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A history lesson to Cyril my friend

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posted on Sep, 7 2020 @ 08:59 PM
I know why South Africa is doing well in this Covid 19 pandemic. Where do you want me to start; the first heart transplant “Prof Chris”, CSIR, or our health system. Although rundown without funding (disappearing funds), still one of the best, but for thieving and service getting drained up to nearly none existent. I will give this to you old boy “thanks for trusting the CSIR and listening (forced) to people who cared and donated”

In 1964 till 1998 the National party took over after England gave up the colonization of South Africa in 1961. Unfortunately like all countries worldwide we took what was to our benefit, but then got sanctioned by politicians because of our nuclear capabilities (France bought our laser enrichment technology know-how). My problem is; what did the ANC achieved since taking over. Show me what the ANC did for this country since they became in charge (except self enrichment and blaming apartheid).

Cyril my friend please stops controlling the news (nobody needs distractions on TV using valid points). You can win with the uneducated rural people – for how long? Kopdoek & top ANC structure, you included, will keep on gaining. But let’s acknowledge (not accept) our Presidents Kopdoek’s Zulu nature; the strongest “killer” is in control.

Let’s also bring up a little about the unnoticed distractions using the undercover friend. I call him the Clown that is running the breakaway group, “EFF” the kill a white farmer “boer” group. Now it’s clicks, who is next? Wow, and nobody seems to see this. This Clown is now helping the ANC. It must be that he is eventually getting a payback on a Jacob Zuma’s counting disorder in corruption money. He should be questioned in the state capture inquiry. Put pressure on the “shower-man” and the truth will come out.

South Africa is the most racial dysfunctional country (the rainbow nation) in the world while the world is make believe it’s near perfect (grow up). Since apartheid was demolished it became 10 times more from the opposite side. If you are white, you will be a target instigated by the corrupt elite. I said it before, and again, after 50 years (more than halfway there) of ANC control the whites will still be blamed, while the ANC are stealing the country down the drain. What is funny to me is that the older generations of blacks are actually not against whites. Why is that if the whites were so bad?

posted on Sep, 7 2020 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: ICycle2

Go up to Botswana,
stay there long enough to
acquire resident documents/Visas,
then get an old BMW motorcycle
and ride as far away as you can.

When you get there, tune up the bike,
and keep on going.

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