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Belief vs Fact

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posted on Sep, 6 2020 @ 12:44 AM

What do you figure is different, between : beliefs, opinions, consensus reality, facts, and truth ?

originally posted by: kiro8lak
a reply to: Nothin

A very good question. Honestly, I don't know . . . . .but I suspect that an opinion is a mental conviction which can possibly be changed by logic & reasoning; a belief might be a more deep-seated opinion possibly with some sort of moral overtone; consensus reality would probably be a world view that has been inculcated into one since birth & is unavoidable if one were to function in society without being committed to an institution; a fact, I imagine would something incontrovertible in keeping with consensus reality (yet I can think of several rebuttals already!) & truth. . . well, maybe a more abstract fact, also with possible moral overtones, & subject to interpretation in accordance with one's world view.

I suspect many of these are interchangeable in common parlance. What's your view?

Hey ! Wait a minute !
It's supposed to be me asking the questions !
LoL ! Just kidding !
Am not used to folks turning my questions back on me.

Like your first answer, the mostest.
So many claims of knowledge around these parts, and rare to find a good old honest : "I don't know".
But then : we get the feeling that we;re supposed to try harder, so go-off skating on-to the thin ice of the new day, engaging in pirouettes of the mind, spins of the languages, and some good old double-salchow guessing.

Chewin the fat, in good old common parlance.
We're here to engage with others, so we dig to share our ideas.
So : just like you : me don't know.
But since you were nice enough to guess for me : will guess* right back !
*guesses offered here, are only valid for this second.

Belief : something one feels to be deeply true, and doesn't require any further proof for.
Opinion : a tenuous idea, tied to ones ego, and therefore : must be bounced at anyone and everyone.
Consensus reality : the stuff most agree about, whether true or not.
Facts : data points, verified and vetted, in various ventures, of varied variety.
Truth : That which is beyond description, yet undeniable.

And for bonus points :
View : The snapshot from a single point of consciousness, of a thing also being observed, by another.

Views expiring in : 3 ; 2 ; 1 ...

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