which not all states did the same thing. Look at SD for example (btw came out FINE). but that is about as far as accuracy states...i hate to point out that ONLY TRUMP instituted a travel ban from china for ALL BUT US CITIZENS and was forming a group to prepare for if this gets worse to deal with it.. at the time not only were there NO REPORTED COVID cases in US, but the DEMOCRATS called him racist, taking wrong action and even some told people to "go to chinatown and hug someone" because it was not a threat. sorry that the internet cannnot (yet) be scrubbed of the past reports like in the book 1984 by the ministry of truth... ANOTHER FAIL that makes you look foolish ... next

now there is close to 200 000 deaths and many more to come before its over.

sigh.. AGAIN by what HARD FACTS do you come up with this number? the same models or predictions like the two million? tired of posting more NON FACT BASED comments? i said canada 9155 death.

sigh, id point out how this is innacurate figures and more (if accurate) per population than USA.. but that would be showing you posting emotion over facts again. quite redundent

..Trudeau told the truth canadian dint panic they fallow the guideline flat the school are open...bars are reopening people still ware mask.

ahh the half truths spun into your narritive is so easily disproven. here is one article alone that shows schools are "not open" as your implying .

id post more but this alone all but distroys the crediblity of this statement much less most of your others. i also dont want to pile on the "showing with facts" how foolish you are.

..even the inuits ware masks ffs...

really? ill ask for proof.. not expecting any but to see what emotional laughable ranting and personal attack will come from this question... much less the hopefully hillarious deflection attempts.

the cold hard fact is you dont care about FACTS...
you will "die on this hill" of your clearly emotional rantings
irregardless of how foolish, ignorant and/or easily disproved the post is.

i really dont know whats worse

that you believe and defend the tripe you post

or that you think a MAJORITY of the people will buy your rantings.

BTW i find your "Excuse" that you lost your log on information and had to make a new persona laughable.
i find it almost impossible you forgot your log on name/information...
much less you dont know how to use a "lost password" procedure...


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